Boothill, Campaign 1

Kill Totals

Chris/Mad Dog

Riding up trail just before Shiftless. Guy lying in the middle of road. Search until hear guy speak! Says horse spooked by rattler and ran off with all possessions. He’s a doctor. Take him to Shiftless. We leave and find his horse on trail northwest. Get to Promise City and sell it. Doctor arrives soon after to thank for help. Dog keeps his tools and we don’t tell him about finding horse.

Jesse and David

Riding off trail SW of Hacienda del Roberto and see rider way ahead at long range. Jesse pulls out buffalo rifle and fires: dud. Reloads and blows dude’s head off. Only an artist w/ his equipment.

Jake and Billy

Riding down stage trail NW of Plaza del Lobo, at triangle see stage coach coming from south w/ driver, shotgun guard and large box on top. Try to flag down. See guard cock gun and it speeds up. Jake and Billy cut it off at intersection. Both fire at guard. Jake hits stomach-5, Billy head mortal. Driver passes and they chase. See man stick head out of inside then back in. Both come up inleft side. Jake next to driver. Billy sees guard with shotgun inside and 2 shackled men(1 rugged, 1 in a suit). Jake hits driver in left arm, leg and chest. Driver swerves but Jake maneuvers to dodge and remains in place. Billy falls behind, crosses to other side and catches up. Jake holsters gun and leaps onto coach top. Guard misses Billy w/ both barrels and draws pistol. Fan fires all 6 and hits Billy chest-4. Billy hits both shoulders and stomach then right leg. Jake has shot down driver from behind, stops coach. 2 inside beat up wounded guard and suit gets out. Jake opens strong box on top. Suit guy asks for his weapons. Jake answers “in time”. Rugged says sternly to let him go. Billy says to shut his face. Jake finds 2 gunbelts w/ one gun each, bab with $50 and bag of gold. Jake takes cash and jumps down. Both see rugged has gotten key from guard and is reloading the pistol. Jake and Billy ride off to curses of rugged man.
Promise City

Jesse and David sitting on bench in front of first saloon in town. Chris and Dog walking down street in their direction as Jake and Billy ride into town. Indian woman runs up to Dog and starts to kiss him. Chris backs up wondering why anyone would do that, as a man rounds corner behind them and says “Get away from my wife!” Runs up to Dog and pushes girl away. Threatens to beat up Dog if doesn’t back away from fiance. Dog says she ran up to him. “We’re fightin’” says guy. He’s actually almost as big as Dog. Fight till each have 1 pt left. Dog started w/ 2 haymakers, then a lot of blocks/misses. Dog lands uppercut to KO him. All meet as Dog leaves for night with Indian woman. Pays him for sex that night. In saloon gang begins to form. Deputy Marshal warns party, especially to Jake, ‘no more trouble’.
Billy and Jake gamble late, rest drink. David gets bombed out of his mind. Jake wins a little. Walks outside for a break and seen suited man ride up. Asks Jake if he knows Jake and Billy. “No”. Rides off to side of street. Rugged guy rides into town. “I know you! You stole my $” “You got it wrong mister” “No, you’re him. I’m calling you out.” Gets off horse and faces Jake as gang walks outside. Rugged, Jake and Billy fast draw. Jake evades causing rugged to miss with 3 hip shots. Billy hits rt. arm and leg. Chris misses 3 shots and Jesse one. Jake about to fire and rugged gives up. Jake walks up to plug him as Deputy runs around corner with 2 guns in hand. Lets group go but arrests rugged and takes everyone’s guns. Suit man eases into saloon. Gamble couple more hours and get rooms. Talk a bit over meals the next morning. Decide to join together.
Gang to split forces for 2 bank jobs. Jake chooses Las Neches and Prairie Gulch. Jake, Billy and Jesse to Neches, other 3 to Gulch. Ride to Stetson together and split up. Neches group to Riverside, gets boat down river. Gulch party stays one night in Stetson then straight to Gulch. Jesse picks a man’s pocket for $24.
Prairie Gulch

Near fork to Gulch and get ambushed at rocky pass. Musket sniper hits David chest-4. He dismounts and possitions horse tween him and sniper as 5 men come quickly toward them from up road. All armed and ready. David slants horse to cover self from both. He and Chris draw and Dog raises scattergun. David hits rock in front of sniper as sniper reloads. Drops pistol and grabs his shotgun off horse. During battle, Chris is hit light in abdomen, Dog light in lft arm and rt leg. Dog’s first barrell a dud. Chris hits gun arm of one coming down road, who runs. Hits one who hit him in leg, gun hand, and mortal chest. Kills another with abdomen mortal after hitting gun arm. Dog fires 2nd barrel at one who hit him twice. Hits chest mortal, abdomen mortal, chest-5. Davit’s horse hit bad in leg and David unloads on the shooter: chest-5, lt to left arm and leg. Guy falls fightless. David picks up his pistol to aim back at sniper. Fires careful shot as sniper fan fires pistol. Hits David serious in leg and light in other leg as David hits shoulder. Sniper flees. Dog administers medical aid. Leave wounded attackers adn David takes musket left behind and ammo.
Get to town and scout it. Meet smart ass marshal first, stay one night, see doctor and leave town, aborting mission because too heavily wounded. Meet 7 cavalrymen looking for rustlers. Dont’t suspect us and move on to Stetson. Chris and Dog get into Preacher encounter.
Neches group

Get rooms. Jesse sees clumsy, well dressed man enter saloon and follows him. Tries to pick his pocket but fails. Guy falls off seat. Jesse turns polite and helps him up, giving wallet back. Guy thanks and walks away for a drink. Two men walk to clutz and talk, looking at Jesse. Jesse offers drinks. 2 men ask him to step outside, he does. Accuse him of attempted robbery. Jesse denies. Clumsy is a business partner and these 2 his body guards. #1 calls Jesse out and walks into street. Jesse walks out to face direction Billy and Jake went to get rooms. #2 stays on saloon walkway. 1 puts hand on gun as does 2. Jake and Billy get to corner and see whats happening. Billy inconspicuously crosses street to 2 w/ hand on gun in duster pocket. Gets drop on him as Jake walks into middle of street with gun drawn on 1. Jesse sees both. Jake: “I wouldn’t to that mister” to 1. Billy gets 2 to remove hand from gun. Jake and 1 have words. 1 and Jesse unstrap holsers and 1 drops rifle off his back. Going to brawl it out as 1 pulls knife. Jesse’s is on his horse. “Too bad, I do” says 1. Jake warns guy but he continues. Jake throws his knife to Jesse who misses it. Gets cut as picks it up. Jesse wins ensuing fight with only moderate damage. Take guy to doctor. Group eats and sleeps just outside of town. Scout bank. Small safe w/ locking gate to behind counter.
Hit it at 7AM. Street clear. Cover faces and enter bank. 1 teller and 2 customer, one seated. Jesse covers him w/ shotgun. Billy and Jake cover teller and other customer. He faints. Billy takes $35 from him. Jesse orders seated to empty pockets, refuses and goes for gun. Jesse hits shoulder w/ but of shotgun, knocking him to floor. Levels gun to dude’s head and steps on hand. Teller refuses to get safe and starts to back up. Billy sees open window around back and runs out to back w/ horse. Climbs in and teller cowers in corner. Billy bags all counter cash. Teller opens safe on 3rd try. Billy takes $ out back. Jake and Jesse leave front. Start to ride down street w/ Billy coming up rear. Near saloon on corner see 2 guards of clutz and 1 yells “you’re dead”. Group goes full speed around corner to right. 2 misses Jake with rifle. Jesse fires shotgun and hits leg. Group flies down street as marshal walks out of office to right. Jake yells “draw and I’ll drop ya”. He retreats back inside. Get out with 6 man posse following. Group reaches river to north and cross on raft at a platform stop for boats. Posse reaches river as group already away on other side. Useless shots fired by them and we head for Stetson with $3000.
Stetson Preacher Encounter

Awaiting Neches group, Chris and Dog walking down street while David resting/healing. Hear yelling from an alley agead. Glance as they pass and see an angry man pushing a preacher out of his way and walks toward street. Chris and Dog pass without a second look. ‘Angry’ reaches street, yells “hey you” to Chris and Dog. They continue and he yells again. Chris glances back and Dog looks at him firmly.‘Angry’ yells “You, blondy, you’re the one’s beens sleepin’ with my wife.” He approaches and Chris denies twice and man insists. Dog takes Chris’ side. Man pushes Chris and tells Dog to butt out “fat ass”. Dog steps tween the 2. Man pulls knife and Chris draws gun an points at man from behind Dog. Suddenly, shot rings out and guy falls dead. See preacher running down alley w/ gun. People show up and we tell marshal the story. Tells us to wait in his office while he looks for man of preacher’s description. Marshal arrives with 2 suspects. 1 the preacher the other unknown to Chris and Dog. He has a gun. Chris tells marshal to check it. One chamber empty, as is common, and no powder evidence of recent firing. Chris and Dog say can’t be positive. Marshal says both will stand trial but Chris and Dog must testify. Agree and leave to check on David. Hear 3 shots as near first corner. Turn and see preacher run toward original encounter-spot. Find marshal and other man dead w/o his gun. Crown gathers. Chris tells quick story. People ask him to head posse. Say will do it. Dog gets marshal’s shotgun and goes to saloon for help. Find Doc Holliday. Agrees to help us, each will be paid $200. The 3 go to preacher’s house, 3 citizens to church. We bust in and hear back door slam shut. Run through house and out back as preacher turning horse around and starts to go. Chris orders to stop,he does not. All fire. Dog hits light back and lft arm and serious head. Doc hits serious to head Chris a mortal to lower back. Get payment and separate from Doc after pleasant goodbye. Check back on David. All eat and stay the night. See Doc once more lat evening and he asks to gamble but we get to rest.
Wagon Attack

Neches group riding north across plains. Spot uncovered wagon to east riding west. Driver, passenger w/ shotgun, 4 boxes in back and large blanket covering something. One horseman to right with pistol. He turns and sees group as close in. Rides half between and yells “What’s your business?” Jake say left Stetson after some trouble with bad dudes. Only armed in case being followed. Heading to Promise City but short on supplies. Rider very rude, says to leave now. Jake offers $ but refuses and says do not follow or “I’ll kill you”. Turns and rides away to wagon. Jake and Billly decide immediately to go for it and teach this guy some manners. Jesse says “oh god”. Jake “You’re in for it now”. Billy “You comin’”; Jesse “Yeah, I’m comin’” reluctantly. Jake takes Jesse’s shotgun and they take off! Horse man says “Aww Shit”. Jumps off horse and gets behind it. Jesse stops and dismounts, taking aim w/ buffalo rifle. Gets hit in stomach as dismounts but gives back to rider’s leg. Jake and Billy sweep wide around him to wagon. Jesse moves closer. Jake to left-behind, Billy right-behind. A 3rd man w/ shotgun rises from under blanket. Jake aim with shotgun, Billy with pistol a passenger. Fight begins. Jake misses with shotgun and tosses it, cursing the damn things, draws pistol as rear guy misses him. Jake misses as dude reloads. Then hits Jake’s horse light-leg. Jake hits serious left arm then mortal to head. Billy has been hit lt to lft leg. He renders passenger KO’s with 3 shots. Driver turns sharply into Jake almost running him over. Jake evades successfully but causes him to miss. Jesse has ridden around rider-guard. Stops and misses driver twice at extreme range. Jake catches back up quickly. He and Billy hit driver 4 times and KO him. Stop wagon and reload. Jesse arrives with his discarded shotgun. Jake kills driver and Billy the passenger-guard. Rider approaching. Jesse misses with buffalo rifle. Rider lies down and starts crawling toward us. Jesse and Billy render him KO’s as Jake searches wagon. Jake will finish him off. Notice horse brand of ranch to east and slap them on. Boxes filled with $3800 in gold! Take all their weapons and ammo and head to Stetson.
Stetson Reunion

Arrive that night. Cash in gold at banks. Stay 14 days adn nights. On 11th night, Billy and David walking to hotel and mugger jumps and clubs Billy. David draws and kills him as he lunges fo David. Crowd comes but pair let go with no trouble.
On last day, two englishmen come to town. A boxer and his manager. Set up ring and takes challenges. Beats up an Injun who’s a wanted outlaw. Dog steps in and Jake puts $200 on him…and Dog gets whooped. As we take him from ring, Jake takes $200 bucks out of Dog’s pocket. We decide to leave for Gulch to take bank. County now aware of a “mystery gang” in the region.
Gulch bank job

Stop and camp second night outside of town. Go to bank at 8AM. All six bust in front door. One customer and teller. Dog and Jesse watch windows. Chris covers customer and jake orders for money. Teller gets all counter cash. Jesse and Dog see Sheriff ride up to office across street. A man exits saloon a couple doors down and walks toward bank then turns to sherift. They talk and enter office together. Jake orders safe open. “Time lock” he says. “Don’t think so” says Jake. Teller opens it on second try after some intimidating by Billy and fills bag 1/3 of way. Jake says lets go NOW. Dog and Jesse go out first, followed by Chris, Billy, Jake, David. Shotgun fires from sheriff’s window. Hits Chris lt. and serious abdomen. Dog fires one barrel of scattergun and hits nothin but wall. Lifts Chris onto horse as others mount up. Dog slaps Jesse’s Chris’s and 4 others follow. Dog gets on his. Another shotgun blast, misses Dog, shredding his pants. Group flies out of town with posse on trail(sheriff, deputy, 2 citizens, texas ranger-he was guy from saloon). Cut east and split. Billy, Chris and Jesse veer south. Get into woods. Let the posse pass but for marshal and one citizen who lagged behind. They wait and ambush the 2. Chris blasts marshal KO’d with shotgun. Billy injures citizen with Jesse’s buffalo rifle but is hit serious-lft arm. Chris picks up second shotgun and kills citizen and his horse with 2-barrel shot. Slap marshal’s horse back. Take marshal’s wooden leg halfway back to Stetson and toss it aside. Rest of group outruns and loses posse and meet others at Stetson one day after they arrived.
The Great Escape

Now 5th day since first three arrived. Nightime, group has gotten 3 rooms on 2nd floor o Gay Lady Variety Hall and saloon: Jake and Billy at front of saloon, Dog and Chris next door, Jesse and David across Hall. Billy hears suspicious talking out front as Jake readies to go downstairs. Sees saloonkeeper and Texan Rangerr from Gulch talking and saloonkeeper points upstairs. Ranger has some men, they disperse: ranger stays in front with 2 men, other 4 go around corner with horses: 1 to side door, 1 at bottom of rear steps, 1 in back lot, 1 on street side with the horses. Billy rounds up group to he and Jake’s room as Jake thinks. He runs downstairs and catches 2 naredowells as saloon clears. Convince them to help for $. Brings them upstairs. Group charges downstairs and Jake yells “Out the front!”. As dirty men head toward front guns blazing, the gang turns out to the rear-side door. As dirty men begin firefight, Dog stays upstairs with scattergun and looks out upper back door. Sees man guarding side exit the gang is heading toward. Fires down with shotgun Jesse left him, knocking guard helpless. David leads party out, followed by Jesse, Jake, Billy and Chris. See man in back lot. David injures him and Jesse kills him with shotgun. Run to stables as horseman from side rides around corner and Dog bursts through upper door. Ranger and others in front hear shooting in rear and begin making way there through saloon. As horseman comes into view, Chris guns him down. Dog starts downstairs. Hit in both legs 3 total times. Ranger and others come out side exit as gang rides away under fire from posse as Dog misses with scattergun and shotgun. Hits dude with fists, knocking him down stairs. Ranger and other 2 turn and hit Dog in leg and arm. He falls and crawls around corner. Ranger KO’s him with rifle butt. Citizens have on spot trial and sentence to life at state pen…which will be made official at a sham-trial at capitol. Will stay one night then on to Promise City jail. Stay week for sentencing, then to pen.
Gang rides east and sleeps few hours. Get bathed and re-clothed and re-supplied, new group of excellent horses and ammo/weapons. Prepare to break Dog out at Promise City. Unfortunately, don’t get chance as will see next. Decide to chill out. Jesse goes to Flapjack Juction for ranch hand job, rest ride to Gordon to rest up.
Mad Dog’s Demise

1st night tries to escape. Breaks jail’s barred window out of wall and gets half way out as 2 dep’s run in. Shoot Dog in lower half and arm. Gets out window and heads for Wong’s Laundry. Dep’s get there and come in frong and back. Dog dives at front one, grappling. Hit serious in abdomen by other who moves in closer. Arm locks guy but he gets out. Tries to buffalo Dog, misses. Back guy misses a shot, Dog bearhugs frong guy who drops gun. Dog throws deputy and dives for gun but misses. As goes to pick up, back deputy hits serious-chest. Dog gets gun and runs out door. Back dep. hits behind heart and Dog falls. Lives 3 days before dying in hospital.
June 1 Return

All but Jesse at saloon jobs in Shiftless. Jake and Chris find man to show them Desperado’s Den. Meet us in Prosperity on June 11. Chris goes to get Jesse and other to Prosperity. Meet the guy and 3 pals. Say their doing stage job north of city. Ask for our help. Say for us to stop coach on road as they open fire. Jake says no thanks(sounds fishy, like a set up), they say wait unitl 10AM next day west of road. We do, hear shots at 8 but no one shows. Head east and find men at a clearing 5 miles east of road w/ gold. One wounded and being tended to. Leader leaves camp into woods. Hear him fire rounds. Group closes in from north in 15 yard spread, surrounding, and open up. Jake hits wounded guy who falls KO’s. 2 others run south. David hits one and Billy kills him with head shot. Jake hit in left arm. David goes back to get horses as Billy and Jake each grab 2 bags. Jake shoots other KO’s as he turns to fire on Jake. Billy hit abdomen-serious by leader as we ride away with 4 bags. Get to Prosperity followed by leader. Billy and Jake cut down an alleyway and David continues to intersection, turns left. Leader follows him. As passes next intersection, Jake misses with shotgun but Billy hits horse in head and it goes down on top of him, snapping leg. David fires one shot and hits lft shoulder. Ride west out of town as marshal gets to fallen guy. jake yells he robbed stage and his friends are to the east. Gold=$810. Find out wounded left at clearing died, runner mauled by bear. Head to Gordon. Find Chris and Jesse there with finely dressed gambler named Luke Hardeman, his 16 yr old friend Jeremiah Youngblood, Sam “Gun” Phillips-Kelly (Mike’s older brother) who gets his nickname Mad Dog, Jesse’s older brother Jimmy, and one of Jake and Billy’s old friends Jeremy McCarty. Decide to hit Gulch again.
Prairie Gulch 2

Hit same bank as before. Dog, Chris, Luke and David go to marshal’s office to wait. Rest to bank. Get money at counter but teller can’t open safe now. Another bandit bursts in and gets covered. Jake asks for TNT. Guy shows box and blows safe. Start to pack as a man who walds up street hears blast. He cuts to office and glances back. Dog shreds him from doorway with both barrels of scattergun. Group mounts up. 6 miles out, stranger cuts south suddenly with $1000. Try to yell for him to stop but won’t. We head for Gordon. Get $3000. To Promise City for supplies and hit stage coach outside of Glencia Portos.
Wells Fargo Ambush

1st rifles: Jesse, Jimmy
2nd: Jake, Jeremiah
Rear Riders: Luke and Billy
Shotgun group: Chris, David, Dog, Jeremy
Coach nears and sees Jesse. Gallops past at full speed. Jesse misses driver, Jimmy kills driver with head shot. Gets to 2nd rifles: Jake hits driver lt chest, Jeremiah kills him with head shot. Billy and Luke ride out of cover to catch up as shotgun group stops horses. Ride away with $560 to Prosperity.

Monsters! The death of Jake

Camp for night in woods almost to Prosperity. Hear rustling and growls to one side. Clean up supplies and ready to go. Attacked by huge wolves. Fire as they charge group. Dog w/ 1 barrel hits chest-5 and another lt. lft fr leg, serious lf hind leg and lt and mortal abdomen. Chris misses one with Mike’s old Scattergun. Jake kills another with shotgun blast. Billy hits one lt lft fr leg, serious rt fr leg with pistol. Jeremy fires pistol hits one chest-4. David cripples one with both barrels. Jesse badly injures one with shotgun. Jimmy misses w/ buffalo rifle. Luke and Jeremiah each slightly injure one. Nine make it, 4 for horses. Chris’s and Jimmy’s bolt wolves chasing, never seen again. Jeremiah’s, Dog’s, Billy’s and Luke’s all devoured. Other 5 hit us. Chris fails fast draw and is ripped apart. Jake slightly wounded on shoulder. He and Billy shoot and hit. It crawls away. One’s eating horses drag carcasses into woods. Dog grapples his. Takes a scratch, abd-lt and lft arm-serious. Wrestles it to ground and rest of group fire point blank to head. Jeremy takes serious to rt leg and shoulder. Hits wolf serious to both hind legs. Jesse unloads shotgun and kills it as Jake hits it serious and Billy mortal. Uload on one eating Chris and maul it. Go to Promise City and bury Chris. Sheriff (new since the Escape), Deputy and 3 hunters are led by gang(minus Jeremy) to seen four days later. 2 hunters follow tracks one way, David and sheriff another. Rest up and camp. None return. Short search unsuccessful. (1 hunter, Jeremiah and Luke back to Justice)Hunter charges into camp yelling of giant wolves and small green monster people. 2 hunters dead, David and sheriff captured. Sleep night. Attacked early by archers. Jimmy hit badly as is Billy. Claytons and Jake each wound one. Jake hit bad to head, deputy kills one. Jimmy misses pistol, Jake and dep each killed w/ chest shots. Billy hit again. Dog still out on watch along perimeter. Runs into one on w/ sword on his return. Dog kills it w/ knife as party gets away in wagon w/ bodies. Dog barely catches up w/o being caught. Get to Justice. Luke and Jeremiah had left to meet us. We tell authorities. Billy takes Jake’s body to Jeremy in Promise City. Seek and Destroy mission organized. Deputy, 12 cavalry, Promise City and Justice marshals, Indian scout, 4 bounty hunters and 13 volunteers. Slaughter what monsters they find. Only 3 return. 2 gang members alive, sheriff dead. Take Jake’s body to Indian Springs and ask for help of shaman. Says will preserve body, come back in 1 months time.
2nd split-up job

Travel to Shiftless. Separate into 2 forces. Plaza del Lobo= Billy, Luke, Jeremiag and Jeremy. Burned Bush Wells= David, Jesse, Jimm, and Dog. Billy meets a man who says he’ll show gang where Desperado’s Den is. Meet him in Bullion City afer we do our ‘business’.
Burned Bush Wells

Bank closed for repairs. Dog busts door down. Find safe but can’t open it. Jimmy notices a man in suit walking toward bank. Walks in door, not noticing splinters or us inside. Jesse covers himw/ shotgun. Man pisses pants. Jesse pulls him in and he turns out to be owner. He opens safe and we get $2200. Hed to marshal’s office and find him reading paper at desk. Startled by us as we bust in, falls backwards in chair, KO’ing self. Get a guy from cell. Says he’ll gladly join us and gets his guns and ammo, plus shotgun then shoots marshal as we leave.

Burst in bank and guard reaches for gun. Billy yells ‘drop your belt’. He does but still draws. Billy hits lt chest and Jeremy kills w/ one barrel. Jeremiah and Luke also hit him. Billy asks teller for $. Says ‘none’. ‘Big’ Jeremy McCarty breaks gate and gets counter $. Jeremiah opens vault w/ teller and Luke and teller bag $. Marshal yells from outside “I’ll count to 5 and come in!” Does and busts in, Jeremiah and Jeremy waiting. Jeremiah hits him mortal to head w/ pistol, Jeremy 2 mortals-head w/ shotgun. Get $10000 and $16000 in 3 deeds (mine-saloon-ranch). Eventually get all 3 sold. Meet others at Promise City then head to Bullion City. Meet guy and he takes us to the Den. Empty and we stay 5 days.
Alien mission to get Jake

Go to 2 Feathers. Gives gang mission for attempting to resurrect Jake. To SE a creature has been lurking. Have lost several braves to it. Ride on boats downriver and tell us to meet back in 5 days. Get to woods and follow some tracks. One set leads to a house, another ends at a stream, last to cave where we find some human and animal bones. House has man living in it. Says knows nothing of creature, has lived here 10 yrs. Lets us stay outside in the clearing. Go to cave, back to house. Guy is gone. Back to cave and Dog sees something come out of it while we are at bottom of hill, bolts up hill and over top. We rush up to cave and see drag marks leading in. Go over hill and down other side. Follow prints to a clawed up tree. Getting a little dark and see nothing in huge thick tree. Jeremy climbs and hears hiss to left. Sees 2 red eyes and practically jumps down, yelling. Monster leaps from tree to tree and we follow until it stops overhead. We’re almost caught up and hear it reverse back. Follow again, see it climb back up hill. Half way up it throws boulder at us, glancing Jeremy. Jimmy and Billy each hit head/abd-serious. We run up and get to cave, 4 on each side. See nothing. Suddenly it climbs out of roof and back over hill. We follow. From top see it stick head out of a treetop. Jimmy nails it w/ buffalo rifle. It growls and leaps away. We follow again and surround tree. It ambushes from behind, clawing Jimmy Abd-serious then runs behind tree. We circle it and it bolts toward hill. We open fire: Jesse shotgun chest-4, Jimmy shotgun arm/shoulder-serious, Jeremy shotgun chest and arm serious and lt. leg, Jeremiah pistol lt rt arm. Luke pistol to chest-lt. Billy carbine serious-leg. Ike shotgun 2 serious to chest. David shotgun serious chest and lt rt. arm. Dog scattergun serious head. Goes up hill part way and PULLS a boulder from small cave opening, then closes behind it. Check cave adn find crawl space under bones. Go back to house and find guy asleep. Eat then sleep the night. Guy feeds us well and talks. Tell him of previous day. Go back to cave and find it empty. Luke slips in hole but drops gun down it. Jimmy and Ike follow. End up in small room, hole was short. 2 more exits: small under entrance hole and another to left of other 2. Jesse, David, and Jeremiah go down and group splits. Ike, Jesse and David go in lower tunnel; Luke, Jim and Jeremiah the other. Luke finds 90degree turn and monster swipes at him then jerks away.
At this time, rest of party above are looking down hole. A rock rises from above hole behind them. 2 antennae stick out. Dog starts toward but it drops, leaving hole uncovered. Dog creeps to edge, thing grabe his scattergun and bends barrel, then disappears.
Luke group had followed it and came to vertical shaft. Ike climbs almost to top and things head pops out side tunnel. Ike yells and drops to bottom. Creature gone again, grabs boulder and covers hole. Group meets back at bottom room and hear hissing from tunnel Luke came from. All try to get out but only Jimmy and Jeremiah succeed. Ike stands under shaft to top, Jesse across from hole with hissing sound, David next to him and Luke opposite Ike. Jesse sees creature’s silouette in tunnel and fires shotgun, almost deafening everyone. Gives serious to head, abd and chest/rt arm-2. It lunges out at Jesse. Puts claws of 3rd and 4th arm on rt shoulder and lftleg, pinning him to wall. Jesse punches w/ other hand with no effect. Goes to bite as Luke fires pistol, hits serious-abd. Ike hits once serious-head and lt to leg. David also hits serious-chest and lf shoulder. Creature bites Jesse slight-chest. Ike fires 2 shots, hits once rt arm-serious, other shot hits Jesse in chest=KO’d. David fires hits head-serious, Luke rt arm-lt. It drops Jesse and jumps to Ike, pinning him to wall through lf arm and rt leg. David hits lt-lf leg, Luke fires dud. It throws Ike at David but he evades. Luke hits serious-lf leg as it drops down hole leaving pool of blood. Billy and Jeremiah drop down and they start to follow.
As get to top, boulder lifts again and Dog goes to it. It lunges and pulls him half in, bites for lt-leg. Jeremy tosses him a pistol. Dog catches and hits serious-chest. Jeremy runs over to find it limp, hanging half way out of side hole and Dog climbing out. Jeremy empties 2 revolvers into its chest. Can’t get it out. Others reach bottom and David shimmies up hole and braces creature on his back as Dog and Jeremy pull it out enough to cut head off, ruining blade. Sleep night by shack and Billy adn Jeremy check inside next morning. Bedroom door won’t open. Jeremy shoulders it down. No one home. See another door on right wall. Open and its totally dark w/ dirt floor. They go in and hear both doors slam shut. They try to shoot off knob, but still stays shut. Others bust in and Dog mauls door open. ALl head to river and meet indians. Take gang back to 2 Feathers and show head to shaman. Have celebration ceremony and are awakened next day by shaman. Takes us to a clearing outside of camp. See Jake’s body, clean and not decayed, on stone slab. Performs ceremony with spells, herbs, etc… Cus Jake’s heart out and holds it over his own head up to sun, to ear, and puts in a bag. Pulls another, larger heart (bear’s) and places in Jake’s body. More incantation then says must wait one hour. After tense hour Jake opens eyes “Where the hell am I”. Suddenly, lightning bolt strikes Shaman dead. Return to camp and explain. A brave says if we’re telling truth, nothing will be done. Bring back body soon after. It turns itno large eagle and flies away. Brave says his spirit is at peace. We are welcome any time at Two Feathers. Gives us many thanks and we depart. At Promise City, letter telling of Clayton father dying. Jimmy and Jesse head for ranch. Jake and Billy hed for Arkansas w/ Jeremy to get friends. Rest stay around Promise City area. 3 months later, Jake and company arrive with the Beverly Brothers and Ted Thompson.
Gulch Massacre

Head straight for Prairie Gulch, in the night raid houses in the land surrounding it.
1st: Small house w/ 2 floors. See couple at fireplace in living room. Split group at window and front door. Knock on door. Husband looks out a eyehole and asks what we want. “Supplies”. “NO”. David blasts doow w/ shotgun. Man falls to floor. We bust in as wife screams. Smash through window and hold wife in room. Then let her run to husband. Jake and Billy take her upstairs for cover w/ Dog. Jake and Billy into bathroom. Billy rapes wife and kills her. Jake cleans out rooms. Others do downstairs and Ike kills husband. Dog finds 10 yr old sleeping. We take him. Get $150, shotgun, 20 shells, cap & ball w/ 24 shots.
2nd: Tie up kid and leave at door. Knock. Wife in kitchen making pies, husband in living room cleaning shotgun. Wife answers and seek kid alone. Recognizes him. Jake sneaks up and pulls her in house. Husband hears scream as others bust in window. He puts gun down and Nick KO’s w/ rifle. Upstairs empty. Billy, Ike rape girl, Ike kills her. Jake kills boy and drags husband behind horse. Is dead by time reach next house. Get $200 cash and valuables, shotgun w/ 30 shells.
3rd: Dog throws guy against door and bangs on it. An oldster looks out 2nd floor window. David fires shotgun and kills him. Woman screams from room. Dog mauls door and we go into living room. Hear 12 rifle shots upstairs. Beverlys and Dog rush up. See 2 doors, one open into oldster’s room. Nick goes in and kills wife. Will kicks in other and 6 pistol shots fire from behind door. He and Dog burst in and see 6 yr old w/ 2 pistols. Will says “Drop ’em”. “You killed my parents”. Cocks gun as they fire. Will hits abd and Dog mortals. Get 2 single action rev w/ 30 shells, $200 cash and valuables.
4th: 3 stories. Huge guy answers. Ask if this is hotel. Says house of Mr. Beaumont. Ask for supplies, he leaves and returns with nothing. Says we can pay $30/man to stay. Jake says “Nick” who fires shotgun almost killing him. Guy shuts door. Dog mauls door open and Jeremy lays into guy w/ shotgun as he crawls on floor(jive). Dog opens door to left and man misses w/ rifle. Dog womps him w. scattergun(unknown outcome). We split into 2 large rooms across from each other. Another huge guy walks down hall from kitchen w/ 2 shotguns and fires into both rooms from between. Jake hits him 4 times while he reloads then runs at him hitting 4 more to kill. Stick of TNT drops downstairs. Jake dives into room as it explodes. 8 men run downstairs, all w/ rifles and sidearms. Throw TNT into one room but take cover and hurts no one. Jeremy wounds 1 w/ shotgun. They charge past door and go 4-3 to either side. Fire blindly into rooms. Say we can leave if we stop. Jake sends David and Jeremy out window to back-kitchen door. They shoot it in. 2 of men fire into darkness of kitchen while rest file upstairs, then those 2 follow. We all get out front, Dog out back to get Jeremy and David. Warning shots and yelling of “don’t come back” ar put after us as we leave. Get 2 shotguns w/ 30 shells, 1 lever act. rifle w/ 10, 1 loaded single shot deringer, $100 cash and valuables.
5th: 2 floors. Come in to find empty. 2 rooms upstairs. One locked other has five boxes. Find weapons in 4. Other empty. Kick out bottom and find downward passage w/ ladder. Goes to mine shaft. Get lantern and follow til see another light around bend. Find 2 men resting. We jump out adn cover them. Say they’re resting. Don’t know what they’re lookin for, hired by a man who goes by Mr. Joe. They won’t come w/ us but say Joe’s at end of shaft. We go and find no one there. Nick and Ted kill the guys w/ knives and we go to other room in house. Bust in and see a large concrete sarcophagus. Push lid around and see coffin in it. Take outside. Find it empty and hear wolf howl and take off to next house. Get 2 sabers, 2 cap/ball, 2 breech load revolvers, $1000 cash/valuables.
6th: Go in and is empty. Upstairs and split into the rooms and loot. Find old one-legged former marshal in bed. He wakes up and smartmouths. We drag him outside and he pulls deringer. Dog, who has him, throws him to ground but is hit in abd-serious. Jake hits him serious chest and David lft shoulder. David approaches and guy pulls another and hits lt-sh. Dog blows his legs to pieces. Jake drags him to death by horse to next house. Get FDR, rev cyl rifle, breach load carbine and rifle, 2 shotguns, scattergun, musket, 50 rounds each.
7th: Put dead man on porch and bang on door, hiding on either side of house. Youngster w/shotgun comes out, sees guy, and turns to go back. David fires one barrel hits lt rt arm. Guy fires and hits David as he jumps back around corner. Lt chest and rt sh, serious abd, lt head. (luck check splinters corner of house) Others from left shoot. Will= rt sh=4, Jake abd 5, Billy chest 5, Ted stays back and Nick mortals to chest. Go in and find 1st floor empty. Go upstairs onto one room and look out open window. Jake sees girl running toward barn. Yells to Dog outside (fixing David) to chase. He does and Jake and Billy get there also. They see no one. Rest arrive and Jake starts up ladder to loft. As he puts hand on ledge a pitchfork drops tween fingers. He leaps on top followed by others, break pitchfork w/ hands, punches girl twice and hurls her against wall, breaking back and killing her.
Get to Riverside. Ike gets in gunfight w/ former foe and kills him. Meet Johnny Ringo. Dog smarts off and Ringo calls him out and kills him. Ringo leaves for Prosperity. We are highly upset at Dog. Head to Prosperity ourselves. David stays behind to mend.
Prosperity Gold Wagon

Set ambush similar to before. Jeremy, Will, Ike, Billy riflemen, then Jake, Ted w/ others at last line. A horseman in lead then wagon w/ 1 horseman each side. First four fire on wagon: Billy hits lft horseman serious rt arm. Will misses rt one. Jeremy kills shotgun guard. Ike hits driver abd-5. Jake hits leader chest 2 & Ted rt arm 1. Leader and coach bolt. Left horseman kills Billy w/ head shot, other hits Jeremy rt arm. Leader hits Jake serious lft arm as he passes. Gets hit by all 4 of final group. Ike kills one horseman and other turns and rides off. As wagon passes, Ted hits driver lt lft arm and lft leg-4. Jake hits twice and KO’s. Last 4 stop wagon and Ringo kills driver. We head for Gordon and Ringo for Arizona. Bury Billy at 2 Feathers and meet David at Gordon, then on to Riverside. Take river route to throw any trail. David says he passes posse on way that is tracking us. They arrived at Riverside as he left and are headed to Gordon and Bullion City by road. Then to Justice, Prosperity, Wild Creek.
Posse= 2 bounty hunters, 1 hired gun, texas ranger, wells-fargo ageng, Indian Scout. Send Jeremiah to Bullion City w/ lette for Jesse to meet us outside of Zion across southern border to do double bank job. Meet Jimmy, Jesse. Steve Clayton to help us.
Zion Double Bank Job

1st group David, Ike, Jesse, Luke and Beverlys. Enter bank. Small safe. Teller and owner, 3 citizens. Get citizens covered and take wallets, all money and hear shots.
2ns group Jake, Jeremiah, Jimmy, Steve, Jeremy, Ted. Both groups recognized as ‘mystery gang’ by tellers. Large-room vault. 2 tellers, 4 citizens. Cover and Steve goes through pockets. Take counter $ and open vault. Take $. Jimmy sent to back door in case someone got away. We get him in. As we empty vault hear back door jiggle. Jake and Jeremy ready w/ guns out. It opens half way and slams shut. Hear guy firing shots and Jake yells to get out w/ what we got. Jimm, Jeremiah and Jeremy run out first. Jimmy sees deputy marshal come out of office and across road w/ shotgun. Jim fires 2 shots w/ rifle but misses. Dep fires back both barrels. Hits head-serious, lf arm-lt and Jeremiah in chest. Jeremy and Steve now fire but hit office wall as dep dives back in. Others get out and all take off. Group 1 passes office. Dep and guy in black run out and hit Luke in abd-lt as they pass. Jimmy and Jesse cut to Brewster to catch train home. Rest head to Burned Bush Wells, then to Plaze del Lobo just as posse enters town. Run to catch us but we bolt into hills to north. Outrun them. Eventually make it to shack of weird guy in woods where insect was. Lets us stay a while. Total profit = $20000.
Monster Shack

Ask about previous goings on, says knows nothing. Sleep in shifts. First: David/Steve hear noises from bedroom and wake up Jake. Says “Shut up” and sleeps. Hear wolf howl in woods loudly. All wake up and go outside. A werewolf jumps into clearing and stairs at group. They get to horses and gallop up path. Wolf gains until weird guy appears ahead. Yells stop and all horses stop as does wolf. He orderrs it back home. Explains that it’s his brother who was attacked in Plaza del Lobo. Some of us spooked but we go back. Beverlys watch and notice squeek sound in bedroom and see shadow of man go past window. Wake Jake up. He knocks on bedroom door but no answer. Goes to sleep. Jake watches next. Sees a man wald toward window and cut towards back of house. Wakes Jeremy and Ted up. They try bedroom door but no answer. Go to sleep w/ Jeremy and Ike up next. Brother knocks on door and Jake asks who it is. Brother leaves. Jake goes to sleep. Jeremiah looks out window and sees guy with hulking person walk into clearing. Wake up Jake. and he knocks on bedroom door. Guy answers and denies he has left or seen anyone. Go back to bed and wake up at 8AM. Wolf bro comes out and starts breakfast but remembers nothing. Wolfy walks into bedroom and we notice bed is empty, but guy was init when bro came out. Ike yells “What was that!?” as a huge guy walks by window again. Jake tells him, Jeremy and David to check it out. They see it as it walks into brush. Ike “Let’s get him!” Jeremy says that Jake told him to do nothing until he gets outside. They go anyway, and Jeremy reluctantly follows. Jake walks out as they leave clearing then follows. The host guy suddenly appears again. ‘Bruno’ stops and looks at pursuers. David starts fuzzing out about wanting to know truth. Jake catches up and is very pissed off. Apologizes to host. Host explains this is his friend who was in accident that mangled his face. Bruno takes off hood to show us. We return to shack to tend horses. Notice a circle drawn around them in the dirt. Ask host, but it’s gone when we come back out. Tells us that if we stay until evening he’ll tell us everything. We do and he returns. David asks some ?‘s and host answers but David not satisfied. Stay another night and David demands to see bedroom and dirt floor guy says is storeroom. David gets in and we hear door slam as David says “Ah Hah!” We tell guy to let him out and he does, but David under a spell. Jake talks to host in bedroom alone and asks for real truth. Host won’t tell. Jake insists and sees wolfy in window as wolf. Guy gets angry and changes into vampire as he lets wolfy in. Says “Now you’ll be his snack”. Just before, vampire tried to hypnotize Jake but to no avail. Jake opens door and sees Bruno and David in way. Others start over and Bruno turns to them. Jake bursts through David and all run and mount up just as vampire appears. Horses won’t move. Says we’re all dead. Jake takes charge and talks him down, convinces to let us go but vamp insists on keeping David or someone else. Steve refuses to leave David. Jake makes deal w/ vamp for us to return in one week to see if you can get them back. We go to Two Feathers and tell them story. Learn of posse being there and say we can stay only one night. Then we go to Beaver Lake. Scout of possy told tribe they’d be attacked if they housed us. We go.
First morning we see David on other gathering water and leave. 2nd day see Steve fishing with bare hands. Leaves w/ 25 fish. 3rd day see each capture an alligator(?). In evening Jake checking horizon with field glasses. Suddenly David is in front of him. Then Steve grabs Jake from behind as David walks up to him, fangs bared. Jeremy grabs Steve, allowing Jake to jump away, but gets tossed aside. Everyone mounts up but horses won’t move. Couple of us get thrown off. Jake unsheaths shotgun and jumps off. But Steve and Dave are in back and front of him. Jeremy and Ike run off, Jake dives and yells “shoot!”. Everyone fires pistols as Jake puts on barrel to each. They leave. That night, vamp appears when Jake in on watch alone. Says he sent David and Steve to kill Jake if they could, as a test. The 2nd test, presently underway, is for each to drain and bring back 2 indians from 2 Feathers. Tells Jake to come back tomorrow for results. If both fail they’ll be released, otherwise they’re vampires.
Appears in morning w/ Steve, Dave and Bruno. Says David is back but Steve stays w/ him. Also, he says that he has been watching out exploits and Bruno is actually Sam Kelly. Says he may get others we lost and Jake asks if his house if fine as a reserve hideout as vamp disappears and reappears on other side of lake. Says something Jake can’t hear and leaves. Go to Gordon, then to Desperado’s Den.
Showdown at the Ghost Town

Cut northwest as near trail, see posse ride out of hills and spot us. Chase ensues, but we beat them to Gordon in good time. Get our extra weapons and ammo together and prepare. David, Ike and Will in Long Branch, Nick on roof. Will watches top of back stairs, David and Ike in right window. Jake Jeremiah, Ted and Jeremy in Cook’s General Store. Jake in left window, Jeremiah at back door, Ted at rt window, Jeremy in doorway. Posse enters on east side, split to either side of Main St. and go behind buildings. One (seen by Nick)in billiard hall w/ rifle watching back of Long Branch, 2 run out that back door (indian and tex ranger) and out of sight. On other side, one in side 2nd floor window of Gay Lady, over Peacock’s Roof, and one in each front window.
2 warning shots from 2nd floor of Gay Lady, then 2 in Gay Lady (BH2, 1; hired gun upstairs) open up. David hits #2 head-serious, Ike scratches same lft arm. #1 hits wall under Ike, #2 hits David head serious, David hits wall by him, Ike hits #1 head serious. #2 hits David lt chest (luck check), ruining his rifle. #1 hits wall under Ike again. David picks up shotgun. Nick, how at front on roof, hits wall by #1. David misses #2 w/one barrel, hits twice w/second: head and chest serious, Ike hits #1 chest-3. Davit hit lt chest by #2, Ike chest-3 by #1. Rifle on 2nd floor pulls inside and #1 falls Ko’d. Ted notices Trng in barber shop front window. David fires shotgun at #2, hits chest-1. Ike hits him lt rt arm. He hits Ike head-2 as falls KO’d. Indian appears from around corner of County Sheriff office w/bow, hits rt sh-3. 2nd floor rifleman from Gay Lady now at front. Will moves up to other window. David hit serious head, Will misses, as does Ike. Nick hits serious chest. Ted hits Indian serious-head and Jeremy misses. Ranger hits Ted chest-lt. Indian kills Ted w/bow shot to chest.
Jake hits ranger head-lt. Hired gun hits wall by David, Ike hits wall, Nick hits head serious, David misses w/ pistol. Jeremy hits wall by Indian. Both shoot at Jeremy, ranger head shot kills him. Jake hits wall by ranger. Nick hits hired gun lt lft sh, he hits wall by Ike, David hits wall w/ another rifle. Ike kills guy w/ head shot. Ranger hits Jake head-serious, Jake hits him lt rt arm. Indian hits Jake head serious.
3 in saloon leave out back door, Ike to surprise Indian, others into barber shop. Wells-Fargo agen, from Billiard hall, appears on roof of saloon and surprises Nick. Jeremiah moves to front window where Ted was, hits wall by Indian. Ranger hits Jake serious-lft arm. Jake splinters wall beside ranger. Indian scratches Jake lft sh. On roof, agent hits Nick chest-serious. Nick spins w/ rifle hitting serious rt arm, then gets hit head serious. Jeremiah hits ranger head serious, who hits Jake lt. head. Jake misses ranger, Indian hits wall under Jake. Nick hits agent head-serious, gets hit same. Jeremiah hits ranger chest-lt. Jake slouches down and readies Mike’s old scattergun. Ranger hits wall by Jeremiah. Indian hits Jeremiah head serious. Nick hits WFagent lf arm serious, does same to Nick. Jeremiah misses ranger, who misses him. Indian hits serious lf sh. Jake unloads scattergun on ranger: 1st barrel dud, other head-mortal just as David and Will kick in back door. Jeremiah and Indian miss each other. Jake picks up rifle and misses Indian. Jeremiah misses as Indian jumps behind wall. Nick fell KO’d after his last hit. Agent uses rifle to fire on Cook’s. Ike round corner to surprise Indian but gets surprised w/ knife, slashes Ike’s throat killing him, Ike’s wild shot hits lt lft sh. One shot from agent hits Jeremiah lt abd. David and Will go back. David gets to top of back stairs, Will inside.Indian surprises him and hits back serious w/ arrow. He jumps away as David misses w/ shotgun. Will fires at wall toward Indian who ran into barber shop. Indian jumps into view w/rifle. Will hits head-serious, Indian hits lt lf sh. Roof guy looks over. He and David fire at same time. Roof hits lt-abd, David blasts him KO’d. Will hits Indian chest serious, gets hit head serious. Indian jumps back around corner. Will misses. David draws revolver and kills agent on roof. Gets Nick off roof. Jake and Jeremiah check inside Gay Lady. Find blood leading upstairs. Get on horses and find other behind Long Branch. David got Nick on horse. Will sees Indian w/ knife jump off stairs. Will hits lt-head in midair, KO’ing as he lands on top of Will,stabbing himself w/ knife. Indian dead. Will’s lf arm broken.
Jake and Jeremiah round corner now. Get all on horses and ride out way posse rode in. Guy in 2nd floor bleeding fires shot from roof, down st. and hits Nick in back-serious. Jeremiah and Jake both miss, buy hits Jake abd serious KO’ing him. Jeremian hits rt arm serious KO’ing him. Go to Bullion City. David now awake. Go to doctor. Can’t fix Will’s arm. Rest ok in time.
Go to 2 Feathers in morning. Fixes Will arm but say we can’t stay, several braves killed by bounty hunters lately and cavalry from fort has been here. Evade trouble and reach Justice. Doctor fixes David’s last wound. Days fee is $1000. On way out, guy 2nd looks them, and stops as they ride by. He runs around corner as doctor yells for marshal. Get chased by marshal, dep, and 3 BH. Go to forest after meeting rest of group and head for vamps shack. Easily outrun posse.
No answer at shack. Check cave, empty. Camp in cave then go to shack. Nobody home still. Inside looks unused. Open bedroom window and go in. Go into living room. Start fire. See food so we eat. Water horses at stream. Sleep next night. Check dirt room in morning. Find secret door on floor that David saw. Go down and find 3 beds and a coffin, plus food w/ an underground water hole. Stay 3 days and nights in shack. Vamp walks in w/ Sam, Wolfy and Billy (now a vamp). “Unexpected”. Says went on expedition to Prairie Gulch. Battled vamp there and his 2 vamp, plus 4 henchmen. All dead, as is Steve. Wolfy tore up bad. Tell vamp about our fight. Says he saw the clean up afterwards. Last one alive got reward for Ike, Ted and Jeremy. Wire sent to all towns to look out for us. Reward not higher. Was 2000 for David, 1000 for rest. Now 3000 for David and 1500 for others. Stay 15 days and nights. Vamp kills 4 BH (2 loners and a duo). Many have been in hills. County assumed we killed other 4. Vamp and indians killed a few more and he scared off 5 man party. We leave to north, then cut east to Indian Springs. Took 7 days. Buy supplies and say our goodbyes.

Boothill, Campaign 1

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