Will Beverly

Younger brother of Nick, a cowboy and gunman, gambler and entrepreneur


Charismatic 2/Tough 1/Fast 2/Smart 1
Player: Mark Sims
Occupation: Ranch Hand
Age at start of campaign: 15+
Str 12
Dex 16
Con 13
Int 16
Wis 16
Cha 18 (4th)
Talents: Charm and Disarm(males); Cold Res; Good Impression; Increased Speedx2; Savant(knowledge: business)
Feats: 1-Look Harmless(packet2) and Animal Affinity and Def Riding ;2nd-Card Sharp; 3rd-Wpn Focus Lasso and Horse Tradin’(cha bonus);4th-Alertness; Point Blank Shot at 5th (fast bonus);6th-Trustworthy and Windfall
Sanity: 80 (80)
Wealth: 22
Reputation: 3
Languages: Mexican, Russian,
Affiliations: Washington Gang
Weapons: Lasso, .45 Peacemaker, .38 Lightning, Winchester ’73, Knife, 2 throwing knives


The younger half of the Beverly Brothers, Wil grew up on a cattle ranch in Texas with his older brother Nick. Though smarter and more charismatic than his older brother, the stereotypical ‘younger looks up to the older’ is fully in play with them. Nonphysical attributes aside, Will’s temperament does not suit a leadership role at all. He would freeze and withdraw if forced to lead men. Working alone with his particular skill sets is a different story. After the breakup of the gang he moved to San Francisco, putting his ill gotten gains to good used in business decisions (as well as some illicit dealings) and becoming quite the entrepreneur. Nick stayed at his side for years before feeling the pool of the midwest always in his heart, but Will finally breaking away from his older brother stayed behind.
Still, when the 2 are together there is no doubt who is at the head of the pair, Nick.

Who could play him in a movie: Casey Affleck, Leonardo Dicaprio

Will Beverly

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