1873 carbine lg
The people to the west of America are troubled. Stories of strange creatures and happenings abound in the towns and wilderness, from monsters to mad scientists, with insane whispers of murderous cults heard in the night, all causing a cloud of unspoken hopelessness and malaise to blanket the land, threatening to reach the point of no return. Just at this tipping point, when it seems there are none willing to stand up against the tide of darkness, much less admit it’s there, the most unlikely saviors begin to blaze a trail of hope and redemption. They will bring blood to the bloody, fear to the frightening, and murder to the murderous. None in the west could have foreseen that it would be a gang of ruthless killers and robbers, led by one of the most wanted men in the west and his once dead partner, that would change everything.

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The Washington Gang

Leader: Jake Washington
Second: Billy Logan
The Gang: Anne Kelly, Colin “Mad Dog” Kelly, Luke Hardeman, The Beverly Brothers, Ron Courtland

The Outlaws of Down Cthulhu

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