The Outlaws of Down Cthulhu

Mountains in Flames: Churiba's Final Stand

July 26

Gang et al arrive at pass and watch building. We move up carefully, assuming the bird demon has given them warning. Its a huge old mill. We find Cheif there waiting for us.
We approach carefully using cover as best we can on the broken ground around, splitting up front and back door. The menonites are to make sure any who get out lose their lives. Warren stays with them as well, Luke with him.

Front double door: Jake, Dog, Will, Ron, Dyo.
Back: Jesse, Nick, Wei, Billy, Chief.

Front, Dog bursts the door in though it is barred with a heavy wooden block. This was a textile mill, lots of looms and such. Dog takes the center, Jake and Ron left/right respectively. Wei and Will backup.
A man stands up to Jake’s left and cuts a rope as Jake shoots him in reaction. A mass of ropes and a loom falls, Will jumping aside but Dyo is clipped. 3 musketmen rise around us from behind various cover.
Rope cutter raises a rifle as Jake and Ron begin the shootout proper. Dyo charges one and disarms his man’s musket.
Ron kills one, Jake the cutter, Will the furthest away, then Dog charges Dyo’s ,last remaining, crit punch turns his head so hard his neck snaps.
Dyo “You are a mighty ally”
One double door out. Jake has Dog go first. Dyo makes to join him but Dog “I got this.” As Dog opens, Dyo joins him anyway. He steps on a pressure sensitive floor spot. He instincively drops to the floor. A long blade on 2 iron rods drops from ceiling over his head and just ahead of where Dog is standing.
The room has a number of empty vats. Some with remnants of nasty smelling liquids. One is coated in inside with a metal like aluminum. Jake climbs up the ladder which has a hidden spot on it he avoids. Hitting it would flood the contents onto the floor. This one is full of acid. Its a trap.

The rear group enters into a long workroom with long worktables. 4 Japanese monks drop on us chief and Wei, then as Billy enters a gunman straight ahead rises from cover and draws on Billy. In the chaos they both empty 2 guns w/o either being killed. They stare for a second then each draw again, Billy his lightning and his opponent a sawed off shotgun. Billy finishes him off with all 6 rounds.
Meanwhile, the monks fail to successfully strike either of Wei and Chief. They attack and move to give line of sight to Nick and Jesse.
Billy then joins in on that fight, where Chief has been brutalized again and stunned. Billy and Jesse drop one of them.
Suddenly Chief gets his second wind like from the spirit world, letting off a wild warcry breaking the stun. As Wei drops kills one of his, Chief hits with 2 crits DEAD also. Jesse guns down the last.
2 doors out, one double one single. We take the single which is the closest.
Wei hears nothing as we reload. He leads the way. Nothing upon opening so he carefully steps in. He stops suddenly, his hand brushing against a thread across at about head height. Billy says follow it to the wall, where it goes around a pulley to half a dozen muskets all aimed at the door.
We take positions, and he pulls it and they all fire. It’s full of more boxes and such.
In the far corner we find steps going downward and trapdoor in another corner ceiling.

We all meet up, this floor is clear.

Ron says we should just burn the place. Using supplies inside, we make the place a blaze. Soon, we hear cries of distress from the 2nd floor. A door opens on the 2nd floor and fire down with muskets. We take cover, they jump down and we take them out.
The bird man bursts from the ceiling!! Jesse, buffalo rifle at the ready for escapees, tracks and fires. Puff of feathers. It noiselessly plummets downward with a crash onto the ground.
Ron “Laugh at that, mother &$^$&$*!! HAHA!” He runs over to its melting corpse and pisses on it. It was 16’ tall with a 15’ wingspan.

We camp here, no one comes by.

July 27

Early, make it to the cave. Ortega is staked dead, the shrine destroyed and defaced the statue. Chief surveys the scene. Dozens of pairs of sandles, Mexican not Indian mocassins.

Then we ride to the village at the foot of the mt. Roughly 20 huts, animal pens, seems fairly well to do. Maria beckons us to enjoy there hospitality, ay. She says periodically the indians and monks take supplies from here. Warns us to not take the trail up the mt. No interlopers live who go.
They serve us lamb stew for dinner alongside them. It tastes funny for lamb. We eat only the vegetables. They eat the meat with great relish.
They allow us to spend the night in a large hut.

On 2nd watch is Jesse (roof), Will (front) and 2 rangers (horses). Out of the corner of his eye, Jesse catches a light suddenly below, a bright one heading straight for the hut. A lit fuse!! He fires at teh line but misses. Will runs to the back as Jesse yells “Bomb!” The rangers arrive. Will runs up with his bowie knife as Jesse’s 2nd shot hits 3’ from his feet cutting the fuse!
The rest of us come out the front carefully at first
Dog "What the $^%$& ya shootin’ out here!!T then Will meet us and explains.
Dog “Jake, I know we’re tryin’ to redeem, but its Prairie Gulchin’ time.”
The 2 rangers are surrounded by club wielding peasants at the back!!
Jesse yells to warn us.
Cut off, they get their backs to the wall as Jesse fires downward.
Another swarm comes at the Gang out front, madness in their eyes!!
There is a wailing coming from elsewhere in the village, Marie.
From the dark, zombies approaching!!
We surround the building, yell to the Menonites to get behind us, and loose our firestorm in all directions. In fear the Menonites hit the ground. The town is wiped out in a bloody heap by the end, our guns all empty and smoking. The Menonites are in utter shock at the death dealing.

The children who weren’t crazed cultist enough to attack are now a quandry, maybe 15 of them.
The Menonites volunteer to take them in at their place and raise them. Billy wanted them all to be slaughtered.

July 28

2 of the Menonites leave with the children first light.
We start up the trail on foot, leaving the horses here. Dangerous to leave them here or outside once we get to the temple, but the further away from it the safer we figure.
Several Apache fire from the rocks at us.
We take cover, then give cover then distracting fire so Jesse and Chief get out under the cover. Jesse sneaks around and up, finds a perch to spot from.
Chief stalks closer in to ambush in melee.
Chief jumps him, but fumbles his axe, so turns to his dagger almost fumbles again.
They begin to battle.
Chief struggles here but slays his foe.
All this while Jesse begins to fire and they return upon him.

2 others jump Chief moments after his battle ends. Jesse still trading fire with 3 to 4 of them.
The last, having fired his musket, moves while Jesse is taking out a couple with repeaters and joins the melee vs chief who kills them all.

Up top, a man waves a white flag to parlay.
Jake takes Mad Dog up to talk.
Th cultist says there are demons in temple, they want to kill us rather than us go inside. They want us to fight like men. HA!! Up above, we see some Injun faces watching.
Obviously they are trying to keep us out of temple.
Jake “Mad Dog, separate his gut from his hips.” As Dog’s blast goes off, Jake waves the others quickly forward. The scum dives back into the rocks injured, as we rush forward under fire! Dog pulls out his steam gattling gun for cover fire. They duck fast and we get rush down the opening ending at huge double doors not far in.
Jake “Luke, you and Dog first.”
Luke “I find that highly unammusing.”
Dog and Jesse lead the way in, shotguns in hand. Jake and Billy next, then Wei/Dyo, Will/Luke, Warren, Ron/Nick. The Menonites stay in the entryway to watch the rear, Chief with them. Forward down a hall to another double door, rungs in middle to pull on. Dog readies his gattling pistol.
Jesse grabs one side and pulls, Dog at the ready to fire.
Wei “Everybody step back.”
A fire trap goes off around Jesse and Dog, then a bright light shines out of the door briefly eliminating all vision. A terrible pain rushes through all of us, like bones are broken/kicked repeatedly in groin/skin on fire. Several of us shake it off, but Jake, Nick and Ron are unable to.
Another hall, ending at a T section. Shadows quickly disappear as we enter. A feint red glow emanates as well, generally.
Nick/Ron swap places with Dog/Jesse. We can’t have the same people taking 34 or 17 to fire traps every door.
Up to the T, the halls open up to 10’ wide. To left stands a stone gargoyle at a right turn. with 2 heads, one looking each direction. Rock flames flow out of its mouths.
Nick “Fire trap.”
The right ends at a dead end.
Will, out best at searching, has to check the gargoyle area for traps. Luke checks with the Menonites, who send their best tracker up. He goes with Nick to the dead end while Wei goes with Will. Ranger finds a pressure plate right in front of the wall at the end. He stands back.
Jake “Avoid that spot, look for a secret opening.” He finds a hidden latch.
Will dupicates but finds nothing leading up to the gargoyle which is what’s illuminating the area; its carved right out of the rock, a basin above has oil in it which feeds the lamps, nor wrapping around the corner. The hall goes 20’ to a thick black curtain, radiance beyond.
Ron and Jesse take the rear. Jake and Billy agree to check behind curtain before anything else. They, Dyo, Dog, Will and We approach, Wei peers in carefully. Doors equadistant lead out on each of 4 wall. Chains half from ceiling ending in sconces. Sconces are lit, but dimly. A shadow or 2 may have moved. Walls have brass mirrors, as to pillars in the room.
Jake “Ron, bring up some dynamite.” In go a bunch of sticks, eliminating any mirror disadvantage for us inside!
In the rush, Nick and Jake shake the pain off for their attacks.
Then Wei and Dyo lead the way in, a quick acrobatic rush into the room, to the shock of 2 foes beind a pillar. Wei sweeps then caves his head in with a heel kick.
Billy with pistols and Jake with shotgun enter and fire, Jake killing one; Wei draws and fires his 6 guns, as they engage us.
Ron steps in calmly and double barrels one of Billy’s 2 foes. Dog does the same to Jake’s. Both die, then Dyo disembowels one of his 2.
Jake and Billy each gun a man down!
Dog then charges in to help Wei, who is taking hits, Ron draws his pistol and begins firing as well.
We finish them offf moments later and take a breather.

Off this room, one door goes into a kitchen. Next, the larder with large quantities of rice. Last is the quarters for these monks for maybe 2 dozen.
We come $40 in silver dollars.
The wracking pain is beginning to subside.
Only way left is via hidden door, so Dog pull the lever, Ron backing him up. It clicks open revealing a large chamber with a stone rimmed fireplace in the center, burning. In the rear, 10’ alcove. A 6 arm female stone idol stands in it, as if watching over the room. No visible exits. Ron and Dog flank left right, Ron finds a door semi disguised in the wall art. As Dog nears the statue and Ron starts to listen at the door, the stone statue leaps in front of Dog!! Its not of stone, a living creature. It seems to shimmer in the air slightly. It exudes the horror of the mythos.
Jake, Billy, Ron, and Will begin firing. It pummels Mad Dog with a number of hits, he’s bleeding all over.
Dog withdraws, trying to hold everywhere at once “I hurt everywhere!” Those in the fires as as Ron combines 3 bundles of TNT together. Jake and Billy and Will unload on it, drawing its attention as they back out of the door. It follows them, giving Ron the time to prep. Then the menonite slams the door in its face. Ron yells to it to draw its eye upon him. It charges him! He drops the lit pack at his feet and runs, leaping behing the fireplace as it explodes!
Door burst open!! Jake and Billy fire as they move into the corner, Jesse is also waiting now with his buffalo rifle and crits from the doorway!! It then walks around to Ron and slams him! Will begins fire as well as Ron stands up, taking an AoO in the process. Ron draws a dagger in order to take its beating and stabs it!
Jesse’s rifle then hits home again bringing it down DEAD!

Food, incense, perfume, fine feminine garments and poetry fill the alcove. We burn it all. We open the door after a rest. The pain is completely gone now in those who were effected.
Ron lead the way down a 5’ wide hall to an 4 way intersection. Ron takes the left. This leads us through a series of interconnecting hallways until finally we come to a room, someone’s quarters, but with a stone pallet and headrest to sleep on.
Will in the rear warns of someone approaching. Nick and Jesse are at the reaty, Will behind them. An oriental man, very effeminate, approaches them. Waves of energy from both hands.
“When I am through with you all, you shall fall and fellate me at my will!”
Suddenly there are 6 of him, identical, all shimmering!
Will “It’s an illusion!” This man is extremely confident, even arrogant, and he’s not ready for the suddenness of our response.
“I am the greatest monk who ever lived!” as we unleash! After the first volley, 2 images left.
“Come my children, come and fellate me!” He’s stunned (for the round)!! Wei finishes off the last image!
He has some other defenses, that are absorbing our damage. Wei says keep firing, it should have a limit!
Ron hurls his TNT at him now and it blows, obviously rocking him now!
He finally reaches us now, Ron right in front of him, who takes his hits like a champ!
Dog steps up and unloads both barrels into him, we fire again!! And Again, and again. A double barrel again from Dog finally brings him down!

We take a quick break and reload, then go through the only door out of his room and into what looks to be a training room. The floor skirts around a large pit, full of vertical posts with tops cut flat, all the way around. On the far side of the room are 3 of the cult monks, the dark acolytes.
2 immediately turns and run out of the room.
The last says in mandarin “Hello Wei Wang” I haven’t seen you since I deserted the temple.
Wei knows this Dong Chi. In the pit is a warrior monk woman.
She yells up “Come down and fight me, fight me like men.”
Dong “Don’t shoot at her, you’ll regret it” Wei translates. “This is the pit of fairplay.”
Billy “Let’s just walk out of the room and leave her there.”
We make our way over to Dong Chi.
Wei “Can she leave there, Dong.”
She yells “Zafira, come to my aid!”
Dong “Zafira is her sister.”
A twin of her materializes in the room, and the other leaps from the pit, now one on each end end of the room.
Nick “Now that she’s out of the pit can we shoot her.”
Dong Chi “Yes!”
Zafira wields 2 temple swords, Deepti fights unarmed.
Billy surprisingly gives them one chance to surrender, being women.
The 2 who ran now arrive with 4 others.

Dong “All that is beyond here is the room containing the Spawn of Yogsothoth.” We raise weapons and move into position, but Deepti hurls a flurry of flame darts at Dyo “Die Jappo!” hitting several times.
We unleash a firestorm of hot lead!! Only Will too slow to join. Wei yells for Dyo to hit the deck. All the dark acolytes are killed outright.
Each woman leaps into the pit, Will getting a last would on Zafira then runs over to look down, and they seem to get smaller and smaller as they fall and fall into nothing.
Dong Chi hit the deck in time, surviving!

He tells us all we know about the creature.
“If you go in and fight this thing it may kill you all. Seeing it will crack your sanity. Third, it is immune to cold and fire. 4th, if it grabs you with one of its tentacles, it draws blood via tiny mouths along their length” damaging constitution.
It is behind an ornate door at the end of the hallway. Chi has actually seen it devour people. It is large size, they expect it to grow much larger.

Wang says it is unlikely to be aware at this point what is happening beyond its nesting room. While devouring someone, it will become temporary visible.

One way to do this. Ron has to allow himself to be grappled to bring it visible!! Then the rest of us will concentrate firepower upon it.

Ron enters and it allows himself to be grappled! We rush in right behind, gather and unleash hell!! Lots of shotguns. DEATH FOLLOWS US ALWAYS!!! It drops in a heap of disgusting too!
Ron plops to the ground covered in nastiness, having lost 3 con.

Fast back to Chief and the Menonite Rangers!!
Wei “There’s a problem.” We are hemmed in by Churiba’s Indians!! They’re all around us. It’s going to be one hell of a fight to kill them
Will “We can’t leave the cult surviving behind us.”
Wei “They must all be killed.”

They begin with a rush of 5 men, who are intercepted and quickly dealt with by Chief, Dog and Wei. Wei, Dong, and Dyo then sneak away to our left to attack the edge of their line there; the rest of us begin firing at archers who are in the forefront of the attack. Dundee animates one of the enemy dead into a zombie which attacks his own man. A firing match begins tween Jesse and a sniper on a high outcrop about 100’ away.
More of their archers then make a charge, then more soon after that as we continue firing; the Menonites and Dog have moved down a level and engaged in heated melee at the center, cutting the enemy down before stronger foes then arrive in numbers.
Once they have cleared our left, Wei, Dong and Dyo head furthur out that side searching for hiding enemies; Chief makes his way down from us to join them.
Every couple rounds or so, Warren raises a zombie. Typically they eliminate their enemy but a nearby foe then finishes it off.
Wei et al ambush a trio first. Wei drops from 30’ with a crit heal kick DEAD so start it off, not even seeing Chief skulking in his direction. The fight engages.
Next to head out, once central melee is almost over, are the Beverly Brothers. Jake and Billy are reloading by this time.

Ron has begun to make his way up the creek now, Jake follows just after reloading. The Beverly’s come under fire from 2 briefly and take cover, Jesse returning their fire and hitting once crit but not killing. Ron draws out 3 cultists and Jake fires in to back him up. Jake and Ron take them out, the toughest we’ve fought yet, then Billy arrives following us now.
After a 2nd volley tween Beverly’s and the gunman across from them, he vanishes back.

There is a brief period of silence, they must be doing some repositioning, as Dong makes his way back to Luke and Jesse. By the end of the Chief/Wei fight he is done. Dog and the Men’s rest a minute before moving on.

Ron, Billy, Jake continue stalking up creek; then Chief, Wei, Dyo make their way further up the left side of the field.

Our right encounters the first resistance. Jake has gone onto cover on our left bank, saw men in ambush, and drops one with a shotgun blast. The jig up, 3 men rush Ron from his right and are on top oh him immediately; 3 on his right start shooting at him as well. Billy following behind him starts slinging lead of his own.
Dog and the Men’s rush up the gut taking cover at a rise while that fight continues, and Wang/Dyo/Chief get to the left fork creek edge to cross.
Nick and Will are trading fire with 2 snipers on a rise left of center, Jesse gets a few shots at the high spire but only hits once, as that sniper fires upon Billy in the creek.

Dog and the Men’s get upon the low central rise and rush the enemy there; A sniper fires at the Chief group so he and Wei get higher to him as Dyo rushes under a pass at another shooter.

Billy has taken a few moments to reload his pistols under cover from the sniper who was hot after him, who then turned upon Jake.
Billy “That’s why I took cover!”
Jake “Get back out here then!”
Chief comes under fire from he and Wei’s sniper and 2 others nearby to his rear and right.

We spot 3 men moving back to the far ridge, likely others are too, massing around Churiba on that rise.
The snipers on the spire stop shooting and take cover, Jesse now helps the Bev’s in their ongoing firefight, both sides under good cover so its tough shooting. Jesse is having more difficulty in this open firefight than we had hoped.
Jake reloads as Billy re enters with Ron to finish off the last foe at their side. Ron has to resort to his knife to take him down. They all then finish reloading.

Nick brings down one of he and Will’s men. Chief finishes off his man, then charges the final Beverly foe! He is killed by Jesse, Nick and Chief’s damage at once.
Jake, Billy and Ron wrap around the central rise, firing into the rear of the enemy line vs Dog and the Men’s.
An unexpected incredible shot from Jesse takes down Dog’s man just as Dog was going to crush him down, Dog turns and shakes his fist at Jesse. Wei kills his man now too.
The Bev’s start reloading; Jake, Billy and Ron fire now. Dog drops the next on that line, Billy the last.

They are gone now but for the snipers hiding on the high spire and Churiba et al on the far high ground, awaiting our attack we assume.

We consolidate at the central ridge under cover to meet. Jake wants to send the Menonites around the high left with Wang and Dong to get at their rear unseen to block retreat/attack their rear. Put a couple rifleman at the high ground adjacent to us at left to cover the spire snipers and our approach. Billy wants to take the snipers out first, and here Warren says he can help us get there. He heals Dog some and Wei as well, then levitates Dog up to the spire as we provide cover fire, with a rope to get back down. Will ties the knot for him. They show themselves and take a couple rounds but they kill one of the Menonites. They then duck for cover as we keep firing. Dog gets to the top, and one of them spins on him as he tries to stealthily approach but Dog’s scattergun goes off and in church latin “With fire and iron, like beasts into memory”. The gun clicks. That is so Mad Dog.
The Injun is so shocked that he’s alive, he stands stunned momentarily. Dog rushes the other who’s not looking and bullrushes him right off the edge. The other draws his hatchet and they engage. Dog drops his gun and grapples the scum wrenching his arm. The cultist tries to take Dog with him over the edge but Dog realizes this and instead tries to use the man’s own momentum to let him go, but he resists. He tries to pull Dog again but fails, and Dog pushes off from him with a kick, toppling him off the edge to his death. He comes down on the rope.
Dog “I got one, Jack got the other.”
Warren is too drained to help anymore at this point.

Wei, Dong, Chief and Dyo go around the left side ridge to hit the flank. The menonites take the high spot with deep cover to our left, Jesse and Luke to our right at the base of the spire, all providing rifle fire up the middle. The remainder go right to the creek and up it to hit their right.
Our riflemen see lots of glimpses and sound of movement, they are repositioning. Jesse fires a few potshots to keep them honest.
Our riflemen open up, they begin to return fire.
When our creek force is in position, the Beverly’s get on the rise and fire rifles at the enemy top. Dog comes around the corner and unleashes his gattling gun down the line of the 4 foes on the lower ground in front of us and Ron, Jake and Billy fires as well. 1 man goes down. The others fire upon Dog.
Dyo, Wei, Dong and Chief hit them on the other side.
All the enemy there engage them in melee.

(pic from side)

The Beverly’s target returns fire on them.
The fight continues, Jesse finally killing a rifleman next to Churiba and his Lt.
The Beverly’s drop their target as Jake drops one on the flank.
One of the men at their center sees the futility of the situation, comes to his crazed senses and attacks Churiba’s Lt. “you ruined my life!!” The Lt. cuts him to ribbons.
Churiba guns down one of the Menonite rifleman pair on our left high ground. He and Ron had become somewhat of pals, and Ron is super pissed watching him fall from the height into the river.
Jake rushes across the creek, followed by the Beverly’s, to cut off Churiba’s rear exit; Dog’s fire drops one, leaving one remaining on that flank. Their right side vs our sneakers is a knock down drag out fight.
Churiba heads out the rear!! He sees the Beverly’s but not Jake. They all open fire and all plug him. He is so shocked he tries to duck and dodge, allowing us to plug him a couple more times. Churiba then recovers his senses to charge Jake, but Dog slings a vicious insult at him something about fighting like a man or “everyone everywhere will call you the biggest yellow belly in Central America” making him turn on Dog and fire. Later Will will correct him that we’re in Mexico.
Dog “That’s close though.”
Will “Well, north Mexico, not far across the border really. But whatever you want buddy.”
Dog brings down the last cultists on that flank.
Dong is forced to withdraw, exactly out of wound.
Jake, as Churiba is just turning his attention back on him, hits Churiba DEAD!
Chief then has to bow out, leavind Dyo and Wei vs 5, with the menonite firing support.
Boththe Bev’s move up and put a bullet each into Churiba. Ron finishes off Chruuiba’s LT with his knife then charges across the Ridge, joining into the melee to help Wei and Dong, crit DEAD to the first he attacks.
Chief fires in with his rifle now.
Dyo then withdraws, leaving Ron and Wei now!
Ron kills another, as does the menonite!
Billy arrives, 1 pistol reloaded, and fires into the fight DEAD. 1 remains with no escape. He hits Ron before he and Wei massacre him.

Rest at village through the night.

July 29 to 30

There are only a couple wagons here, after those used for posessions and supplies the Menonites took for the rescued, so much of the treasure we’ll have to leave. We go through it all, packing up what we can get out with. We will be leaving a portion with the Menonites for the now orphaned children.
We also discuss the possibility of making several forays here for all of it before we go back home. We’ll decide that by once back in town. Plus there’s the loot under the 1st temple. If we can blast the caves shut before the living flames can attack, it’s all ours as well!

Total loot: we figure some 3000lbs of gold from the various chambers in all!!! Enough of it in small forms, but there are others like a mask weighing a few hundred pounds and such we are forced to leave behind at least for now.
We take all we can, starting with larger we can transport and any pieces of obvious cult motif, to be melted down back home.
Total lbs = 300 which we will split evenly, including Anne; Wei declines.

Jake and Will will agree that if word gets out about all this gold before we get it out ourselves someone bad will come from the military/gov’t/bandits to get it. We need to get it out now. We tell the Menonites once back in town, who will use their rangers to bring it in little by little and secretly. Will gives them many tips on how to use it so as to attract least attention from the evil Mexican authorities and bandits.

Jake wants much of the loot to go to those whose homes and ranches have been previously burned out by the cult, those who have been hurt or maimed or lost loved ones, etc; as well as the orphaned village children, hospital, etc.

Then we head for home, arriving Aug 16.


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