The City of Lost Angels

City of Lost Angels: across Devil’s Bay from Hollywoodland; strict moral rules apply except in the Golden Circle, the heart of the city; Good size bay, lots of sea trade;
First KOTST was in City of Lost Angels, one night Avenging Angels (Grim’s squad) killed them all and burnt the place to the ground, couple months later the ones with the $ from Stanford arrived in LA and Hollywoodland and disappearances started, girls’ rates rose especially. In the Circle is also a scientific collegeum of inventions.
It’s folktale that no one leaves there. Anyone can just walk in like anywhere else, though its true a certain % don’t come out. But, you fall under the sway of the religion you never leave. You join the congregation The Chosen Ones. Golden Circle is big on business.

Prophet Reverend Grim runs the city; has a harem called ‘vestal virgins’. Set up shop soon after quake; fed the people and still does with periodic great feasts of meat.
Golden Circle in the center, where Temple of Inventions is as well; told by Uriel automaton that this is the man whom, in part at least, Haelstrom is building his creations to fight

The Choses One congregation: act like Christians, carry crosses and such; Chosen for what, who knows?; they act Christian, have crosses and such, but “are about as close to being so as those damn Mormons”.

The Enforcers: Grim’s men aside from police/mayor. Enforcers are who to fear. Cross the church and you’re a dead man.

Guardian Angels are rank and file lawmen of the church.

Hardcastle, Reverend: minion of Grimm, we fought him briefly at The Rock; magical defenses

Court is The Court of Angels: Punishments are only death by torture or permanent imprisonment in The Rock.

Inquisitors have power of life and death on the spot.

Marshal Job ‘Hogleg’ Dunston: mayor too (?), only elected official in town; seems not in the churches pocket. He has a bunch of dep’s and other officers of the law who try to enforce regular law and detective work. It’s an uphill battle though. His deputies are The Untouchable; one is dep. Morgan.

Snerd, Mr:Snerd: Mr.:* elder of the Lost Angels church responsible for business developement who worked with Will

Vague figures supposedly seen rarely, high over city. Grimm’s female angels, super powerful. It is said they appear and wreak justice for the churgh

McGoo, Michael Francis ‘The Great’: rescued him from The Rock; nutty, incredible acrobatic; fast runner; claims Barnum and Bailey circus; prison records show he killed 11 Guardian Angels. He was scheduled for death. Disappeared off the boat then was at the ritual; seemingly killed by the big demon but we got his body and he was alive when we left;

Blake, Barry: A Hulk!; rescued him from The Rock, their prison note said ‘we have found one’; was mentally broken and wanted left there; was still rampaging when we left the scene;

Carter, Nick: we rescued him from The Rock; US Secret Service, discovered evidence of cannabalism and other dangerous evil the Lost Angels.

Norbert, Clem: admisistrator inside Golden Circle we paid off for info
Fangh, Lee: financial agent for Tong leader Kang in Frisco; says was on verge of killing himself with inner power because he could take little more torure; they wanted info on Kang; disappeared during the Grimm ritual

Sherry: rescued her from The Rock; came back from future via strong magic. Heart was used in her future to create a Bastion, from which the Old Ones were summoned in 2094; Stone was the cult’s prime mover; her people had a place inside Devil’s Tower; the cult found out she was sent and Stone followed back to stop her; gate is still at Devil’s Tower; says they can destroy the Heart in the future, but she wants to stay here, afraid it will erase her existence if it is. Doesn’t really make total sense. She disappears from the producer’s house the night after Wei does the same with the Heart; intentionally got herself caught to save Anne, knew she needed us to save the future;

Hotel we stayed at in Circle was 7 stories, 2nd only to cathedral.

There are 9 boarding houses in the city (Stone stayed at Hardwick’s in the 6th circle) and many flophouses (Murphy’s is where Snead stayed; clerk named Ralph). Labyrinth Saloon was closest bar to Murphy’s, Snead was drinking there.

The City of Lost Angels

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