Boothill, Campaign 2

Kill Totals 2

June 21,1881

Jake and Jesse leave for Promise City. Meet Beverlys and hang out. Colin ‘Mad Dog’ Kelly and Charles ‘Jack’ Daniels introduce selfes and join in w/ us. Head to Flapjack Junction. During day, witness 2 men escaping out of city w/ marshal chasing. Asks us to join posse, we decline. That night rustle 50 head of cattle from Logan ranch SW of town. Take to Riverside. Meet guy who catches the escapees: half breed merc says going to take them to Flap Jack for reward. May meet us in Riverside. Get to Riverside, find man to buy for $3.50/head. Takes us to his shack in a rocky area and get gold. Assayer says it’s fool’s gold. Chief returns all beat up and comes w/ us to shack, get there at night. Send Jesse and Will atop rocky overlook. Dog breaks gate and Jake yells into house. Geezer comes out says “only me and my 2 sons”. Jake tells him to get others out here and he closes door quickly. We send volley into windows. Hear jerk’s voice. Throws out a bag. Jake dismounts and see it’s gold. 2 rifles poke out each of 2 windows. Fight ensues. Jesse and Jake kill one each w/ 1st 2 shots of campaign. Another badly wounded. We barge in and are shown a cavern leading into rocks from behind stove. Follow and leave Jesse and Will behind. Find shaft going up. Charlie leads. Find drop-off and a rope going down. Goes down and sees jerk get on wagon w/ driver and takes off. Rest of us reverse as chief follows on foot. Jake jives wounded guy in shack. Meet outside rocks and follow wagon. Nick mortals jerk, wagon overturns, killing wounded driver. People rush onto street and we get as much as we can. One guy seen carrying a box away. Jake yells for Whiskey Jack to get it. Stabs guy w/ saber and its full of precious gems! Get a little cash also. Leave gold. Get gems assayed by guy to at least $30000! Will has gunfight w/ a guy from California. After 23 shots he finally KO’s him. Sell gems next day to black market guy for $45000. Give 5000 to assayer friend, “you’re all my best friends”. Go to Stetson and meet Warren, guy from campaign 1 who had TNT. Recognizes Jake. Says doing job in Glencia Portos. We’re on way to Flapjack to avenge chief’s drubbing by thugs.
Flapjack Revenge 1

Find marshal and take to bank. Stupid teller says president not there, out of town. Rob bank and take marshal to outskirts of jurisdiction. Let him and chief fight fists to knives. Chief kills him. head to Glencia Portos.
Glencia Portos

Break into bank at night. Takes Warren 2 tries to blow safe, one of his 2 men sees guys coming. We take cash and take off. Fired upon, Jake’s rifle ruined when hit by bullet strapped to his back (luck check). Little money. Warren and men head to Plaza del Lobo. Us to Hacienda del Roberto. Jesse stays in town, doesn’t want to rustle Roberto’s cattle. We get there and find cattle penned up. Chief gets seen and is threatened, leaves. We rustle 40 head anyway and sell for $4.00/head in Lobo. Warren tell us of Bullion City Gang. Meet Jesse and head back to Promise City.

Find stage w/ 3 dead guys and a woman. Says were held up. Jesse drives w/ Dog on guard, Jake and Whiskey inside w/ chick. Nick and will ride right/left. Suddenly, after rounding 3rd bend from Portos, get ambushed. Shot from driver’s side hits Nick. Jake w/ rifle hits him mortal. One begins coming up behind. Nick and Will gallop agead. 2 men, a military man and an injun, jump atop wagon as Whiskey and rear guy shooting. Dog fires scattergun at top guys but only wounds them. Jake fires 3 through top and lt wounds injun twice. Dog jumps on top and wrestles w/ soldier. Injun pulls knife on Jesse. Cuts him but Jesse mortals him w/ pistol. Jake KO’s chick w/ rifle as it was obviously a set up. Soldier throws Dog off top and jumps beside Jesse. Beverly’s have turned and both hit soldier, makes luck check on Will’s head shot. Fallk KO’d. Stop coach and Jesse jives him. Back guy runs away. Dump chick and go on to Promise City after dumping coach and selling horses in Glencia. Then on to Prosperity.
Prosperity (west)

Set up gold wagon ambush. Jake on right, Jesse left in rocks w/ rifles. Nick ahead on left, Whiskey opposite. Chief further ahead on left. Dog and Will on right. Wagon comes. Scout 50’ in front, 4 horse wagon w/ driver and guard, 2 men on horses 10’ rear. Scout stops at end of rocks and looks toward area of Will and Dog. Throws a rock then waves wagon on, he passes, we open fire as wagon about 10’ into rocks. Jake wounds lft guard, Jesse and Jack hit guard, Nick hits driver. They bolt. All hit again. Guard KO’d. Jake hit serious head by lft guard. Berserks, drawing pistol and fanfires: 4 hits, final a mortal. Hip shots at other both hit, Jesse mortals him. Scout turns back. Gets 2 scattergun loads in his back = KO’d. Will fires one barrel and jives. Chief jumps on wagon. KO’s driver w/ knife, who falls off front and run over (dead). Stop wagon. Dog blows KO’d guards head off. Find boxes of minerals which we leave, 7 of gold nuggets, 5 of gold dust. Go down a northern trail one mile and bury all but 2 of each. Jake, Jesse, Dog and Chief take into town, get $5000 for them. Check into hotel. Other 3 come in later and check into another. At 6:30, double job. First 4 to bank, others to jewelry store. That goes cleanly and get out quick. Get to Promise City and sell for $2200. Bank goes ok, Dog goes to marshal’s office. Front empty. Finds 2 guys in separate cells. Bends bars and they are astonished. Grab weapons. In bank, all smooth. Clean safe and counter of $10000. Tie up head of bank, old fat bald guy. Says special customer coming in 10 min. Jake gets behind counter, chief and Jesse sit in waiting area. In marshal’s office, hear nothing behind a 2nd door. Dog knocks, guy answers. Dog says bank is being robbed. Shot comes out and misses Dog. The 2 guys unload guns into door. Dog leaving but 2 dudes stay. We hear shots and leave. see Dog come out. Jake asks what happened, Dog explains as we mount horses behind bank. Hear 2 shots then marshal runs out and fires 3 as we ride away. One hits chief lt-head. We meet others at Promise City. See WANTED posters. Put up by Senior Roberto. 7 gangmen, $500 each and pics up, one a little like Jack, 1 very like Jake. Wanted Alive. Also says gang has a half breed. Wanted for rustling and stage robbery. Obviously chick got back and described Jake and Jack. Blamed us for friend’s stage jobs. 6 in last 2 months we find out.
Promise City Drunk

All in saloons but Jake and Nick. Drunk recognizes Whiskey and talking really slurred, tells him he’s “gonna get that $5.00 reward”. Whiskey gives him 20 bucks and dude goes away. We leave in morning. Jesse sees town marshal putting up another poster. Gang of 4 WANTED dead or alive offered by Prosperity for bank robbery and gold shipment holdup/murder. Know we have halfbreed. Had pic of Jake. $500 each, $1250 Jake. By next day jewelry store 3 put in same gang, $500 each. Head to Justice and split up. Jake and Dog to vamps house, rest to dig up rest of gold. Only 2 more zombies at house but don’t kill us. Give a note from vamp to any ‘friends’. On vacation in Europe w/ wolfy, Sam and mistress. Date unknown. Leave and meet others at 2 Feathers. Son of former chief now chief w/ new shaman. Go to Bullion City. Run into ‘mayor’ and his brother the ‘marshal’ and his ‘saloon’. Meet highwayman who comes into Flapjack w/ us.
Flapjack Revenge 2

Come in evening. See idiot teller in front of bank. Says pres. at home. “Where?” “Don’t know”. Gets excited and says “Wait a minute. Ooooh, hold on!” Goes inside, talks to another teller and returns. House couple miles south then east on road. Find it. House w/ barn on right and bunkhouse w/ 20 sleeping cowboys behind house. Highwayman and Beverlys set on fire. Chief in front w/ Dog and Whiskey to loot house and wait for pres. 2 men run out door and down side of house. See fire, one runs back, other in open. Jake, Jesse and Bev’s from behind barn surprise him. Jake and Jesse w/ shotguns KO’s. Nick jives. Other guy attacked at front door by Chief. Fires shotgun and lt wounds Chief. Chief knifes him KO’d, and jives w/ knife. Dog and Whiskey go in house. Guy shoots pistol and misses. Dog mauls him dead. Loot downstairs. At fire, men try to get out windows, but shot at by us. All escape from other side. Guys there go in back door to house and meet others. Pres yells from upstairs. Throws money and a hired girl “Take ’em”. We go up, Chief first then Jake. Oldster appears and fires pistol, misses. Chief throws knife and hits chest. Falls begging for mercy. Jake jives him out of his misery. Find pres heading into attic. Chief shoots through trapdoor as it gets latched and hits pres. He opens and sticks shotgun down. Chief throws knife and mortals. We get $1000 cash, plus 2 excellent, 5 good, adn 4 fair horses. Highwayman takes one excellent and leaves his good horse, saying goodbye. Get to Stetson and sell horses for $950, other possessions for $1300. Hed for Riverside.
Jesse’s Downfall

At saloon. Jake, Dog, Jack, and Jesse at table drinking and eating. Beverly’s gambling across room, chief at bar. Jack recognizes chick from ambush, with a guy. He comes over and mouths to Jake, calling him out to street. Jake says he “doesn’t need room to take care of you”. Bartender picks up shotgun and days don’t fight. Guy talks more shit. Jake fastdraws from sitting position, 23 speed check, into guys face. Guy says “I’m not gonna fight you today.” Jack says that’s other guy from ambush who got away. Suddenly a shot rings out and Jake feels pain in rt side. Chick fired from upstairs on walkway. Bev’s draw and hit lt, Jesse draws and hits as she mortals him. Guy had dove on Jake as he turned to shoot. Jake shoots for 2 lt wounds. Gets Jake in armlock and rabbit punches. Jake berserks, Haymaker, hook, haymaker, bodyslam onto bar breaking his back. Continues bludgeoning face w/ punches and backhands. Chick has gone into room. We leave w/ Jesse’s body for 2 Feathers. At forest, vamp appears out of no where. Knows what happened and takes Jesse to indians faster. We arrive in 2 days to find him alive and recovering. Was give coyote’s heart. Lost 2 str, luck up to 10, observasion up 5. Have a task for us. A meteor hit to east 7 moons ago. Party sent but didn’t return. Another sent, saw steaming crater, charred object inside, then returned. We are to find out what happened to their braves and who/what did it. Bring back if can.
The Task for Jesse

Arrive and see crater. 3/4 of thing underground. Knock of black crust and find metal. Hit but nothing happens. Check area but find nothing. Set up camp. Chief scouts alone for 2 hrs and finds nothing. During 3rd watch, Bev’s hear noise just out of clearing. Wake all up. Huge grizzly bear walks into camp. We grab guns and retreat to horses. Throw piece of meat but keeps coming. We let loose as it rears and roars. Dog both scatter barrels lf sh-5, chest-4, lfarm-5, rt sh-3, head-2; Jake 2 barrels head-4, rt arm-2, abd-1, lf arm-1, lf arm-3; Nick head-6 w/ pistol; Will abd-2 pistol; Jesse abd-2 buff rifle; Jack head-4 rifle. It lunges and grazes Will on back as he turns. We ride about 30 yards. It follows, then returns to camp. We go back and don’t see it. Then it comes from other side. Eats some then charges Dog, Will and Jack. Will’s horse takes off. Dog and Jack try but horses won’t move. Bear rears up on them. Jake arrives and slams 2 loads of buckshot: abd-4, lt sh-1, rt arm-2 from 15’. Will fires 2 rifle shots lf sh-5, chest-2 as it slashes Dog and Jack’s lf sh. They jump off. Jack sprains ankle. Dog picks him up. Jake draws pistol and fans: chest-5, rt leg-2, rt sh-4. Bear hits Dog as he runs w/ Jack. It starts slow then chases. Hits Dog from behind twice and he drops Jack. It begins flogging Whiskey. Dog pulls knife and jumps on its left side, stabbing several times. Jake gallops to them and fires a careful shot on the move, hits head-7. Will fires rifle: head-7. It falls on Jacks legs, finally dead. Dog fixes his wounds up. Jacks left arm mangled (13 points). Fixes best he can. We eat some of bear and go to vamps. He’s home, leave Dog and Jack to recover. We return. Camp again. During night, a light comes from the ship. We approach. Floating alien comes toward us. Jake tries to talk but it draws a gun. Nick fires 2 barrels: abd-6, chest-3 and 5, head-6, rt arm-1, head-7, abd-4. Alien shoots laser and hits Nick abd-6, burning him bad but it doesn’t kill him. Very painful. Jake fires shotgun head-6 and 7, rt sh-3, abd-5. Will shotgun abd-3, 3 and 6, head-3 and 5. Jesse buff rifle abd-3. Seems to have some sort of soft armor, also a glass helmet. Goes limp and settles to feet. Beam flashes on it and takes it. Jesse fires buff shotgun, chief rifle, Jake pistol. Bounce off the light. Craft lifts off as we run. Charred area drops small black metallic box w/ a knob on one end. Go to 2 Feathers. Say they saw liftoff. Shaman examines but can do nothing w/ box. We by a lot supplies and go to vamps. Stay 3 days. Jesse stays at 2 Feathers. Meet Jesse at Desperado’s Den w/ Dog and Whiskey back. Stay 5 days. Go to Bullion City to continue rest.
Train Attempt

South of Promise City and across river, 2 miles south. Blow track right before river and stop train 2 miles downrail. Take conductor and engineer to back. Say caboose has passengers and next up has money. Jack opens the car. Guy walks out of caboose and threatens us. Draws and shoots at Jake, misses. Jake draws but Dog already fired readied scattergun: head-5, lf arm-3 and 4, head-4 = KO. Dog dismounts and breaks his neck. Shotgun fires from caboose at Dog: head-3, rt arm-2, chest-5. Jake and Jesse shoot, Jesse head-5, Jake head-2. Can’t open safe. Too big to haul. jake takes driver and engineer back and starts train. KO’s driver. Tells other to keep loading coal until up to top speed then jump. If jumps too soon, will be killed. Jake leaves. Train going and we follow. Guy climbs out of side after missing Jake w/ a log. Jake signals Jesse to go to other side of engine. Hits guy w/ LAR as he hangs on side of engine: abd-, head-1. Guy falls off and is run over. Train crashes into hole. 1st 3 cars destroyed. We head back and 2 shots come from windows, hit Jesse abd-5 and Jake chest-1. We fire. Jesse hits head-4, Jake chest-5. We leave over bridge. They fire and hit Charlie rt leg-1. We make it to Garrison del Nuevos and stay 2 weeks.
Vandross Gang

Gang is ruling city. Kills a man and starts a saloon brawl, leave w/o a word said. One talks back to Jake on last day. Says not to be here tomorrow or Jake will be dead. Jake smiles. We pack up. Tell marshal the plan and who we are. Follow gang. They pass their house and go out of sight. We knock. Old guy answers. Jake jabs him. Tie him up and gag him upstairs. See gang coming at a distance w/ fieldglasses. Soak downstairs w/ kerosene and trail out back door. have horses on far side of house. After they enter door, smell it, ask “Dad?” Jake lights trail. Rest toss lit whiskey in windows. Nick, Will, Jesse and Dog on horses come out from rt side of house. First 2 run out. Jesse fires shotgun, 1 barrel each. Hits one head-5, abd-5, chest 2 and mortal. Other head-5, abd-3, rt sh-2. Guy mortals Jesse’s horse, Jesse jumps clear. Nick hits him w/one barrel and kills. 3rd jumps low and rolls. Other 3 have come around lft side. Jesse fails shotgun FD. Jake hits chest-5, chief rt leg-3. 4th and 5th run out. 5 hits Nick head-4. Dog fires at him chest-4, abd 5 and 2, rt let-3, head-mortal. 4th hits chief lf arm-3. Jake fires at roller twice abd-3 and 3. Chief hits him w/ rifle rt sh-4 = KO’d. Jake jives him. Jesse w/ shotgun at 4th: head-4, 7 and 2, abd-6 DEAD. We group up and wait for last. Jumps out w/ 2 shotguns and fires as he gets blasted to hell by whole gang. He hits Will lf sh-4, chest-5, chest-1(luck check), head-2 KO’d. Other gun hits Jake chest-5. Take Will to Buffalo Chips. Then to Shiftless. Bev’s stay, rest of us camp coupls miles to east in hills along river 2 weeks, then back to town. See more wanted posters w/ descriptions of whole gang by Nuevos marshal, for killing old man. Assumed gunfight was fair one so not wanted for them. He’s now marked by us, as is Prosperity marshal, Promise City marshal and County Sheriff.

We rustle 105 head. Sell 20 at Lobo for $4.00/head. Take rest to Indian Springs. Various buyers possible. Sell all for $6.00/head to Chicago man. Go to Wild Creek.
Wild Creek

7AM split up to rob bank and jewelry store. Jake, Jesse and Chief at jewelry, Nick, Will and Dog at bank across st. Jack sits across from bank at saloon cattycorner to jeweler to watch marshal’s office down st. Jewelry store goes smooth. Chief and Jesse get out and leave town, Jake ties up salesman and grabs money box then starts toward Whiskey. Bank still closed. Teller won’t open. Dog kicks door down. Jack signals to them Dep. coming. Gets to door. Sees teller ‘smiling’ then yells “bank robbery, get out!” Nick and Will shoot w/ revolvers, Nick mortals. Dep jumps back. Sees Jake walk out of store. Calls him over and asks for his help and Jack’s. Sends Jack away to get marshal at Residence, leaves on horse but circles back. Tells Jake to walk in like a customer then he’ll jump in and shoot. I say sure then fire 2 steady shots: chest-1(luck check), head-5. He says “holy shit” and fires w/ me. Jake hits abd-2, head-1(luck). He hits one 1 of 2 chest-1(luck). He turns to run. Jake fires last 2 shots head-6, chest-5 DEAD. Others leave behind Jake’s cover, then Jake leaves. Got only $4420 total. Jack watches posse leave, then leaves to meet us. Hed to Prosperity.

Let Jesse go into town to stake out marshal’s patterns. Set a triangular crossfire: Dog,Chief and Will to lft, to right before and after them is Jake-Jack and Nick-Jesse respectively. Dog opens up w/ scatter 2 barrels. Lf arm-1, head-2, abd-4. Nick fires LR head-4. Jake hits LR lf sh-5, Chief hits LR lf arm-3. Will hits LR rt arm-2. Jesse hits LR chest-2. Jack w/ LR misses. Horse bolts past last pair. Nick hits abd-4. Jesse w/ buff rifle head-5. Follow. Catch horse at his house but no rider. Assume fell off and rolled off road. We leave for vamp hut. Jesse and Bev’s continue to 2 Feathers. Others go to house for supplies. See wolfy change to wolf form and eat bear zombies bring in. Gives us some off body. Pack and leave. Catch up w/ others.

Get to Beaver Creek and follow to 2 Feathers. See cavalry going real fast toward us w/ bugles blaring. Say injuns on war path and bolt. 30 injuns close behind, 5 come up to us. One is the chief’s eldest son. Says man selling them rifles, then opened fire killing a # of them then ran. Say we’ll help if they have food. Say to come up to 2 Feathers and go w/ 2nd party if 1st doesn’t catch them. All this 28 miles downcreek. Ride to 2 Feathers and down to forest patch w/ them. Send parties east, south and west. 2nd day south party find some cavalry 4hrs out w/ wagon. Send 1 guy back and rest attack. Cavalry see and shoot behind cover. Indians pick off many, chase others and kill all but 3 that returned to camp. Son of chief gets 11 others+us and leaves. Sends 1 indian east and 1 west to retrieve others. See cav 9 miles ahead. See east group, meet w/ them. Watch them rob a train. Obviously fake/AWOL cav. Follow but cut across plain. Travel ahead w/ an indian staying back to watch. See make camp and turn toward them almost midnight (on north trail leading out of county). Decide to wait til morning, hit them w/ 23 indians. Split into 3. First moves in, 2 shots come from wagon. Hits #1 abd-4 and #9 abd-3. 3 injuns to left run toward wagon. Dog fires into camp at 4th at 8 yards: chest-5, abd-6, head-2, lf arm-2, chest-7 DEAD, rt sh-3, lf arm-1. 4th hits Dog chest-4 as dies. Jesse w/ shotgun at #1: hits Jesse abd-4, Jesse hits 2 barrels abd-3, head-2, abd-4 &4, chest-2 &2, chest-6 DEAD. #2 hits Jack chest-3. Jake hits him head-2. #3 hits chief son rt sh-3. He hits back LR head-5. Gatling gun fires from wagon. ‘A’ hit rt leg-3, ‘B’ hit lf sh-5, ‘C’ hit lf sh-2, lf arm-2. Dog reloads. #2 hits Jack rt arm-1. Jack hits #3 head-3. #3 misses Jesse. Jesse at him w/ 2 barrels of 2nd shotgun: abd-5, head-5. Chief son misses #3. 2 injuns charging wagon jump onto front w/ tomohawks. Shotgun fires at them from wagon. 1st hit head-5, rt arm-1 KO’s. Other hit chest-6 DEAD. One guy jumps to horses and whips. 3 other injuns catch other 2. Both bad guys pull sabers. Quick fight ends with #2 dead and 3 KO’d. 5 injuns in group 2 ride to back of wagon. Jake and 4 to front. Gatling gun fires out back and hits 4 injuns: 1st hit rt arm-4, 2nd chest-1(luck)&head-3, 3rd rt arm3, 5th lf sh-6, abd-7 head-6 DEAD. Front group at driver: 1 injun hits chest-1, Jake mortals to chest, he falls off side. last keeps firing gatling. Hits 2 injuns again:1 abd-4, lf leg-4 KO’d, 3 hit lf sh-3, rt arm-4, abd-4 he retreats. Jake’s 4 board wagon and stop, cut down gatling operator and scalp. Wagon blown sky high by TNT guy must have lit, Scalpers launched, last in back both killed by blast, 3 closer behind: 1 dead via shrapnel, 2nd abd-4, 3rd lf leg-4. Jack hit rtarm-3, Jake rt sh-2, Jesse lfleg-3, Dog head-3, Chief son head-1(luck). 3rd group arrives. Jesse and Chief son check 20 boxes. One holds letters from U.S. pres to a commander at fort. Another w/ stuffing has authentic $ plates, 3rd has blue prints of something, others cash, gold etc. Camp for that day and night, later find out these guys were AWOL from Griffon. All 4 horses from wagon killed. Horses of injuns in blast dead. Gold= couple thousand; cash=$3000. Give $1600 to injuns. Go to Bullion City.
Dave in Bullion City

See David w/ Alex Garrison, a gunman who idealizes jake. Jesse’s wife came to Promise City w/ David. Jesse goes to see wife and kid. Jake retires horse to be taken to Clayton Ranch (1st retired after 1st camp.) Jesse buys new one and brings to Jake. Jake writes to Fort Griffon & tells of fight w/ AWOLs, where to find bodies and sends them the plates.
2 days before Jesse arrives, at night, knob on cylinder beeps red. We put it on street and watch from downstairs. 22 min. later ship as wide as street appears over it shining light on it. Legs come out, lands, and 5 aliens step out. Take container, twist open and pull out some metal thing. Examines, closes it. 4 go inside and 5th w/ container hovers to door. Speaks to us: "Device has recorded all we’ve done since got it. Decided for now they won’t destroy us. As appeasement must take member of human race w/ them. Say will choose later. Takes cylinder into ship. 2 hrs later he hovers back and says won’t take any of us. “Will take someone much more worthy of their respect.” Lifts off, zap a building on fire. ‘Mayor’ comes out an throws ‘water’ on it while talking to ‘helpers’. We to go sleep as fire burns 4 building on that block.
We sit around and decide what to do. Vamp appears and says aliens requested one of his men. Said no way. Tried to take one and subdued aliens. Killed those 2, one crushed by zombies. More came. Wolfy wolfed out and killed 4 before KO’d him. Vamp struck back w/ axe wielding zombies, pushed aliens to ship. They took one of them who continued chopping aliens as he ran up their ramp, then they took off. He’s pretty peeved. Says if he is attacked & we aren’t there to help, and he loses another, one of us will take his place.
Read letters in box from pres. Normal stuff. Check out blueprints but can’t decipher for sure. Has a code #SS3. Ovular shap, lots of arrows on it.
Portos Coach

Find good spot 20 miles east. Set up ambush. To wagon’s right is Jack; then down a bit Nick and Jesse; further Dog and Alex. Opposite Jack is Dave, opp Jesse is Will and Jake; Chief almost opp Dog. Coach has driver, guard. Whiskey fires at shotgun guard rt sh-2. Dave hits driver lf sh-1. Past first 2, Nick at guard head-7 DEAD. Jesse at driver abd-1(luck) w/ buff rifle. Will hits rt sh=6, Jake hits rt sh-1. Swerves left under tree toward Chief who tries to jump on, hit but rolls on ankle badly twisting. Chief lunges w/ knife at driver who turns shotgun on him “stay back.” Chief glances rt arm, driver hits top o’ coach. Horses slow down. Charlie haymakers abd-5 KO’d. Coach stops and Jake, Will, Alex 1st there. Others follow. Chief jives driver w/ knife. Get passengers out. 4:well dressed chick+kid, rich geezer, slob. Slob says “you’ll pay”. Dog gives him combination. He misses Dog. Dog haymakers to head. Slob blocked, Dog glances, slob misses badly, Dog glances, slob hooks Dog, Dog blocked, slob glances Dog, Dog hooks, Slob haymakers Dog who stuck chin out. Dog haymakers him right back. Slob combos, Dog combos to chin. Slob KO’d. We applaude. Take $ from all but chick and kid. Slob had gold watch w/ diamond studs on face. Get $100. Drop her off at Glencia w/ watch and horses from coach. We head to Prairie Gulch on wagon.
Outside of Gulch

Talk to dickhead voices. Dog and Jesse fire. They hit Dog w/ shotgun blast abd-5. Miss Dog w/ 2nd shot. Say don’t attack Gulch. State all our names and leave. We attack anyway. Jesse drives wagon, Nick, Will, Dog and Jack in back, David rides shotgun, Alex, Jake and Chief on horses.
Flying into town. 2 guys step into street w/ shotguns. “STOP”. Dog fires 1 barrel at each: lft hit head-3, right hit abd-3, lf sh-6. Nick at lft hits chest-1. Will hits rt abd-4. Left hits Jesse w/ shotgun 1 barrel head-5, abd-4 KO’d. Rt fires 1 barrel at David misses, other chest-3, head-5. They dive out of way. See marshal ahead w/ 2 pistols, guy out of Cook’s w/ shotgun, one out of Long Branch w/pistol, one out of 1st national bank w/ pistol. Alex hits lft abd-5. Jake at rt head-3 KO’d. Jack at Cook’s w/ shotgun head-4, abd-1&4, chest and head-1. Charlie hits w/ rifle at Cook’s head-2. Nick hits Branch chest-3. Branch hits Nick head-6 DEAD. Will misses Bank. Alex hits Branch rtsh-5. Cook’s misses w/ shotgun. Bank hits David abd-5. Marshal misses David. Dog both barrels at Branch: rtarm-1, chest-2, rtsh-3, lfsh-2, chest-6 DEAD. Jake hits marshal chest-4. Alex misses marshal. Chief misses Bank. Marshal hits Jake head-6 DEAD. Dog at marshal 2 barrels w/ shotgun: rtarm-1, abd-4&6&5, head-5 DEAD. Bank hits Chief head-5, Chief hits him abd-1. Will hits Bank abd-1. Jack hits him lfsh-6. Out of corral come shots. Fom left colt .45 automatic at David hits abd-4, chest-4. KO’d. Pump shotgun from left hits Dog head-1, miss, lfarm-1. M-60 from right hits Will head-3, rtsh-3. Hits Jack rtarm-2. Chief and Alex turn away to right. Chase coach on dirtbikes. Fire uzi at Whiskey: head-5,3,4, lfarm-4 KO’d. Dog opens door and jumps at other rider. Guy shoots colt .45 hits 3/4 rt arm-1, head-2, abd-5. Will draws and fanfires uzi abd-5,4, lfleg-4. Draws and kills self w/ shot under chin. Alex comes up from behind. Hits abd-2 to uzi. Alex hit rtsh-1. Uzi hits Alex head-4, chest-5. Pistol guy comes around, hits Chief chest-2, lfsh-4,head-6 DEAD. Alex shotgunned KO’d. Last man caught and hanged that evening.
Vamp comes a bit later. What happened. Say 3 guys told them about job. Vamb visits bikers. Kills 2 of them. Interrogates leader. Kills him after knows truth. Uses time machine to go into past 2 days. Saw guys arrive and kills them. Comes back as we make camp 5 miles outside city after we kill 16 men on Gulch rampage second time around, 12 wounded including marshal and bank guy. Huge reward on our heads. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. Hang at Desp Den 3 days. Roster of whole gang in Promise City and Brewster. Rewards: all worth 3000, Jake 6000. Whole party goes to Clayton Ranch to hide out. Take 3 months off. Get called out by young upstart. Unload pistol on him and he is killed w/ head and abdomen mortals. Jake hit once abd-3. Return to Eldorado County and go straight to Burned Bush Wells.

Come in at 6:30AM to Condon’t Bank. Dog and Alex to to marshal’s office. Guy walking w/ writer. Keep busy til bank is done. All went smooth. Leave out back. Jesse and Chief were left in front to watch. Come around on horses. That signals Dog and Alex to go. Get $4000. Dog and Alex go up Main St. and writer comes out and yells to them. Asks to ride w/ us. Knows who they are. Take writer to Drover’s corral to get horse and ride out on cattle trail. Jake not too happy with Dog’s shennanigans at first. Bartholemew Restin from Philly. Big guy. Call him Bart. Came to find real western men for info for story. Say he can come. Head up north on cattle trail. Split up to hit Buffalo Chips(Jake, Jesse, Alex and Nick) and Shiftless (David, Dog, Chief, Will, Jack).
Bufalo Chips

Back room, teller desk and lobby. Owner in back. Alex hears heavy breathing. Get all of $. Go around back and break open back door. See chick leave and guy mad. Say sorry and leave. Runs out and yells “bank robbers, Marshal!” 1 mile out see posse, totally futile gesture. Get $1000. Writer came w/ us, waited outside.

Head in and walk to bank. Only a teller and back room. See vault. Dog sits outside. Teller is stubborn at 1st. Opens safe w// Will. Jack gets counter cash. Chief at front door. Dog meets a fat guy outside who talks to him about a job. Dog says will go into bank to ask about a job. Teller draws gun from safe. Will hits abd-1, teller hits Will head-5. Will hits head-mortal. Hear cocking from side room. Will sends shot in door and we get away. Guy runs out of Wells Fargo corral & fires shotgun but gang gets around corner. $500 haul. Meet in forest patch to west along road. Stay extra night. Head for Garrison del Nuevos. Meet 4 cowboys at intersection to east. Say gang o’ 4 robbed bank and shot marshal. May be dead. Take north road. Leader tracks them. Turn off road at 1st turn towards woods. Disappear in woods. Now late evening. Let Chief and Jack go in and scout. 3 miles in see camp. Jack sees 4, guys, 3 alseep. Other counting $. Get back in 2 hrs. Go to sleep. Ride into woods w/ scouts ahead. Find site out but recently. Pick up pace on path, see them 100yds away as we round bend, 3 in a line, one in front. Jack misses w/LR. Jake tells Jesse to use buff rifle. Hits mid-line chest-1(luck). 4 cowboys and Jack go down middle of road. Jake takes Nick, Dog and Alex to right side. David leads Will, Chief, Alex and Jesse to left. Sides go on foot. See no one. Split to check horses on foot. Jack dodges shot to head from guy behind tree. 2 guys hit cowboys twice: rtarm=1, rtleg=1. On other side, 2 guys get shotgunned, 1 barrel each: 1st hit abd-6,1 DEAD. 2nd af arm-5, chest-5, chest-4 KO’d. Rancher off horse toward right. On left Jack hit lfsh-2. Cowboy steady shots head-3,2. Jack attacks w/ rifle and blocked, glances him. Rancher fires into bushes w/1barrel shotgun hits rtsh-4, chest-6,4, rtsh-2 DEAD. Jack’s sword sticks then pulls it, gets hit abd=3, head-6 DEAD. Jacks partner hit rtarm-1, head-6 DEAD. Rancher hit abd-2 by dead outlaws partner. He misses w/ shotgun. Side groups arrive. Left sees onlyl Jack and cowboy. On right outlaw hits rancher abd=1, rancher hits chest-3. Left side pass bodies. Outlaws step out and fire. Order from road: Jesse, Chief, David, Will. One is very ugly.
Other hits Will lfarm=2. Ugly hits abd-1. Jesse shotgun at Ugly hits head-1,6,3, abd-4, chest-5 DEAD. David at other hits head-4. Will hits head-6 DEAD. On right, order = Dog, Jake, Nick, Alex. Alex hit abd-6 DEAD. Dog hit head-2. Alex fired and hit him rtleg-1. Dog fires scattergun hits abd-4, rtarm-3, abd1&5, lfarm-?, rtarm-5. Rancher misses. Jake hits Alex’s killer head-6 DEAD. Fans rest of bullets from both guns into body. Dog scatters Jack’s killer’s body w/ 6 barrels. That was Buford Tannen Gang. Take back to town. Marshal and bank guy dead from wounds. Give us $1000 reward. David stayed back on trail. As we leave, Dog begins guzzling whiskey bottles. Head to Zion. Over 1 1/2 days, Dog takes 7 bottles. Doesn’t look drunk, but didn’t sleep much. Sold 2 horses for $210.

Jake, Nick, Dog, Chief at bank. Chief is look out outside. 2 tellers, 8AM. Nick takes counter, Jake gets other teller to open safe. Start packing. Chief sees marshal walking up street. Cowboy comes around corner. Provokes Chief. Guy walks in bank. Sees us and “Holy Shit!” Sheriff walks in saloon across st. Guy smarts off to guys inside. Starts to leave, we follow and Dog picks him up. Calls dog fat ass. Freaks and breaks neck over head and fires scattergun in mouth. Marshal runs out. Dog reloads “Hey marshal” and fires. Abd-6, chest-5, abd-3, chest-4, rtsh-6. DEAD.
Rest of group at jeweler. Goes perfect. Frenchy teller. As we leave, see Dog kill cowboy. Rides toward office. Deputy comes out. Dog fires head-6, rtarm-2,3 DEAD. Reloads. Checks building, empty. Turns and looks around. Comes back. We ride out to north. Grabs bottle and chugs all of it. Total haul $10000. Hed to Riverside. Novelist dumbfounded. Dog seems to be going luny, literally. Get jewels assayed. Buy supplies and hed to valley area and find safe place. Hear chick who killed Jesse left w/ gunman 2 days ago, took road east.
On Way

Couple hours out, see wagon couple miles ahead going south. One guy, early 30’s, he’s a bit to the north of us. Meet him. Been searching last months for a lost treasure from Spanish few hundred yrs ago. Has map. Hasn’t found a thing. Shows us map, but can’t be sure. Very old and sketchy. Definately on this side of Red Snake River. Covers 10×10 mile area. Hed to river. Follow from a rock formation 30 min, get to a spot. Start to dig. Hit rock, too solid. Guy gets TNT, rock blown, dig more. 2 feet and hit chest. Huge chest, can’t lift. Get Colin, David, guy and Jake and they pull it out. Lock falls apart and we open it. Loaded w/ gold and silver coin. Load it in wagon. Ask to go to Riverside w/ us to the assayer. We all go together. Between Zion and Stetson in late evening see lone rider. He looks around, pulls out a map. He comes straight across map, we’re at an angle. Sees us and rides up. Says he’s lost, looking for a homestead of his cousin, we’ve never heard of it. Ride him toward Flapjack and see a house. Almost time to sleep. Guy thinks that’s it. Knock and his cousin answers. Asks my name to thank me. Say name’s Jake. He says if anything he can do, just ask. Owner says we can sleep in front of house. We camp overnight and leave morning. Ride most of day. About 3:00 see 5 riders through field glasses. 2 guys leading 3 injuns tied up together adn hooked on horses. One is older, other younger and both are Texas Rangers heading straight for us. Old guy stops others about 50 yds away and comes up to us. Chasing renegade injuns from reservationn. Big search. Tells us to watch out for any and avoid, but if attacked bring in for $. Recognize older guy as a great tracker from years ago. Younger is recognized by all…defeated one of worst gangs by himself in Texas by ambush. Do nothing and continue. Get near Stetson and see rider coming behind us real fast screaming to stop. Is an artist looking form work. Asks if he can do big group portrait. Comes w/ us. Get to Riverside. Send writer and artits w/ /Dog and Bev’s to get rooms. We take miner to assayer. Say hi and drag chest in and open up. His jaw hits the floor. Leave it there, get rooms and rest. Artist sketches us, colors it, done in 3 days. Super awsome painting. We pay him $300 and give to owner to keep for us, hanging on wall above bar. Hear of chick, no trouble, go to assayer who figures it to be $10000. Black market not in town. Says knows a guy who always buys antique type stuff. Try him. Lives to west few miles. We go in wagon to house. Butler answers. Say John’s here(assayer) and lets us in. Guy in robe reading and smoking. Very British. Gets us drinks as John and guy talk. Looks at merchandise. “Very nice collection!” Says will pay $90000! Butler gets money. We say huge thanks, he says “no, thank you”. Back to town. Let assayer check out letters. Say they’re worth $, talk to oldster, comes out w/ another 10 grand. Blue prints still ours. Miner gives us $20000 of the cash. Get back to town to clear rooms and pay. Dog opens door and sees his sister Anne Kelly. She assumes he was here and got lucky. We set out to south on stage trail (last stretch) to hold one up. Find good spot and one comes in 3 hrs.
Jake hits driver head-6 DEAD. Jesse hits guard abd-5. Horses panic and go full speed. Get to next group: Nick hits guard abd-5, David w/ 2 barrels abd-2/2, Head-5/3/1(luck), chest-4 KO’d. Dog, Chief and Anne stop coach. Check inside and top, curtains down. See luggage and strong box on top. Open door cautiously, Dog looks in and guy shoots revolver chest-4. Chief opens other side and hit by a woman chest-4. Dog hit head-5 and fires scattergun: rtarm-2, rtsh-2, head-5, chest-5, head-3, lfarm-3 KO’d. Anne jumps in coach while Dog reloads. Pulls knife as chick turns and pulls knife. Ann glances rtleg, chick can’t find opening, chick blocked. We see it’s chick who killed Jesse! Anne misses, chick has no opening, Anne hits lfleg-2, chick no opening. Anne misses, chick has no opening, Anne hits chest-5, chick blocked, Ann has no opening, chick no opeining, Anne haymakers abd-7 DEAD. Jesse empties 2 pistols into her body. Dump coach inriver w/ her in it and her friend who was her gunfighter boyfriend. Box has $200. Take her jewelry and his money worth $100. Sell jewels in Riverside. Dog also broke other guys neck and David jived guard.
Go 24 miles east of Stetson and wait again but nothing. Hed up to Prosperity, then SW on trail to wait for a wagon. See injun riding point. Put Anne on road w/ my horse both feigning death. Injun pulls rifle to shoot horse. Dog fires: head-6/2/1, chest-4 DEAD. Nick fires and hits chest-7. Jake at driver head-5, Will at guard head-1. David at driver head-2. Jesse at guard head-5. Chief misses driver at extreme range. Driver pulls pistol and misses Jake. Guard fires both barrels but misses Jesse. They try to get off and into back. Nick hits driver abd-4. Jake hits driver head-6 DEAD. Will and David hit guard abd-1. Jesse at guard w/ 2 barrels: head-1(luck), chest 2/5/2/4 KO’d. Chief hits from extreme rng rtsh-3. Get to wagon, Jesse kills guard. See gunslots. Dog walks up w/ TNT. Jesse sees slot slide open and gun stick out. Yells to Dog who drops as shot misses. Dog throws TNT too far and it blows nothing. One horse jumps but don’t bolt. Walk up to front and Jesse fires at slot, dings off. Go back and let Chief throw 3-stick pack on top, blowing hole. Hear nothing. Jesse and David go to sides and send shotgun blasts through slots. Dog watches slot on seat. Go to sides and Anne picks lock on left. Dog looks down top and sees nothing, gets down as Anne opens door. Guy w/ shotgun and a guy w/ pistol. They say “surrender”. Dog fires at shotgun: chest-5, rtarm-4, lfleg-2, abd-5 KO’d. He fires at same time abd-4, chest-4/1/1(luck), head-5, rtarm-1. Goes insane after 3rd wound. We drag Dog away. Jake jumps into coach firing hip shots at pistolier, 3 hits: head-6, rtarm-1, chest-1(luck) DEAD. David jives both KO’d. Chief, Anne and David take Dog to town for doctor. Rush in and say fix him. Can’t get some of buckshot out w/ couple tries before succeeds. We leave for Golden Lake and rest 3 days. Got nothing from wagon but $100 off the 5 guys. Hed for Riverside.
On Trail to Riverside

First day have encounter onn road south, 2nd on road after turn west. None 3rd. 4th on road to Riverside just after we get off prairie.
First: See wagon coming up road toward us. has one arm. has wood, saws, etc. Says “Hey boys. Goin’ to plot o’ land to east. Building cabin to set up small ranch.” Says he’ll buy any cattle after he gets started and on his feet.
Second: Get to bend and see coach riding from behind us fairly slow, 100yds away. Stops and they yell “who are ya”. Aks if need any escort to Promise City, say no. We keep going and they follow at same speed. We just keep riding and cut off road, they turn to Promise City.
Fourth Get just across borderr and see guy coming on horse wearing suit and derby, looks like easterner. has shotgun or scattergun on horse. Keep going and he stops good distance away. Staring, rides closer very slowly. At 30 yds stops and yells “have you seen a wagon w/ 3 people. Were kidnapped”. Jake tells him to come closer, says doesn’t trust us. Took son and daughter of a rich guy in Cimmeron county in Dusty Flats. Reward offered. Say don’t want our help and rides cautiously off on right side. Pulls shotgun and jake says not to do anything. We’ll ride by as he watches til we’re 200 yds away. He rides off. We go to Riverside
Rest In Riverside

Clean up Dog and chill out. Find out about bounty on heads from dudes we have gambled w/ before. Roberto hired BH to catch us DEAD only and equals county reward himself. Has hired guards constantly camped throughout his land. We stay awhile…
Jake called out. Jake hits head-3; guy misses; Jake hits rtleg-3, rtarm-1. Dude misses. 2nd turn dude fan’s and Jake steady. Dude misses, Jake hits rtarm-3, dude misses twice, Jake hits abd-5 kO’d. Jake yells “you’re lucky fucker”. Next day in saloon w/others while Dog in room w/Anne. Watching gambling. Guy looks over at us while drinking, walks to table. Looks at Jake, accuses of cheating. Says Jesse signaling what others have. Tells Jesse to leave saloon. Jesse says “drunk, you leave saloon”. Continue low voiced threats. Asks for buff rifle, then to fight w/fists. Jesse declines, he slaps Jesse. Pushes chair over. Walks to bar, gets bottle and pours down Jesse’s back then hits him in head w/bottle. Puts gun to Jesse’s head. Jesse gets up and they walk outside. Draw guns, Jesse’s faster. Guy fires steady, Jesse careful. Dude’s is a dud, Jesse misses, dude hits abd-2, Jesse hits head-7 DEAD. We applaud. 4 hrs later Jesse in room, 2 guys asking for the dog that killed their brother. Jake says for them to leave. Jake says choose from us four, older guy says David and young Will. Remembers Will from other 20+ shot fight. They walk outside. Jake then volunteers to take Will’s place but they say “maybe after we kill these 2”.
Will vs younger, David vs older to start. Old hits rtsh-6, shifts gun hand. Young hits head-5. David and Will miss. Old hits head-4, young chest-5 KO’d. Old hits lfsh-3, David misses. Old fires twice: miss/head-3 KO’d. Tell them to leave, guy says not lookin’ for Jesse anymore. Take to town doctor, get fixed up. Jake and Nick yell at them long time for embarrassing performance. Couple days pass. Nick walks to assayer and hears noise inside. Goes half way to saloon. Chief hears Nick and Jake hears 2nd time around. They run out and see Nick. Guy runs out of office. Nick at long hits head-2, Jake at extreme head-1(luck). Nick hits chest-1(luck), Jake at end of range hits abd-6 DEAD. Assayer walks out pretty beat up. Guy robbed place. Didn’t get anything cause heard Nick yelling for Jake. Some kid grabs dick’s gun and runs. Marshal takes body to undertaker.
Next day early morning, Anne out on the town. Guy walks up to her saying “hey baby, got something for you.” Anne keeps walking. “Got a pistol in my pocket”. She replies “I got one in my garter”. Pulls it out “last time used it, took 2 days to die”. Anne walks away. Guy persistant. Grabs Anne’s ass and she draws knife-misses. “What the fuck bitch”. Backs up. Pulls out pistol to dome her, Anne fastdraws revolver w/ left. Says “don’t want to shoot”. Chief sees goingson from block away and runs up. Puts pistol back and dives at Anne. She dodges to side and he hits ground. He get upset. Chief going full speed, almost there. He comes at her again to grapple but misses, Anne hits him rtarm-3 w/knife. Guy can’t get opening, she hits him bad abd-5. Chief arrives w/ knife&tomohak drawn. Guy pulls knife and they fight. She misses, he hits head-5. Anne and him both blocked. Chief throws knife but misses. Pulls another. Anne hits abd-4. He is blocked. Anne no opening, dude no opening, Anne none, dude hitd abd-5. Chief jumps in w/knife hits rtsh-2. Anne hits abd-3 KO’d as he hits Chief abd-5. Call marshal over, drags guy to doctor. Go to Dog for our wounds. Can’t fix Annes enough, so go to doctor.
Has been 8 days since arrival. In late afternoon, guy walks into saloon “You’re Jake right?” he asks nicely. Name in Ron Courtland. Jake says yes that’s me. Looks mid 20’s. Wondering if we need any help. Tell him to sit down and have a few drinks and we’ll talk about it. Says he’s been in town last week since right after Jake’s shootout.
Meanwhile, Jesse takes Anne out for a new horse, picks out strong one but w/o skills. Wants another. Picks out another beasthorse. Chooses a 3rd instead. Jake finds tinhorn who bets him Pamela(Jake’s horse) can’t count to fifty w/ hoof. She does.
Novelist has been here whole time. Saw all but Anne/Chief knife fight. Ron says he’ll ride for 1/10 of profit. We say you could, but we’ll give you equal share of 1/8. Stay 7 days more to rest wounded. While in rooms one evening hear a lot of noise. See crowd and torches. Hear guy yelling “NO, NO!” Crowd of 20 or so w/torches and guns pushing a one armed guy. Colin asks what’s going on. Guy caught stealing horse from a guy in town at a saloon. Horse owner buddy saw and yelled for friend as he knocked thief off horse. Jake yells “hang him”. Jake and Nick run to watch. Toss rope over pole and put noose on. Dog comes and asks if they’re sure it’s not a mistake. Group puts guy on horse. Marshal comes and say should put on trial. 20 men say “who’s gonna stop us?” Thief pleading for any other way but they smack horse and he hands choking. Jake yells “just shoot him”. They just watch. Dog fires scattergun, 1 barrel. rtarm-5, chest-6, rtarm-2. DEAD. Men threaten to put Dog up “but we won’t, Mr. Dog”. We go back to rooms. Crowd disappears. Marshal comes to Dog’s room. Gives Dog advice “watch your back, should not go anywhere alone, even room.” Asks Dog to be deputy. Says will think about it.
Few days later, we’re hanging and a chick w/boy in a wagon ride in w/ lumber etc. Guy walks in and starts preaching ‘the lord’s word’. Yelling about sinning and all. Asks people to reform by helping him and sister Sarah build church. Jesse advises to leave but guy keeps talking. Tells Jake he’s “biggest sinner of all”. Jake tells him to leave meanly. Guy finally leaves, makes rounds while throwing holy water around. Gets to whore horse. Everyone think he sucks. Hear him moan, see 4 guys beating him up, still yelling “repent”. Beat to ground. Dog, Jesse, Jake walk down. Tell us to go back to saloon. Jake says “he’s had enough”. They give him one last shot. Dog goes to them and one hits Dog in face. Jake gets tween them and tells others to leave. Starts talking to Jack to follow guys when they leave town and report. Jake tell guys to leave again. They ride out of town. Drag guy to doctor and leave him. Later, Dog suddenly yells “Jack” in saloon. Told Dog guys are just outside of town to east then north.
Next day, just after breakfast, hear guy yell horses are gone from saloon stable but for Jake’s and Jesse’s. Jake almost died. Ask who other than us stayed. Only 3. Nun shows up. Said heard hooves pass church last night headed west. Asks for donation for help. Dog flashes $1000, she takes it quickly. Gives back, walks away to pray. 2 of 3 guys can track. One injun won’t help, Jake and Chief indian contact him. Will help unless too many or if seem like too good at gunfighting. Non-tracker just a gambler,won’t come. 3rd doesn’t want to ride w/people who betray own gang. (What???) Decides to come. Name is ‘Jake Smith’. 4 in all. Track 6 miles out and loose trail. Injun picks it up heading north, Smith says “no, south”. Chief says south. See no one, nor tracks nor old camp. ‘Jack’ says north-same gang he followed. Says south is decoy and they rode back to camp east. Chief scouts to north, nothing. Follow ‘Jack’ to east and north through rugged hills. Check field glasses, see camp w/25 horses. They’re eating 10 of them. Jake and Chief see county sheriff. Close in behind hills. Starts getting dusk, and hear them break camp, move north. Start to ride to intercept. See one guy 50 yds ahead and one 50 back. Front guy sees us and they go faster. Around bend and split. 2/3 east w/ all horses, rest into hills to north. We cut over hills toward horses. See horses walking around alone. All theirs also. Go along hill outside field. Chief sees 3 who cut off parallel to us on other hill. Jake sees horses leading horses back out. Fairly dark now. Keep going toward 3 guys, they come north. We fly toward horse group. Lose a few of them. Deep going straight west, clear hills and find more horses. Follow them north. Forced to stop, see tehm dismount and ready selves. Our horses dead tired. Sleep. Wake up and attack them. They all stay. We cut into hills to sides and approach quickly. Dismount and attack. They’re in 2 groups. 5 in semicircle, 2 riding north to hills. We come in on left(Chief, Injun, Nick, Ron, Anne fire upon 2) and rt(Jake, Smith, Jesse, Dog fire at 3).
Left: Ron vs2 abd-2, Nick vs1 head-3, Injun vs2-miss, Chief vs1-miss, Anne vs1 miss. 2 misses Ron and 1 misses. Ron hits 2 abd-5, Nick mortals 1, Anne misses 2, Injun hits him chest-4 KO’d.
Right: Jake hits 1 abd-4, Dog hits 2 chest-2, Smith at 3 jammed, Jesse w/buffrifle hits 2 abd-7 DEAD. 2 hits Jake lfsh-5, 3 hits Smith head-5, 1 misses. Dog, Smith and Jake all miss. 1 misses, Dog hit abd-1(luck).
2 left run to horses, leaving guns, and try to escape. we shoot. Jake hits 1 chest-5, Smith misses, Dog hits him lfarm-2, Jesse hits him abd-3. Chief hits 2 rtleg-4, Nick hits 1 chest-2, Anne misses, Ron misses, Injun hits abd-1(luck).
Left group fires on 1: Nick rtsh-1, Ron misses, Chief hits rtsh-5 KO’d. Ron, Injun, Smith and Jake all miss. Jesse hits 1 w/LR abd-1. Guy misses jumping on horse. Nick misses, Jesse hits chest-3, Dog misses, Jake hits chest-1(luck). Anne hits horse rtleg-2, Chief same-5. Ron, Injun, and Smith hit horse. Ron hits rtleg-5 KO’d. He’s Ko’d. We walk up to him. These 5 were other gang. Last was leader. Jesse kills 1st guy KO’d. Ron kills last guy, 3rd by Jake. Go back to town and stay 2 weeks. Got all horses together. After a week, at noon, eating lunch and county sheriff w/ horse thieves walk in. Goes back outside. Come back in w/ 2 dep’s. Says we’re under arrest. People in saloon support Jake but say hang Chief and Dog. Says that’ll do. Start to grab them. Go outside. There are 4 more. Ron walks up behind them from elsewhere. All 7 unstrap pistols. Our hands shoot to our pistols but none draw, a staredown. Anne walks out onto overlook, followed by Dave on her rt and Will to lf. Below a line Nick-Jake-Jesse.
Jake notices Dog, tied up behind their line, talking to Jack under his breath. Says “cut the ropes w/your sword”. See Dog snap ropes behind his back, then stepping forward snaps leg ropes. Takes out Chief’s knife and cuts him loose. Sheriff and others turn as Dog haymakers sheriff for mortal wound to abd. Leaves hole of blood in him and blood drenched fist(rolled or narrated?).
Jake(steady), Nick(fan), Ron(hip) draw. Ron hits 1 lfsh-3, Nick hits 2 lfarm-1. Jake draws both pistols at 5: head-3, head-7 DEAD, Nick misses 2. Balcony 3 draw and fire. Jake hits 5 as he falls abd-2,2. Nick hits 2 rtsh-5, rtarm-2, miss. Ron hits 1 rtleg-1, lfarm-2. Jesse raises Dog’s scattergun on 7 as he draws: head-5/4, lfsh-1, abd-5, head-1(luck) KO’d. David hits 6 head-2, abd-1. Chief lunges on 3 and cuts down til he begs for mercy. Dog charges over to 6 and breaks arm, punches head-5 and bearhugs to death(again rolled or narrated?). Jesse fails fastdraw. Will hits 2 chest-7 DEAD. Anne hits 2 abd-1 as he falls. As 1 draws on Ron, he kills him head-7. Chief mercilessly stabs guy in throat DEAD and scalps him. Jesse draws and jives 7. Jake storms into saloon and give 2 hour heated lecture to the gangs so called friends while Dog watches door, hinting no one leaves. Yells and screams for most of it. Bart, overjoyed w/ this info leaves to send to publisher. We stay another week and hear from incoming guy of massive manhunt for us. 20 BH in county in groups up to 5. Giffin troops non adamant but on passive lookout.

  • WANTED DEAD: Jake, Nick, David
  • DEAD OR ALIVE: Jesse, Will, Dog
  • They are unbiased on Chief, have no idea of Ron, and only suspect we have a woman. After another week, now 35 BH and Texas Rangers. Also 3 known gunmen called in: John Slaughter, Jim Courtwright, King Fisher. Ride to Rio Neches.
    Neches Bank

See oldster talking, see marshal. Old, fat, chewing. Walk in bank. Only 1 teller. Get $400. As we leave, he yells to marshal who just watches us pass by. Hed west off map to river port city. See three duded up guys, go into saloon. Ends up being Maverick brothers. Vaguely remember Nick and Will. Bank gets robbed by 5 men. Hear 5 shots and see all down w/ bleeding hands and Lone Ranger w/ Tonto stand next to them. We leave fast and go north to Dusty Flats. Get supplies. Very boring. Rob bank at 7AM next day. Leave Jesse, Chief and Nick to watch horses. Dog across street. Ron hangs next to marshal’s office. 1 customer and a teller and owner. Customer and owner arguing alone. Will hops counter w/ bags. Load all $. Ron enters and says a real heavy loaded dude coming into town just now. Leave w/ what we have and stop down other street. Anne and Dog go up to dude and ask who he is. We couldn’t tell who he was, but recognized as well known. Gives Anne a card: ‘Paladin’. We leave w/ $2000. Go east toward Stetson. See wagon in distance and set ambush. Set Dog, Nick, Jesse, and Chief w/ rifles. Rest behind w/ pistols. As coach comes in, rifles fire and pistols ride onto road. Nick hits driver head-4, Dog chest-2, Jesse w/ buffrifle to guard head-7 DEAD, Chief lfarm-3. Driver whips horses. Ron and Jake hit abd-4, Will chest-5, Anne head-6 DEAD, Dave chest-5. 1 female in back. Only her belongings on coach. Take her back west to town and pay for another ride. To Riverside, stay 2 days and head for Flapjack.
Flapjack Rustling 2

Get 120 head easy. Hed to Shiftless(6 days). Don’t see one person entire way. On 4th day, Will wanders into middle of cattle almost causing stampede. No one will bye, but if we hang around for 2 days, drive coming in. We do and bargain. Dave almost causes stampede in mean time by shooting rattler. Guy buys half for 8.50/head, rest for 10.00/head. As we pass border into El Dorado, see armed man ahead 600yds. At 200 we pull field glasses and Jake knows him as famous BH Frank Lester ‘the molester’. He fires and hits Dog head-5 after Jake says to “fuck off”. Jesse fires buffrifle hits head-1(luck). Ron fires LR and hits chest-mortal. We laugh at his idiocy and continue.
Buffalo Chips

Get fo Buffalo Chips for supplies. See guy outside of saloon on horse holding reigns of 3 others. Ride on to General Store across st. Watches us go in. Most of us go in, Will, Ron, Anne stay outside. Guy walks into Long Branch. Walks out and heads up st. to marshal’s office and out in a few minutes, back in saloon. See bunch of people leave saloon and walk away. Only 4-5 left. 2 shadows in window and one just inside door. Rest of us walk out and pack food onto horses. Marshal comes out and says we’re under arrest w/rifle out. Anne hears cocking from saloon then windows open. 2 guys at door, 5 total in saloon all w/rifles. Chief heads for horse. We draw guns and fire. Nick hits door2 lfarm-1/Dave kills rt window/Anne hits door2 head-1(luck)/Will misses lfwindow/Jesse and Chief run to horses. Jake hits door1 rtsh-5, chest-4(2 pistols)/Nick hits door2 rtarm-1/Anne hits door2 chest-1(luck)/Dave misses door1. Marshal hits Ron rtarm-2/Door2 hits Nick head-5/lfwindow hits Will lfarm-4/Ron hits marshal head-1(luck)/Door1 hits Jake lfarm-5/Dog hits marshal chest-1. Jesse fastdraws scattergun off horse as Chief pulls rifle.
Ron hits marshal chest-2/Anne misses door2/Jesse hits door1 chest-1(luck)&4, rtarm-5, lfsh-3 KO’d. Ron hits marshal rtsh-2/Jake hits door2 head-5/Anne hits door2 lfarm-1/Nick kills door2 to head/Dave hits lfwindow head-5/Will hits him rtsh-2/lfwindow jumps out of way. Marshal runs into office. We pack up and ride by his office and out of town eastward. Marshal misses w/a shot from distance. To Plaza del Lobo.
Fight at Lobo

Before we arrive, stay at river a night. Hear howling getting closer. Hed NE to cattle trail. Hear at great distance howls again. Chief estimates 20 miles. Rest at trail overnight. About 1AM a detective stumbles upon us as Dog and Chief fall asleep on watch. Collects guns and wakes us up w/ 3 shots into air. See him holding shotgun on us. Says “howdie”. Tells us to get up and direct him to nearest town to turn us in. Ask him if he’ll take $. Says $40000. Jake says “fuck you”. Anne fails knife FD. Jesse throws knife and misses. Will draws sleeve deringer and hits head-4. Detective KO’s Will w/shotgun head-2, rtsh-3,5. Anne fails FD again. Jake and Nick charge him. Chief misses w/throwing knife as Jake is KO’d by 2nd barrel abd-3,chest-5, rtarm-5. Anne normal draws and misses. Dog moves in and hits combo-3, he uppercuts Dog-2, Dog glances-1, dude combos-3, Dog jabs-2, dude glances-1, Dog combos-3, dude glances-1, Dog combos-3 KO’d. Tie him up and take w/us. Ron says “you guys are crazy”. Wait for Jake to awaken, get to Lobo and rent 5 of 6 rooms above Long Branch. Hear usual howling, one even on street. Chief hears sniffing and scratching at his door for 5 minutes, it howls loudly and leaves. Stay 2 weeks. On last, Dog w/ Will hears 3 guys stealthing up stairs. Says it’s manager. Wants to talk about pay. Dog says come in. Won’t. Each 3 go into different doors. Different voice at Dog’s door wants to talk and one at Jake and Ron’s. Dog’s door opens and dude fires 6 shots, all hit nothing. Dog rushes door, sees dude and another w/ rifle. Fires 1 barrel at both. Rifle guy hit head-3, lfsh-3, lfarm-5 KO’d. Hits other rtarm-5&1, rtleg-1 then dives on him. Guy at Jake/Ron runs over and into Will’s room. Jake and Ron follow. Dog beats dude up KO’d easy finishing w/haymaker. Guy in room ready to decapitate Will. Jake(2 pistols) and Ron(hipshots) draw. Ron hits head-3, chest-5. Jake abd-1, chest-6 DEAD. Dog jives guy he brawled w/ his own pistol and rifle guy also. Escape north into hills and follow Rio Bravo SE. 2nd night vamp comes w/ letters for Jesse from Jimmy he got at Promise City. Says ranch surrounded by 15 BH waiting for us. DO NOT COME. We torture detective some like: hold head in water and piss. Also patrols of BH and Texas Rangers and city police in 3 mile radius of Promise City every day. Troops from Griffon sent, 15 each, to Beaver Lake Bridge, Stetson, del Nuevos and Zion. County sheriff going to Wild Creek and Prosperity.
Ambushed Again
As leave hills, fired upon by 5 BH. Dog hit adb-1,Anne abd-5, Ron chest-2, Jesse abd-4&chest-5. We dismount. Dog gets behind horse and fires scattergun. Misses 4 by missing 3 chest-6 DEAD. Others get behind rocky cover by river. BH’s fire volley but all miss, we now see where they all are. As they pop up all fire rifles, but Anne pistol: Ron hits 4 lfarm-3, Jake hits 3 head-1(luck), Nick hits 4 chest-3, Will hits 1 rtsh-2. Chief hits 1 rtarm-1, Dave hits 4 abd-3, Anne hits 2 chest-mortal. Jesse hurting bad. Will hit lfarm-3 by 3. Last 3 cower behind rocks. Jake, Nick and Ron stealth around their position while others continue drawing their attention. W/ pistols, Nick 2 steady at 2: miss and ches-2. Ron 2 pistols careful at 1: abd-6, rtsh-6 DEAD. Jake same at 3 head-2, abd-6 DEAD. Nick jives 2. Head NW to get to road and RR track, see charging cavalry from a mile south. We book to hills and they chase. Can’t gain ground on us. Escape into woods and loose them. Hear below us and know they lost trail. They leave straight south. Get to vamp’s hut. Ask for food. Say doesn’t have any. Decide to stop lugging detective around. Take down to creek, dunk him couple hours. Hear gunshots off in woods toward vamp shack. We run to check leaving Dog w/ det. See vamp has a pistol from future guys. Let’s Sam try. Shows us how he uses it (9mm). Shows us pump, colt.45, .357, uzi, M-60, grenades. Demonstrates all. I show him laser pistol. Asks for Anne for guns. “No!” “2 gangmembers?” “No”. Says will give him guns if he can give him 1 live person every 2 weeks. Say we’ll pass for now. Stay for a while in woods near house about 2 weeks til all healed up. Get supplies and head to Indian Territory to shack up for a while, leaving laser gun and others.

Boothill, Campaign 2

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