Things to Remember

2 Stone’s out there now. Devil’s Tower?
Who paid Boggins in Mexican Silver to kill Jake?
Sherry from the future disappeared from Producer’s house night after Wei did
Boggins brothers are after us for Jake killing one of their own in Justice.

to get the Tombstone Epitaph article on HEart from Johnny
that Dr. John received word of oil and bullets on april 29; received bullets themselves on May 2 from Wang Lo.
that Fredrick may help MH if he can, though suruptitiously
Welby will try to find out what happened to Blake the Hulk

Dog grabbed a jar with a malformed fetus inside, in Lost Angels prison, though gave him a shiver down his spine.

We have skin and what we think are a few hair samples from prisoner Stone, and hair samples from 2nd Stone’s boat. To be used for the slaying bullets. Now in New Orleans

Things to Remember

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