Mexico is run by Deathless Santa Anna

Chihuahua: temperate dry climate, pays tribute and manpower to the capitol; basically run by warlords, Churiba being one of them;

San Antonio and environs: base of operation in Mountains in Flames; Menonites from Canada to N and NW; 2 days ride from Chihuahua; Harara mayor and owner of hotel; Little Nagasake to S and SW, Japanese; Apache in mts; hospital has dedicated burn unit due to unexplained firestrade school, agriculture, even some steam engines; built on grounds of old Spanish mission
Chimones, Major Marcano: 2nd in command to Churiba; Bracada was after him in particular, w/ samurai sword beheaded his parents
Churiba, Sierra: Dundee’s enemy, lives in Sierra Madre del Morte Occidental Mts; Mexican Major Marcano Chimones is his 2nd in command;

Heidi, Klaus: DECEASED menonite guide sent with us by Dyke; brought apache friend Red Throat along; turned out to be cultist
Red Throat: Deceased; Apache friend of Heidi Klaus; drank bad or poisoned water in mts; had the brachana drug (see items)
Rodriguez, Amra: brewha in Sierra mts; vic Gabriella took us to told us she was up there, but she would find us if she wanted; really liked tea; claims she had a dream; that men would come seeking the skull, you will find it at the red mt, of a great warrior and his treasure of gold. And the great fire monster, the god of fire, would appear, and burn all creation, only a great hero can stop it. This will happen on the northers slope of el pico dentado, at the Red Castle, Churiba’s base.WIll “What is this skull you’rt talking about?” She speaks some strange tongue then, including the word Cthulhu. “They come, the great old one comes” meaning Cthugha. But, Wichuri can stop him." From her medicine bag she removes a smelly white pulpish stuff. That is Wichuri, she gives it to us.

Sierra Madre del Morte Occidental Mts: feared for centuries by locals: rumors of satanists, cultists, and degenerates are rife; lots of disappearances and tragedies long into the past.


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