Letter from Wang Dong to Archimedes Brown, late 1889

We may have the man in the American West you believe has been foretold, located by my son Wei. The love of a retired outlaw and killer Jake Washington was killed by some malevolent force a short time ago, fitting your interpretation of the clues. An investigation into he and his former gangs’ past reveals other strange encounters, possibly with the supernatural. Washington may even have been resurrected by a native shaman. His gang also defeating what was a threat alien to our world as payment. They operated in the area west of Plaza del Lobos for much of their career, visiting it on at least one occasion. For certain, in this area, they and local law fought against a pack of large wolves ridden by small green humanoids. It was these which caused the supposed death of Washington from which the shaman raised him.

Some time ago, Washington and at least one member of the former gang aided a Kaiowa brave name Red Cloud in defeating a Wendigo. The same RC who now travels with the Earl of Mansauce.

The gang was a bloodthirsty group, likely having killed hundreds of people in their pursuit of money. The ruthlessness of such individuals never goes away, and could certainly be directed toward the evils of the day considering the situation of Washington’s love loss. I believe this is just the type of attitude operatives in the American West would need to survive and succeed. The always strong incentive of vengeance, for the loss of Washington’s woman, makes them more likely to join our cause because the gang seems to have been fiercely loyal to the man, and generally having a sense of vengeance and violent overreaction (see enclosed news articles on death of David Tucker, and tail of them following a thief across the country). Additionally, their previous experiences, if true, should have made them as emotionally and mentally prepared for the action we require as anyone could be, apart from Rathbone and Goldstein. Does any more of this fit your interpretation of the prophecies and clues?
Unfortunately, I am unable to find evidence of a dead but again living partner of Jake’s, and the living death you deciphered connected to him. A number of gang members were killed during their career. None but Jake seem to be ‘living’ now in any form.

Here is a brief summary of the potentials who encountered the Wendigo with the Kaiowa:

Jake Washington: the gang’s very capable leader. He is deadly accurate with a revolver, has an odd and unexplainable affinity with horses, and is perhaps the most feared ‘shootist’ in the west. Other members of the gang are fiercely loyal to him.

Colin “Mad Dog” Kelly: He will definitely follow Jake. Mad Dog is a true mountain of a man, as were his two deceased brothers. Though not known for his gunplay, he carries a scattergun to make up for it and is quick into melee. He seems completely unafraid of grappling even the most dangerous of foes. Highly protective of his sister.

Anne Kelly: Colin’s sister, looked out for by the rest of the gang but dangerous in her own right; more than willing to use her feminine wiles to gain the upper hand and highly dangerous with knives. Rarely far from her brother.

There are others, some of which Jake will undoubtedly be able to call upon to join him at a moment’s notice:

Nick and Will Beverly: They currently reside in San Francisco as entrepreneurs, though Nick may currently be on his way to visit Jake. Former cattle hands, the Beverly Brothers are highly capable gunman. Alone, Will is less likely to join as he seems to have fallen hard for a business life. Nick, however, may be a guarantee. And where one goes, the other. It was their first meeting with Jake that turned them outlaw.

Luke Hardeman: He is a professional gambler by trade and never was an actual member of the Washington gang, only a friend who was minimally involved in robbery and never to our knowledge in any of the supernatural events the gang may have dealt with. They were fast friends, though, meeting Jake and Will at a faro table; so he is a potential but unlikely addition.

Jesse Clayton: a crack shot with a rifle, former buffalo hunter; now retired on the family ranch in Texas; unasumming of personality, but his ability for murder seems underappreciated these years later. Met Jake at a saloon in the town near his ranch as Washington was passing through. Jesse left with him.

Ron Courtland: His whereabouts are unknown; wandering hired gun who joined the gang temporarily once or twice but always remained friends, especially with Jake (seems like a pattern)

“Chief”: no true name is known for this half apache, half white scout and tracker. The gang treated him like one of their own. Should he be called upon, he will undoubtedly follow them to the death. Whereabouts or whether he is dead or alive is unknown.

There was also a group of renegade US cavalry led by a Jack Daniels, who died during his membership with the gang, as well. At least 2 are in a Texas prison, 2 others (a man and a woman) have stuck together and frequent west Texas, Arizona, and NM

Soon after, from Dong to Archimedes

Our intelligence on the gang’s overdeveloped sense of tireless vengeance was even more correct than my sons’ supposed. Washington has already called the Kelly’s, Nick Beverly was indeed already moving to him, and come they did with great haste at his word. Washington’s blood is boiling at anything supernatural and evil after his wife’s tragic demise. They are already on the move for a town in Kansas named Uriel, having received a timely communication from a supposedly dead former partner of Washington’s, again alive via unknown means, Billy Logan. Hardeman is with him. The town is suffering from several likely supernatural maladies. In my son Wei’s opinion, with the Washington Gang’ deadly intent fully focused, these problems will soon end.
Will Beverly will no doubt soon follow his brother.
Wei, Lo and Long feel they will join our cause once Jake grasps the completeness of its enormity. Wei will be satelliting them full time. Lo and Long will act as go betweens, transporters, and information gatherers from the American West to London.
Wei wrote to me “It’s as if all this was brought together with intent. In every sense of the word, thing’s here are about to change (and I could not stress this word enough) dramatically.”


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