Feat: Quick Hammer
With a single action revolver, equivalent of Rip A Clip but requires 2 hands to perform.

Advanced Talent: Lethal Shootist
For Jake and Billy only, whenever they hit and do damage to a flat-footed opponent during a shootout, the damage bypasses fatigue and is applied directly to wound points.


  1. Base Bonuses (Base attack, save and defense bonuses); you gain all
  2. Fatigue Points
  3. One Class Feature: this includes talents, bonus feats and advanced class abilities
  4. One Character Talent: the bonus talents every odd level
  5. One Character Feat; this feat all characters get at regular intervals
  6. Skill Points, including language points if any
  7. Sanity and Power
  8. Profession check for Wealth increase and reputation increase
  9. Effective level/HD to determine special effects/abilities. For example: vs SR or if an spell is powerful enough to effect you, the effectiveness of your own abilies with variables based on your level such as special ability DC’s, skill bonuses, talent-based ability checks.
  10. Ability Score raise, if going up to an appropriate level
Name lvl 3 lvl 6 6a
Nick 1 3
Mad Dog


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