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The Boothill Campaign!

Remember and enjoy! The original Boothill notes in full, where The Washington Gang began.

Boothill, Campaign 1 Includes Jake’s death and resurrection, Intro to the Vampire, Billy’sBoothill and Chris’s Death, The Battle at Wong’s Laundry following The Great Escape, Sam’s short career, the Beverlys join…and live, and much more. Mere boys trying to become men.
Boothill, Campaign 2 Includes Jack’s death, Mad Dog’s mind slips, Jesse’s death and resurrection, David dies, Anne and Chief join, The Shootout vs 7 in Riverside and much more. Boys have become men, and seasoned gunmen.
Boothill, Campaign 2 Part 2

  • In the old boothill campaign, real kills were any mortal wound roll, regardless of situation. So it could be a face to face gunfight or an ambush. Jive kills were those upon basically helpless victims: tied up, asleep, previously shot unconcious, or otherwise defenseless requiring no attack or location/damage roll. KO’s are any solo-ko’s, not getting the last shot after damage from multiple gangmembers. A KO may or may not have been jived by a gangmember as well. Every once in while in the record, something isn’t exactly clear so I made an educated guess if it seemed likely one way or the other, otherwise it’s in the misc. notes for the character. This didn’t happen too often though. The counts following are human only, as well. Others are noted separately.


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