Boothill, Campaign 2 Part 2

Kill Totals 2


Riding up trail, see few injuns., suddenly guy rides out on his horse and surprises us. Looking for 5 outlaws who raped young girl few days ago outside his hometown by a lake. Go w/him. Seems to have great horse and he needs little sleep. Scouts about mile ahead always and checks back each hour. Name is Sundown. 2nd day he’s shot at from woods on right side. We disperse off trail. Right = Chief, David, Nick, Anne w/ Sundown, rest to left. Jake sees one and hits abd-4. They fire back, hit Dog head-4, Will head-3, Jesse head-3. Right group moving in w/Nick and Sundown in lead. Jake fires bach hitting abd-4 again. Will hits lfsh-3. Dog 2 barrels at one head-3, another leg-5. Jesse hits one head-5. They fire back hitting Jesse head-4, Jake abd-2. Other group gets under dudes and surprise them. Nick hits one abd-3, head-3; Sundown kill 2 (one really injured one). One is lying down he’s so hurt. Guy Nick hit drops and surrenders. Nick jives him to head. All dead. Call other guys over. Had $200 on them and take ammo. Other guys about 1 day ahead of us. Catch up in half day. They see us but we close in. They dismount and run off road to take up position. We do same and attempt to sneak up. 2 went left(incl. leader) and 2 rt. Left = Sundown, Dog, Anne, David, Chief. Right = Nick, Jake, Will. See them and leader has shotgun. David, Chief, Nick and Jesse hold back while rest close in.
Jesse fires bufffifle hits head-6 DEAD. They hit Will & Chief chest-3. Leader and last guy turn and run. Sundown chases leader who turns and hits w/shotgun rtsh-6, chest-5, lfarm-1, abd-3. Starts to reload. Sundown walks up to him an, fires twice: head-1,6 DEAD. Then unloads pistol and guys own shotgun into him. Rest chase last guy. He turns as Dog fires 2 barrels: dud & head-4,6,3, abd-6,1, chest-2 DEAD. Sundown thanks us for help. He rides over hill. We stay and camp. We wagon coming over trail wearing colorful clothes. 2 guys, one a huge mute other small guy leader, one younger and 1 older chick, plus geezer chick. Tells us a story of love: Angela and Sundown. While ago, she was gypsy, met him in town. Together few months and she went to a lake. 8 bandits attacked her. Killed her and Sundown came over hill. Pulled gun, killing 3, others took cover. Reloaded and heard noise behind him. Was leader w/shotgun and blasted Sundown. Band of gypsies found him after 2 days still alive. Swore revenge, died 10min after. Tell our fortunes: Jake-sees him make huge decision in near future that could change many people’s lives. Several men (4 in particular) chasing him unless I do something. Says knows them but not personally. He’ll make it through to get home w/family. Dog-very cloudy, visit old friend and a man, doesn’t know who. Face hidden. Sees a woman and have love interest. When you meet her must make life altering decision. Says felt a presence as Dog walked in. David-sees a jail (working/captured?) and someone in it. Very soon. Further on sees him going to home town and gets bad news. Make decision what to do next. By decision something very good or very bad will happen. Farther, sees nothing past 2 years from now.
Dog challenges big mute to friendly match. Leader puts $500 on table as bet. Dog says ok. Dog puts him in headlock, he pulls out and glances Dog. Dog kicks in abd then gets hit w/combo-3. DOg bear hugs him and gouges his face. Dog lets go and throws him. He comes back and elbow smashes Dog. Dog combos him, he bearhugs Dog. Knees Dog, holds him. Dog gets one arm and twists it while held. Lets Dog loose and comes in. Dog glances and hit w/combo. Dog hooks him then gets blocked. Dog combos, gypsy misses. Gypsy rt hooks as Dog misses. Dog falls KO’d. We continue. Have a few runins bud just pass by. Go on for days town to town. One day, as coming up to town, see middle age guy riding up road at bottom of ridge we’re atop. See guy from across ridge w/badge. Meets guy and pulls gun out. Talk to each other. Other guy draws. Sheriff misses and dude kills him. Checks body and another horse comes up behind(badged). Pulls pistol. Dog yells “look out”. Dude didn’t hear. Badge hits chest-5. We start riding down. They both fire. Badge hits abd-5, dude misses. Guy is deputy. Walks over and holds gun to dude, who misses. Dep hits abd-1. We are 30yds away. Dep cocks gun and hits abd-1. He turns and sees us. Aims at us. We say goin’ to Kansas from Texas. Says Eric just murdered sheriff. Always troublemaker. Says killed sheriff in cold blood. Tell him what happened, he says “not what I saw”. 4 of us draw and fire. Jake hits abd-mortal DEAD. Anne hits abd-4, Will head-5, David lfsh-6. Dog doctors Eric up a bit. Take bodies up ridge and bury. Ride into town w/Eric. Get rooms at hotel. Stay couple days. Knock at Eric’s door. Dep w/2 others. Dog alone w/Eric right now. Dep says Eric and Sheriff always at odds in business. Sheriff always dick and had the power. Dep pulls gun and walks in to grab Eric. Tells Dog to move. Dog lets them go but runs to find Jake. Tells Jake Eric was taken. Next day dep says locked up and waiting for judge. We stay and go to trial. Bodies found on ridge. Eric tells story as it happened but says doesn’t know who killed dep. We step up adn tell story we found all bodies and brought Eric to town. Left bodies there. Judge goes out, comes back and says sentence it DEATH. Hanging in 3 days.
9:30 2 days later lynch mob going to jail. Try to stop. Jake and Bev’s head to jail, Anne to marshal office, Dog and others lag behind mob. Marshal and Jake try to stop. Jake gets inside for 5 min to talk to dep. Breaks open door and gets key. Dep yells for marshal and Will buffalo’s him KO’d. Jake gets guy out. Dog shoots 2 of guys. Chief, Nick, Anne and Jesse to horses. Jesse and Anne to Residence, Nick and Chief ahead of Dog and reach horses. Dog is flogged KO’d by 4 men as Jake brings out prisoner. Anne sees Dog hit and dives behind corner. Hets shotgun guy then kills one of pistol threesome. 2 pistoliers miss, shotgun hits wall and rtsh=6. Nick and Will get to corner as mob nears intersection after Jake gave them prisoner. He and Will head around back for horses.
Nick hits shotgun head twice, one mortal. David hits unwounded pistolier head-6, abd-3 DEAD. Jesse is gone. Jake and Will backtrack to office and behind crowd. Anne shoots pistolier Dog had hit lfarm-5. Chief hits him chest-4. He misses Anne. Mob just entering intersection. Jake and Will come up from behind. Mob starts to round corner. Nick and Chief fire, both hit their target: Nick head-3, Chief head-1(luck). David as he rushes to Dog hits rtarm-1. Jake and Will get to rear and fire. Will hits lfarm-4, Jake abd4,2. About half mob runs away. 12 stay. Rest get around corner toward David and others. Jake and Will fire again. Jake hits chest-2, head-6 DEAD. Will head-4. On other side Nick hits 3 abd-3. Their leader hits Nick abd-1. Anne hits 3 head-4. 2 pistold fire hitting Nick lfleg-1. Chief hits 6 head-2. Rifle hits Nick chest-3. Shotguns fire at Anne (miss) and Chief (chest-5). 3 others miss. Dep has Jesse to ‘help’. He was at corner of Residence. Other dep recognizes him. Jesse fires buffrifle hits head-3. He hits Jesse chest-1. Jake hits his horse head-6, abd-4 DEAD. Will hits him abd-1. David charges around county attorney office and head to Jake. 4 guys chase even though dep yelled cease fire. Pistol hits rtleg-3. Shotgun hits twice head-5, chest-6, rtleg-3, lfsh-2 DEAD as David hits shotgun 1/2 chest-3. Jake and Will see this and shoot at them. Jake hits 3/4 steady abd-5, head-6,3 DEAD at shotgun. Will hits pistol chest-1(luck). He flees. Jake fires at another w/shotgun chest-6, head-6, abd-6 DEAD. Will hits rifle guy rtleg-4. He misses Will. Jake out of ammo. Will hits abd-2. Guy misses. Will hits abd-3. Jake pulled shotgun. Fires both barrels: chest-2,7,6, abd-3 DEAD. We bolt away to south.
Circle town and enter at doctor’s house/office. See him w/KO’d dep. We walk in and he checks us out. Unable to help Nick and Anne. Find out prisoners simply ran off during our gunfight. We find David’s body at Undertaker. See marshal and 2 dep’s w/ prisoners in front of marshal’s office. Jake and Jesse walk up back alleyways to far side of office. Chief sets David up on horse w/ rifle and slaps it up street. Marshal and his men see it and yell to stop. Chief fires rifle shot to simulate David firing back at them in the dark. Lawmen fire as Jake and Jesse surprise them. Jesse fires scattergun and KO’s marshal. Jake gets off 1 barrel at each dep, mortals to both. Jesse jives 2 of prisoners outside, Jake 1. Go inside and find 6 prisoners in jail. They start screaming for mercy as the 2 open fire, then go in and make sure all finished off, killing all: Jake 2 and Jesse 4(not rolled for=jive). Find David’s stuff and resupply gang w/ammo and other supplies. Anne and Chief take David and Dog to town Sundown was from. Bury David next to Sundown and Sundown’s wife and take Dog into town for rest. Others stay til next day outside of town to ambush new County Sheriff.
Sheriff Ambush

Find mound w/ tree ahead of it. Get horses 1/2 mile off trail. Will in tree, Jake and Jesse on mound. Nick behind mound on horse. Marshal and 1 dep ride up. Stop 20yds from tree and yell “Who’s in that tree?” Jake and Jesse rise and fire. Jesse misses, Will hits w/pistol rtarm-scratch. Jake hits head-2 to dep. Nick rides out onto road. Sheriff rides to tree side off road into brush. Dep to hill side. Sheriff fires into tree hits Will rtarm-1. Nick hits abd-1 (luck), chest-4. Jake hits dep abd-1. Dep hits Jake head-2. Jesse hits abd-1. They dismount and ready rifles. Nick scratches sheriff rtarm, Will hits him head-1(luck). Sheriff scratches Will lfarm. Jake hits dep head-3. Jesse hits chest-6 DEAD. Nick dismounts off road hits 1steady out of 2 abd-2. Will hits chest-5, Sheriff hits Will lfsh-3. Sheriff gets behind tree. Only Will has a view as he hipshoots last 3 shells at Will: missx2 before Will hits head-5 KO’d. Lynch marshal from the tree.
Meet Others

Get to town and stay one month, head back into El Dorado County. 2 hrs into trip find 11 guys building a fence for land mark. Bringing cattle up. Hed towards a trail Jake knows of. About 1 hr later see stage coming toward us. Luggage on top. Lady and guy w/suit on and a soldier inside. Let them pass. Almost to trail, see wagon w/17 soldiers w/it. Look at us as they pass by. Continue to trail, hear rustling on rt side of road. guy steps out in front of us. Aims scattergun. Old guy, bearded & dirty, no shoes. Ezekial or Zeke. Tell where we’re going. Try to fast talk Zeke. Getting to him as musket shot misses Jake. His ‘Pa’ yells to give money. Another from farther back blows Will’s hat off, by Junior. Party includes Zeke, Junior, Ma, Pa, Jimbob, Billy Joe. Jesse draws shotgun, Chief rifle, Dog scatter, rest pistols.
Jake hits Pa head-1(luck). From next to Pa, Jimbob hits Jake chest-2. Dog hits Zeke one barrel abd-1&4, chest-2. Nick hits Pa head-4. Ma and Billy Joe w/scatters at Jesse hit rtarm3&4, lfarm5&5, abd-4, head-5 KO’d. Chief hits 2 abd-1. 4 hits Will w/2 barrels chest-1, head-5, rtsh-5 and hits Jesse-2. Zeke fires scatter at Jake hits 1 barrel head-5. Junior hits Chief w/ musket head-1(luck). Will hits last guy lfsh-4. We move into woods and dismount. NIck hits Ma chest-2. Anne hits Billy Joe lfarm-1. Jimbob at Dog w/scatter: chest-3,2, head-2,3, rtleg-4, abd-3, lfleg-1. Jake hits Pa head-3. Chief hits Junior lfarm-4. Ma musket at Anne hits head-3. Billy Joe w/musket at hits head-5. Will hits Junior chest-3. Zeke musket at Will abd-2. Pa Scatters chief 2 barrels only hits head-1, chest-2. Dog charges across road and misses Ma w/other barrel. Junior scatter at Anne hits only chest-5. Dog attacks Jimbob and haymakers-3 brawl dam and 1(luck)real dam. He glances Dog-1, Dog mortal haymakers DEAD. Nick w/ shotgun vsPa: head-1(luck)&4, chest-4, lfarm-5 KO’d. Jake pulls shotgun hits Zeke chest-5, head-1(luck)&6 DEAD. Anne hits Billy Joe head-5. Chief’s gun jams vs Junior. Ma fires scatter at Nick, 1 barrel hits lfarm-3, lfleg-3, rtarm-2. Billy Jor at Dog w/scatter rtsh-2, chest-4 KO’d. Will hits Junior abd-5. Junior misses 2 barrels of scatter at Will. They retreat. We get Dog and Jesse, had south 4 days to next town. Couple hours away meet guy on horseback. Albino says “hi where ya goin”. Says he’s leaving town quick w/posse chasing. Ask what he did, maybe we can help. Says town thinks he robbed a house, says he didn’t (year, right). Say we’ll hide him in woods and tell posse a lie. Posse arrives as we ‘set camp’. Say we have no idea where next town is. Says he’s from 3 hrs back. We say good. Asks if we’ve seen an albino. Act surprised and say no. They continue on. Get albino back out when they’re out of sight. Ask albino what he stole. Says $4000 in cash and small stuff. Worked at house, mayor out of town and he took $. They came back early. Rides up to town w/ us. His name is Chuck. Recommends ‘The Majestic’ hotel. Tells us where doctor is. Heds west as we enter town. Doctor checks Jake, Jesse, Dog, Nick and Chief. Fails on Will and Anne. Stay at Majestic for night. About 3AM, Jake, Anne and Chief go to bank. Anne easily picks lock. Chief stands around corner(1st nat. bank). Jake, Anne enter. Find a locked entrance to back. Anne picks that also. All $ in safe. Anne cracks it on 3rd try. Outside, Chief sees big guy in fur come up w/ shotgun. Lookin’ around. Came from Front St. on bank side. Says “Excuse me sir, did you see a wolf?” Says wolf been killing animals and he’s hunting it. Chief says no. “Sure?”
“I’m sure”. Says to find him if he sees it. During 2nd safe failure, Chief clubbed by a mugger for 2 pt glance. Chief turns w/knife and hits lfarm-3. Mugger glances 2pts. Chief is blocked. Mugger uppercuts-3. Chief misses. Mugger hits 2pts. Chief hits head-1(luck), mugger glances-2, Chief blocked, Mugger blocked, Chief uppercuts chest-8 DEAD. Jake comes out as Anne packs up stuff. Sees wounds and dead guy. Take south to good landmark, bury, head back. Jake and Anne gamble. Anne loses $500 but Jake wins it back. We go upstairs. Have 6 rooms. All get own except Dog/Anne. Nick finds albino in his room. Draws gun but realizes who it is. Just decided to come back. Gives Nick gold neclace for helping. Says make sure you don’t keep for self, but let no one in town know. He leaves. Hang for 3 days, get questioned next day about bank. Give sarcastic answere “yeah, and our woman picked the locks”. Suspect albino. Form another posse and leave to find. Stay another week.
1st day: A travelling salesman comes to town with wagon that collapses into stage, selling miracle cure medicine. Stays 2 days.
3rd day: 3 cowboys come into town w/rancher. Go to claims office for land. Then gunfighter rides into town about 2PM. Walks into saloon and pushes 2 people aside and bar asking for whiskey. Jake asks gambler who he is. Doesn’t know. Looks around at bar. Dog walks up to bar and orders bottle. Guzzles it. “Good drinker, any good w/a gun?” Dog says “With this” and shows scattergun. Says to back down from bar. Dog swings at him jabs-2. He draws and Jake draws, fires hipshots, Dog grabs rifle. Guy hits Dog head-3, Jake hits chest-3. Dog misses steady w/rifle, guy misses. Jake hits head-5 KO’d as Dog hits chest-7 DEAD. Marshal arrests Dog, takes to jail. Doesn’t let us keep saber. Goes to judge next day. Found innocent.
7th day: Stage arrives w/cowboy, miner, Bat Masterson, farmhand, gunfighter. All Americans. Jake says hello to Bat. says guy killed man and wife and stole $ while in Dodge. Ask for position in Dodge for dep. Says “probably could get you one”. Walk back into salooon. We leave and dig up loot from bank, hed south. Next town 3 days away. Bigger town. Has train depot. Just before town, meet stage. No riding guard, just driver and shotgun guard. Let it approach and hail it. It stops. Ask where next town is. Says rail goes south and west. Says has a passenger. Chief tries to see inside but can’t as it passes. We let it go. Get to town. Count money and notice $4000 of the $26000 missing (all cash). Ask at railroad about albino. Says went west. Doctor fails Will, makes Anne. Go to another and can’t fix. Dog checks now and fixes him up. It is now 12PM, train coming at 4. Get gold,etc assayed and catch train. Get to next town. Nick gives neclace to Anne. Ask about albino, say no. Go to next, say yes was here. Stayed couple days then train west. Dept to self. About 8 people had pockets picked in hourse before he left. Next town says he got off and lost some $(our money) gambling. Took same train out. Next didn’t see him, only 20min layover. At next he got off and switched trains to north (now in Nevada close to Cal.). He took nonstop to Idaho. Go ahead up to town. Albino just left day before yesterday to Montana. Stayed here 4 days. Take train to the town. Got off here but didn’t take train out. Think he left on a horse. No one knows which direction. Stiffed hotel some $. Left night before last. We split up. Jake and Chief straight east, Nick and Kellys NE, Jesse and Will SE. Each group makes individual judgement on length of trip. NE gets to Canada eventually(50m/7hrs). Others to 2 separate towns, then eventually come together after some cutoffs(east=72 miles/12hrs to town;SE 60m/9hrs)
Jake and Chief: 11th hour let stage w/dep marshal, lady and gunman pass by. Just outside town get 3 encounters in last hour. Guy walking toward town. Asks for ride. Thrown off stage for hitting onlady. Give him a ride, says he is professional gunfighter named Albert. Says saw no albino. Next, 10 cowboys and a rancher driving 60 head. Let them pass. Last is 5 guys on horses dressed as miners. have picks and TNT. Have seen no albino. Get into town.
Jesse and Will: have 3 encounters. 4th hour, stage w/ 5 passengers and dep US marshal, gunman, BH. Let it go. 2nd, 3 Chinamen. Ask if we know way to railroad. Will sends them to a hill to look out for smokestacks. Last is 5 riders. Look like lawmen, county sheriff +4. Don’t bother us.
No encounters for Kellys and Nick.
In Towns

Jesse and Will: No albino or encounter. Next town 1 day ride normal speed.
Jake and Chief: Meet guy surveying in town, checking for possible expansion. Saw no albino, nor did anyone else.
Nick and Kellys: Meet 3 cowboys. Saw albino heading north up road about 1 hour ago. Ask for $ for info. Say maybe and they ride w/us. Show us where they saw him and we ride on. They chase us asking for $. We wait until he camps. Start sneaking up. Get right into camp. Dog grabs sleeping bag and we pummel him. Anne puts hand into a bag and a venomous spider in it. Doesn’t bite as she freezes. Pulls gun out w/left and aims. She blows it off. $3000 in bag. Thats all it has. “Where are all the jewels?” Nick taps on head w/pistol. Says was greedy, that’s why he did it. Rest was spent. Hit him again. Says has $6000 stored away, he’ll show us where it is. We go and leave our weapons nearby, follow. Or leave him $1000 and he gets woman every night of trip. No deal by Anne. We go back to town we just left. Says go check your guns w/marshal and he’ll get $ in 10min. We go in, check our visible guns and return. Dog has rope around albino’s leg. Park horses in front of Long Branch. Out back door, into Hoover’s Liquor Store. Recognizes Chuck. “Got beat up”. “Yeah we saved him”. “Whats with the rope?” “Having fits of amnesia. Don’t want him to wander away”. Goes into back room. Walks out w/money. Asks if we want to buy any liquor. Buy Irish Whiskey, vintage wine, vodka directly from Russia, Canadian and German beers, plus JD and leave. Count out our $. Flips knife out, cuts rope and takes off. Get to horses and guns and leave.
Jake and Chief: 4hrs out of town, see 50 bandits riding to us. Head back into town, head out side offroad. Hear gunfire as they maraud through town. Get back on road. Meet one Chinese railworker. Asks where train is. Say “See no smoke, no train”. “What are you talking about, Why are you alone?” Says friends sleeping. Jake says go straight north through woods from here. Says ok. Meet stage resting horses. 6 passengers: homesteader, cowboy, 2 soldiers(cpt, sgt), 2 lawmen. Pass by. 3rd: 7 cavalry and cpt probably chasing bandits. 4th: Dep US marshal and another guy. Last: wagon w/a driver. Stop and talk. Asks if we like singing. Has opera singer in back. Say we have no time, warn him about bandits and leave.
Jesse and Will: 3 hillbillies walking around, leave them alone. Dispatch rider they hold up. “Freeze”. Gives us $90 worth of mail items. 3rd: 2 wagons-travelling actors. 10+3 drivers. Talking very dramatically. Going south. Knows we’re outlaws. Leave them alone. Finally 17 riders, armed. Coupls draw guns and ride faster. We cut off trail and loop back around ahead, losing them.
Nick and Company: Give cowboys $60 and they finally leave, although Nick didn’t want to give them anything. Dog payed entire amout. On way back, find 60 injuns and a war leader (not chief). Nick speaks their lang, said dealing w/guys who sold them whiskey and guns. Charged high prices, then as they left kidnapped 6 injun women. Would like to help but we must go. Everyone meets, now w/ all of lost $ + mail money. Leave for New Mexico.

All meet at town we split up in. Take train into Colorado. Get off in Denver. Ride down to Pueblo, stay 2 days and buy tickets to Dodge City. That night, Anne, Dog, Jake break into bank w/Anne picking lock. Jesse few doors down in front of saloon. Will and Chief in rooms up top w/ Nick. Anne gets safe open and we get $29000! Leave and go to rooms. Get on 1st train heading east. Stop in next town, hear abour robbery but law feels was a local gang. Go straight to Dodge. See ‘Shotgun’(Ron’s horse) strapped in front of Long Branch. Go in and see him sitting w/others drinking whiskey. Says “Jake, come over here!” Says meet friends Lucas and Ben. In ‘our’ business. Ron says after we left, he hung out for a while. In Stetson got recognized by dude who mentioned reward for him. Said he’d collect it. Ron didn’t want to kill him and told him to leave. Guy refused, they fought, Ron killed him w/o being hit, then left quickly. Rode toward Promise City. Stopped there for week and got letter from buddies up here about job. Needed 3rd person, so he went by train. Upon arrival, walks down street and got called out by old foe from days with other 2 before could turn guns in. Ron killed him but was wounded, ok now. Turned guns into marshal Masterson’s (Jim). Going to hit small town bank out of Dodge, leaving tonight. We ask to come back w/us afterwards. Says he’ll meet us in Riverside in a week. Jake says we might be in New Mexico for a bit. He says he’ll be in town each Wed.
Just as we remember to turn our guns in, Jim and Bat are coming up street. See us and ask for guns, we ablige. We stay 2 days then leave for NM 2nd night. Arrive in Las Vegas and stay 2 days. Leave morning of 3rd day for Fort Sumner and on to Lincoln. 8 days:
First day, see stage w/ driver and guard. Set trap. Jesse and Jake on rt behind cover; Nick, Will and Chief on horses at end of cover. Dog and Anne to ride back up trail then turn and meet stage at kill point. Jake hits driver chest-6 DEAD, Jesse hits guard chest-5. Dog and Anne draw. Dog fires both barrels for 5 wounds: abd-4,rtsh-3,abd-4,rtsh-5,lfarm-3. KO’d. As back group reaches us, one guy jumps out each door, a cowboy and a farmer. Both yell “Don’t shoot!” Inside are 3 more guys. Recognize one as a famous gunman we have seen in Riverside before (18 stature, small, reminds of Doc Holliday, renowned for bravery) named Alexander Moore, plus another cowboy and a dude. Order all out and around to rifleman side. Take guns from guard and driver, all money from passengers and luggage. Get $338. Throw guns 20yds off road, unhitch horses and ride away with them south.
2nd day: See 2 hillbillies walking up road. Say they are from Fort Sumner.
3rd: Guy riding toward us. Stops a ways down road and see him pull telescope out. Puts back and continues. Meet, says going to catch train to California to prospect. Dog buys his telescope for $20.
4th: 1 day from Sumner, a rider carriage approaches. One guy and wife only. Look to be in 20’s. Tell here we’re going to see Pat Garret. Let them go and get to Lincoln. Stay 2 days, leave next morning. Take about a day to get there. On way see a wagon w/ lady driving w/ 5 kids. Looks in mid 30’s. Heading back to town from field trip. We get to ranch, cattle around, a few cowboys. Go to house and knock. Lady answers. We ask if Pat is here. He is out of town visiting an old friend. Will be gone for 3 days. This is his wife. Ask to stay since we’ve been on trail for a while. Says must work. We say ok. Send wire to Riverside to assayer to let Ron know what’s going on. After almost 3 weeks he returns. We’re out on range. Come back for supper and see couple new horses outside. Door to house is locked. Cowboy knocks. Wife answers “Husband just returned, has visitor and doesn’t want to be disturbed.” We say we’re hungry. Says to go to bunkhouse and they’ll make something. Ring bell later. Food all set on table, outside Anne says saw nothing in sitting room. Heard talking upstairs. See blinds open on 2nd floor. Then window opens few inches. Stay another day to see him. Wife says told him but he didn’t know who we were. Says he’s talkin’ to his friend right now. Anne KO’s wife and we hed into house. Downstairs is clear. hear voice, Pat, upstairs ask “Rosie, that you?” Yell that "I’m an employee from the state governor. Need to tak to you. Says will be down in a few hours. We say “we’re due back in 2 days, it’s gonna take longer than that to get back already”. Pat says will be down in a couple minutes. Comes to top of stairs and still won’t come down. Jake draws and fires 2 steadies: chest-5, head-6 DEAD. Suddenly, Billy the Kid jumps down onto landing, gun drawn. Anne starts fanfiring, Nick, Jake, Billy all steady shots. Billy hits Jake head-1, Anne misses 3, Nick hits head-3, Jake hits head-3, Anne hits rtsh-3,4. He’s KO’d. We mount up and leave. Jake leaves note warning wife to make sure Billy gets out w/o being seen, and orders all the cowboys to stay the hell out of the house til they hear from Rosie. Hed for nearest railroad and ride back to Brewster via San Antonio. Leave quickly for Zion, then to Garrison del Nuevos.
Stage approaches, once it meets us we draw on it. Will 2 steady, Nick 3 hips, chief steady, Jesse fails FD then 2 hips, Anne 3 hips, Dog 2 steady(1 barrel each). Nick hits driver abd-3, Anne misses guard, Jake hits guard head-3, Dog 2 wounds to driver: abd-1 & chest-2. Will hits guard chest-3. Driver lifts shotgun hits Will 4 wounds w/both barrels: chest-5, rtleg-5, rtarm-1, horses rtfrleg-1. Anne misses guard, Nick hits driver rtsh-6, Jesse & Anne misses guard, Nick hits chest-7 DEAD, Jake hits guard head-5 KO’d. Dog hits driver’s head. Chief’s gun jammed. Jesse hits guard lfsh-4. Dog jives guard. Find 3 guys inside and order them out. One in a long duster w/ pistol. Looks poor. 1 unarmed man in overalls, very dirty, a big guy. 3rd a cowboy w/pistol and rifle. Take all ammo from guns and all cash and valuables. $65 total. Unhitch the 4 horses(str 14,14,15,17) to take. 1st guy a drifter, 2nd a miner. Continue on, few hours later meet a lone rider. Says just goin’ to Brewster. Does odd jobs from town to town. Leave him alone. Says recognizes Jake: “You’re the most cold blooded killer county ever seen. Heard of your attempt to slaughter Prairie Gulch. Got one piece of advice for ya. Stay off the roads.” We ask why. “If you want to know what’s up road, what’ll ya give me?” Dog flashes $100. Nick gives him $100. Says one hour up road are 3 BH. Been in and around county since first reward offered. Says at least one is real good. He himself was at Roberto’s a short while back, and he has calmed his own patrols a bit. We let him go. One hour later, see 3 horsemen way ahead through spyglass.
Set ambush. Will acts as KO’d man in road, w/ Anne crying over him. To BH left are Jesse and Chief; Dog, Nick and Jake to rt. Dog sees through scope they are huge in size. One stops 60yds away and points rifle over saddle. Others continue to 30yds. Stop and ask Anne problem, says bandits hit. One named Jake for sure. They talk and start to ride to 20yds. Leader dismounts and fires into cover where we are, hitting nothing. Fires to other side. Gets back on and rides closer. At 10yds orders Anne to stand up. Jesse w/buffalo rifle fires at sniper, Jake and Nick at leader, Dog and Chief at other. Nich hits head-4, Dog chest-5. Sniper hits Chief head-4, 2nd hits Dog head-2. Jake hits leader head-6 DEAD, Chief hits head-4, Jesse hits sniper head-5. Anne FD’s, 2 steady at 2nd. Jesse FD LR at sniper. Nick fires on sniper, Dog hits 2nd head-6 DEAD. Nick hits horse head-4, Jake hits 2nd horse chest-3, Sniper hits Jesse head-1(luck), Jesse hits his horse abd-2, Sniper fires 2 steady, hits Chief rtsh-3. Jesse hits him head-3. Chief hits chest-2, he misses Chief. He gets totally behind horse and begins moving to side of road. We fire at horse, Dog hitting abd-7, lffrleg-2 DEAD. He lies down behind it. Can’t see him. Jake, Nick and Dog sweep around and yell if he wishes to surrender. “Gonna let me live?” “Lisen, I don’t offer life too often. This is very rare.” “Leave me a horse and I’ll leave.” Dog fixes everryone up, Anne patches up horse. Take all ammo. Jake recognizes him. Asks who he is. He’s Josh Randal. We leave him 7str horse and take 19str one. Take him with us cause Jake wants to talk about stuff with him.
Further on, catch up to 3 guys walking toward del Nuevos, armed. Been walkin’ all day, wagon wheel broke off and they careened off road. One horse lame had to shoot it. Have jobs at a local ranch and were heading to town. We sell them 3 of our 4 new horses(str14,14,7) for $80. Give Josh 15str one. Ask them to ride w/ us, say they’re going back to wagon. We continue on. Soon after, see 7 guys coming toward us through scope. Dog says “Whoa, it is the town marshal!” We cut off trail and sweep wide around them, then back on. Stay outside des Nuevos until nightfall, then go in around midnight. Jesse and Anne stay w/shotguns with Josh and Will. Rest go to livery/corral first, find on guy watching place. Jake pulls his gun and tells him to take us to town marshal’s. “Don’t know where.” Jake taps his head w/gun, “Who would know?” He says one dep. should be in office right now. Gag him and tie up, hed to office. Go around back way behind corral and Wells Fargo, across street and around Wainright corner to back of office. Chief looks in window and sees guy sitting on chair next to back room door. Nick and Chief fake fight and slam through window. Dep gets up and runs toward door. Dog is waiting, haymakers him to nose. He falls stunned and Dog gets on his stomach as Jake walks in. Asks where marshal lives. Says “How can I trust you?” “Would you rather be dead than tell us?” Jake gags him and we take him out back. Says can’t leave post. Tells us where he lives. We put him on Dog’s horse and go toward the house, 2-story just outside of town. There, re-gag and leave Dog with him. Check for any way in. Both doors locked. Windows all closed. Chief finds an unlocked one, pulls it open and sneaks in. Goes upstairs quietly. Finds an oil lamp and lights it. Hall goes left and right. 2 doors to rt, left way turns left again. Chief goes down rt and opens up both doors: storage and empty bedroom. To left turns and sees 2 more doors on left and one at end. 1st and last locked, 2nd a sitting room.
Jake enters through window with no problem and goes upstairs, whispers “Chief?” Calls Jake over. We each hbust in a door. Jake at 1st, Chief at end and sees marshal jump out of bed. “Freeze” but he doesn’t. Runs toward door on far side of room, Chief fires head-1(luck). Jake sees darkness since there is no window. Nick jumps into house and runs upstairs. Marshal gets into next room. Jake getts light and checks his room. Rifle rack, matching set of pistols, rack of shotguns and scatterguns. Get Nick into bedroom. Chief stays and we find a lamp. Nick and Jake start looting weapons room. Tie dep up to porch and gag. Use horse to help load all guns and ammo, cash and valuables. Chief checks for possible escape on ground. Dowse the place in kerosene from downstairs to up. Bust lamps at door, storeroom and stairs. Mount up, watch burn for a bit, take dep off porch and leave in front yard. Take off after about 10min. and hed west out of town with about $480 haul. Follow James River to tracks and cut west to Flapjack. Let Josh Randal go w/ the 15str horse.

On the Way
Late on 1st day, see 2 indians from 2 Feathers but they don’t know us personally. Were in tribe going to meet another to south. Just heading home now. Nick takes Will with him. Take all rifles from Nuevos and ammo. Others continue on. Later, see 5 cowboys on horseback. Ride up and they ask “How much for the woman?” Dog yells “Not for sale…my sister!” Say sorry. Tell they we’re goin to Stetson. They ask “are you fast?” Jake says “You must be lookin for Washington Gang”. They say they could kill the gang easily, they’re professional gunfighters just lookin for jobs. Were looking in west country, Jake says good luck and we pass by.
2nd day: See 3 cowboys and randcher lookin dude. They stop and aks how we’re doin. See Chief’s scratches. Jake says got into a fight in Glencie Portos saloon. They say shouldn’t have a half breed with us, “lookin for work?” Bar T Ranch needs help. Say may be back after meet friend at Stetson. Rancher comments on Dog’s size. Say “Isn’t country pretty dangerous?” “Mostly in the towns.” We move on. Have last 3 encounters in hour and a half. 1st = formation of 100 troops, we swerve to make sure we miss them. 2nd = 10 cowboys and rancher. Ride up to them. One says “Don’t I know you?” He’s the dude who we helped find cousin’s ranch. We say so and that we’re goin to Stetson. He’s on way to Promise City to trade some supplies. Ask if we can stay at cousins place. Answers “I don’t see why not. Just say how you know me.” 3rd = Lone horseman. Ask his business, just ridin to nowhere and from nowhere. Not an outlaw. Tell him to be careful in El Dorado. He says did 3 illegal things: robbed a drunk once;killed in self defense but they didn’t see it that way; got involved in a bank robbery by accident. We tell him Bar T lookin for help and how to find it. “Thank ya kindly”. We move on and stop at the cousin’s ranch. Say who we are and allowed to stay night. Hed for Stetson in morning. 2 encounters: Lone horseman says “I was walkin down street, a guy bumped into me so I killed him.” Doesn’t like people. Killed only partner cause guy had one woman he had been looking at for 2 hours. Usually works as a hired gun. Ask if he ever been in a gang, says just once. Kicked out for firing at a friend for touching his gun. Doesn’t like horse thievery, killin women and kids, and unprofessionalism. Asks about Anne. “NO!” We ask him to ride w/ us for a while. Declines and way “maybe we’ll see you again sometime.” Name is Reggie Hilliard; next see wagon w/ 4 guys in it. Full of building supplies, just going to a ranch. We get to Stetson and leave for Riverside in morning.

Day is Wed. Find Ron on street. Get any valuables assayed at friend’s place. Check Nuevos weapons = 6 shotguns, 2 single barrel($20 and $25), 2 double barrels($30-40), 2 scatterguns ($40 and Dog keeps the $45 one) = $200. We take all shells we need and sell $12 worth. Pistols: 2 SAR (matching: 35ea), 2 matching DAR, 2 match FDR which Jake keeps. Pearl handled w/ silver inlay. Sells his own for $40ea. 2 Cap and ball for 30ea, keep matching 2 long barrel rev’s w/ stocks. Sell horses (17,19) to stables for $170. Stay 5 days and nights.
First Day: Soon after we meet up with Ron, see guy run past us up street, chased by a guy wit a shotgun. Dog tries to stop him. But “Get outa my way!” Says guy robbed a stage and we let him go right by us! Later on, see 6 chics walking down street: soiled doves. Ask us if we want a hot bath. They just arrived in town. Jake introduces himself and they say ‘business or pleasure?’. “Just business for me maam”. Tells tem where to get a bath.
Next see a suited guy walkin around. Says has best boxer in the world. Won too many fights to count, takes all comers. Jake say Dog will slop him good. Guy says put up $100 on each of 3 bets: winner-who bleeds most-gives best hit. Jake says in 3 hours they’ll fight. We gamble and drink and pass word through town about fight. Big crowd at the ring. Mad Dog vs ‘Bit’ Joe Marinovich. Bell rings, Bid charges across ring but only glances Dog-1. Dog glances back and they face each other, circling. Dog blocks Big, then misses. Both get blocked, Big blocked again and Dog glances him-1. Then, Big lays a haymaker-3 on Dog, who only glances back. Big glances and Dog misses. Both glance-1. Dog misses, Big hits a combo-2. Dog misses, Big uppercuts-2. Both glance, then Big glances but Dog hooks-2. Then Big hits another haymaker-3, Dog is blocked, both combo-2, Big glances, Dog combos-2. Big now attempts to grapple and gets Dog in a left armlock-1. Dog haymakers-3 and KO’s Big. DOG WINS! Jake gets $200 for the win and bloodiest, and the last $100 for the 3rd haymaker. As Dog ends his berserk, he falls Ko’d in corner for couple hours.
3rd day: Guy in buckskins rides into town looking for a guide for the hills north of Gulch. Has friends in Stetson from east looking to go. Tell him to ask around in saloons. Says Cheif might go for it, pays $50/week. Cheif says he’ll do it as he could use a break. Cheif packs up and leaves w/guy. We’ll meet him here in couple weeks or so. 3 hours later, hangin in saloon when a dude walks in looking around. Walks over to Jake, Ron and another guy sitting with them. “Hello gentlemen.” Asks us to be his bodyguard for a short time. “For who?” “Me”. Looks like some kind of gunman. “I have a problem. I’m a bounty hunter and caught a guy couple years back. He was convicted of murder but now out of jail, broken out by his family. He and his 4 bros. are hunting me down. They’ll probably be around in a week or so.” Ron “How much?” “Well, $10/week…naw, I’ll pay you boys $50/week each, plus a bonus $50 for each you kill.” We say ok. He goes to get stuff out of other hotel with Jake. GIves us $50 each in advance. Not looking for anyone right now, mostly works in Indian Territory. Guys who are after him are the Morris bros. His name is Abraham Simpson. He moves into our hotel.
Early evening, have 2 encounters. First, Jesse and Dog walking down street and see a guy in suit watching a building being built. Wearing gray suit with gold watch. Speaks mexican to the workers. Dog asks what he’s building, says his office as he’s a lawyer, the best west of the Mississippi. Dog “So if I kill a worker, you’ll defend me?” “For a price”. Dog chats with him a few minutes, and introduces ‘Jack’ (the telescope). Lets lawyer look at ‘him’. Tells guy about Jack’s death, and lawyer gives him his business card saying he’ll take a case of ours no matter what and guarentee getting off or there’ll be no fee. His name is Edward Newman. We leave.
Shortly after, Jake and Ron are at stables cleaning their horses, and Abe is there looking at his horse. Hear a guy complaining about prices. Threatens to make stablehand by force. Hand trying to gve reason, most stolen or old. Refuses to reduce the $. Dude looks at us “Do you believes this bullshit?” Ron “I don’t care.” Guy asks Abe if he’s willing to sell his horse. “Why would I want to do that if I have to buy one later at a higher price?” “Screw you!” Says he’ll be back to get one at his price. Hand doesn’t think he’ll really do anything, just a novelist who came to town a while back, bought some land and wants to write a book in solitude. Has a lot of $. We stay w/Abe’s horse in case. He does, with town marshal ans asks him to arrest stablehand for tryin to rob him w/ high $. Marshal “Sounds fair to me”. “How much did yours cost?” “I didn’t pay”. “How much would you?” “As much as it took.” “What is this a town of thieves?” exasperated. Buys 2 for total of $350. After writer leaves, marshal asks us if we’ll steal his horses. Won’t be like stealin’, a jerk like that deserves it. Jake says “sure.”
Late that night, see gambler that we noticed earlier on horse and slumped over. “What’s wrong?” “Got a disease, I’ll be dead in 3 months they say.” Asks to gamble with us. Dog, Jake and slickster sit down with a 4th guy. Catch 4th cheating near end and roughly kick him out. New guy takes his place. Jake is winnerat +$558. We ride to jerks place, Abe joining us. See him writing at a desk in a downstairs room and go to barn. Steal the 2 horses and ride back, giving back to stablehand.
4th day: A dep. US Marshal in town, raising a rifle and pistol shooting contest for city champions. Winners go on to County finals later on. It will be held tomorrow. ALso, 5 indians come in, 4 braves and warcheif (he’s in rifle contest). They are not from 2 Feathers. Early evening, 3 horsemen ride into town. One has one arm, 2nd a mexican with huge wad of chew in mouth, 3rd a white guy. They ride up to Jake and Ron, sitting outside saloon. “Hey boys.” 3rd to Ron “You look familiar to me. Ever kill anyone?” “Some, before.” “Anything illegal we should know about?” Jake “What do you mean?” “I think you (Ron) killed a friend of mine”. Ron “Who?” “Not of concern who he was, our concern now is killin you.” “I don’t think 2 on 3 is fair”. “We’re not concerned with him(Jake), it’s you we want. But he can help if he wants”. Abe walks out “Excuse me, these 2 are under my employment. I’d prefer if you didn’t kill them. I’m sure any wrong deeds done can be forgotten for the right $.” “Yeah, that boys death. Meet us at edge of town in on hour”. They ride away and Abe asks if we are gonna go. Jake “No, those morons aren’t worth our time. They wanna die, they should have started it right here. Too risky to trust them now, let them come to us”. Ron says he has no idea who they were. Jake sends Anne to get Jesse. Ron and Jake ready selves in chairs out front, with Jesse and Anne across street and Dog standing with them. Abe inside “Just don’t die fighting, please.” 1 1/2 hours later they ride back up to us and dismount “You’re a damn coward, now we’ll have to kill you and your friend”. One-arm has pistol and rifle on back. Chewy has pistol on belt, shotgun in hand. Leader has pistol on belt and rifle in hand. Entire street quiets, long pause. Leader “Kill ’em!” All draw. Jake hipshot at Chewy, Ron steadyshots at one-arm, Dog steady shot both barrels. One-arm 2 steady at Jake, shotgun at Dog steady, Rifle steady at Ron. Jake hits chest-4, rifle hits Ron chest-4, one-arm hits Jake chest-5, Ron hits abd-4, shotgun hitd head-2/rtarm-4/abd-3. Dog’s barrels hit 3 wounds: abd-5, rtarm-0, abd-5 = KO’d. Jake hits rifle abd-4, who misses Ron. Ron hits one-arm rtarm-1. One-arm misses. Dog draws Jack’s rifle. Jake hips one arm, Dog steadys one arm, Ron hips rifleman. 1arm steady at Jake, Rifle same at Ron. Ron hits lfsh-3, Jake head-3, Dog misses. Rifleman grazes lfarm-0, 1arm misses. Ron misses, Jake hits abd-6 DEAD. Dog misses, Rifleman misses Ron, Ron and Jake miss. Rifleman drops gun and surrenders. Dog jives KO’d guy unarmed. Ron KO’s prisoner. Take some cash from pockets and leave them behind. Town marshal walks up “Did you kill them!?” Jake “Yeah, we killed them. Self defense though, they started it.” Tell him the whole story, he takes prisoner whose boots were stolen by someone.
5th day: A coach leaves, some cowboys ride in, then a lone guy comes into saloon, little older looking wearing a suit and wide brim hat. Gets food and drink. Next, hear horses outside and in walks mayor of town and 3 lawmen guarding him. “Anyone in contest? Starts at 1:00 at north end of town, in the small field.” He leaves. Next, guy stops in front of door, can’t see his face. Whistles and people look over. Guy at bar tosses $ to barkeep and walks out. Another dude walks in, dusty and dirty. Says hello to all he walks past. Dog talks to him, guy asks for some food $. Gives him some $. His name is Jim. We all hed to contest.
Ron, Jake and Anne join pistol competition. Along with a suited guy with a long-barrel revolver and his friend in a brown had and poncho. It’s Angel Eyes and Blondie! 5 eliminated in first round. We all make it past long range into extreme. Ron misses twice (eliminated), Jake once (his 1st of competition), Anne hits all. Blondie and AE perfect so far. Us and them plus one other scrub last left. Next, small targets thrown into the air. First 2 rounds, we all hit. Scrub is eliminated in next round. Now, steady shots at 2 thrown targets at long range. After several rounds, it’s Anne, Blondie and Angel Eyes in final. Now hip shots. Blondie and Angel Eyes declared co-winners.
Jesse and Dog join rifle competition. Dog eliminated in first round. Jesse makes it to final with 4 others but doesn’t win.
Later, town marshal w/deputy comes up to Jake. Says has witness that says "your big guy shot one of the 3 in the fight while he was down. Needs to question him. Go to jail and they ? Dog. Dog tries to explain his way out. Marshal finally says “Look, I have an easy solution. Just give me $1000 and we’ll be ok.” Dog does and leaves.
6th day: At noon, a salesman comes in selling ‘miracle cure’. Dog walks up to him and sucker punches him-1. Swings again as guy says “What the…” Dog “Fucker”. Dog glances-1, dude hits Dog w/ bottle head-4. Dog haymakers-3, guy grabs another bottle, Dog glances-1, Dude uppercuts-3, Dog combos-2, dude misses, Dog haymakers-3 KO’d. Marshal arrives, Dog pays him $500 and all medical costs for dude.
Later, hear whistling very loudly from outside then “Uhh” and a lot of punches for several minutes. 3 dudes and a chic walk into saloon, guys rubbing fists. “Colin!” “Jimmy! How ya doing?” Another “Where’s Jack?” “Right here.” “What?” Dude whispers something to Brandi. He walks away. ALl sit down “So, where is Jack really?” Jake tell him he’s dead and story with Dog and ‘Jack’. “This is terrible, we must mourn him. Where’s Anne?” Dog “Just out somewhere, she’s ok.” We talk for a long while, they all drink heavily all night in salute to Jack. Next morning they are still awake. Names are Buddy Weiser, Jim Beam, Brandy and Johnny Walker. Jake offers to tend bar for a while so barkeep can rest some. Preacher walks in and gets some coffee, small talks with Jake for a while and says hello to others. Says we are welcome to confession Sunday.
8th day: We get word the Morris bros. are closing in. Marshal plans on doing nothing. Streets clear before they arrive. We deploy: Jesse on Gay Lady roof, Johnny Walker on county courthouse roof, Jim Beam and buddy inside Long Branch front/back respectively, Jake in Lumber Company building, Dog at OK Corral, Ron in Dover’s, Anne in Dover’s Corral, Brandi in Jewelery Store, Abe is with Ron.
Jake sees 2, Mike and Matt, coming in from west at 50yds. Jesse is hit rtarm-3, turns and sees rider over 30yds away, it’s Mark. Hits him head-5(not who hit Jesse). We here “Abraham Simpson, come out and show yourself and we’ll kill ya quick” from intersection of Front and Main. Jim Beam fires rifle on him. Dog heard 1st shot and runs into Palace Saloon and upstairs. Beam hits Mitch chest-3. Brandi sees guy on top of Palace and fires on Jesse, hitting chest-5. Jesse hits Mitch abd-1(luck). Ron sees Mark cut onto Front St, calls Abe up. Ron fires with Abe at him. Beam calls Buddy up. Abe misses, Ron hits head-6 DEAD (Mark). Matt and Mike fly past Jake as he hits Matt twice with shotgun, 5 wounds: head-1, head-3, horsehead-7 DEAD, horse rtrearleg-2 and Matt falls hard stunned.
Dog gets onto roof but Byron hears him. Byron starts fighting hand to hand. Matt gets back up. he and Jake fight. Both do 2 steady: Matt hits lfsh-2, Jake abd-5. Both miss. Mitch rides past Long Branch window and fires 2 steady, Beam a careful and Buddy 2 steady: Buddy hits head-6 DEAD. On Palace, Dog and Byron brawl. Both glance, Byron haymaker-3, Dog misses, Dog blocked and Byron uppercuts-2. Dog hooks-2, Byron glances, then Dog fuzzes out. Byron glances, Dog glances, Byron misses and is blocked, Dog glances twice. Dog jabs-2, Dog combos-2, Byron jabs-2, Dog haymakers-3 KO’d. Dog now alls KO’d when rage ends.
Back to Matt and Jake, Jake hits abd-4, Matt hits head-4. Mike rides by, hanging on side of horse away from Jesse, and fires at Long Branch. Buddy and Mike steadies, Beam careful. Mike hits Beam head-6 DEAD. Buddy misses, Johnny fires from courthouse and hits rtarm-5/abd-1, Buddy hits abd-5. Jesse misses headshot. Mike misses Buddy. Mike turns rt down Allen as Jesse fires at him, rtsh-3. Jake hits chest-2 KO’ing Matt. Mike slumps on horse and Buddy takes him prisoner. Brandi finds Dog and Byron, and slashes his throat DEAD. Jake drags Matt up street. Now have Mike and Matt captive. Abe pays last $ and leaves town immediately.
Marshal walks over. Takes Matt and jails him. Knows Jake and Ron were hired, so says that’s ok. 2 problems: first, wants Mike too. 2nd, says Brandi is under arrest for murdering Byron. Dog was KO’d when brought down and she’s only other who could have done it. Says wants Mike and $2000 to keep Brandi out of jail. Warns us to be careful in Riverside, Morris family very influencial in county. We gives up Mike and he’s jailed. Dog wakes up in a couple of hours and fixes all wounds.

Boothill, Campaign 2 Part 2

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