Nick Beverly

A wrangler and cowhand, then outlaw joins his best friend on a mission against darkness and despair


Tough 3/ Fast 3Cattletrail 500
Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: 15+
Str 10
Dex 17
con 15
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 14
Com 13
Talents: Robust; Apocostic Res.; Evasion; Stamina; Diseas Res.; Slippery; Born to Ride;
Feats: Animal Affinity; Light Sleeper; Controlled Breathing; Lasso; Endurance; Imp. Dam. Threshold; Defensive Riding; Point Blank Shot; Alertness; Aware
Occupation: Ranch Hand
Sanity: 59 (65)
Wealth: 10
Reputation: 2
Languages: Spanish 3; Chinese 2
Affiliations: Archimedes’ Inner Circle
Weapons: Winchester ’73; Colt Peacemaker 7 1/2"; Remington Shotgun; Lasso; Dagger


A true Texas man, born on a ranch and lived his life wrangling and cattle driving. He was known throughout the state as one of the top foremen in the business, but would have gone as virtually nameless in history if not for his falling in with Jake Washington in Kansas at the end of a cattle drive. After taking part in some outlawry, he returned to the Texas ranches for a stint, then rejoined Jake and the gang for good in the Promise city area. After Jake retired and opened a saloon, spent a year running the gambling side of the operation with his brother Will until the business was prosperous, The two then headed west to San Francisco to try their hand at business and gambling in the big city. As if by fate, Nick came back to visit Jake after hearing of the death of Jake’s wife just before word reached them from Luke Hardeman of Billy Logan’s return, and the gang reformed, but with an all new, entirely different purpose.

Nick is 5’10" and a rough and rugged 184lb. Dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes make an otherwise average looking man more so.
Who could play him in a movie: Russel Crowe, Daniel Craig


Nick Beverly

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