Jake Washington

A once retired outlaw and killer now on an eternal vengeance ride for redemption


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Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: 15+
Str 14
Dex 23
Con 14
Int 17
Wis 14
Cha 16
Com 15
Occupation: Outlaw
Talents: Born to Ride; All 3 Precision talents(Another 22 TT); Accuracy(Another 22 TT); Defensive Roll; Deadly Shootist(advanced talent)
Feats: Natural Pistolier; Point Blank Shot; Quick Draw; Far Shot; Defensive Riding; Slip Hammer; Blazing Saddle; Renown; Stern Visage; Precise Shot; Quick Hammer;
Gunslinger features: Greased Lightning; Weapon Focus
Sanity: 69 (70)
Wealth: 18
Reputation: 5

Weapons: Colt Frontier .4440 SA revolver, 7 1/2"; Colt Peacemaker 4 3/4"; Winchester ’73; Bowie knife; Remington/Whit. Double-barrel Shotgun
Languages: Plains Native American 3 and sign; Southern Native American 3 and sign; Spanish 1;
Affiliations: Washington Gang, Archimedes Inner Circle


Some say he was born in Arkansas, some say the Indian Territory, in about 1860. Either way Jake’s life was difficult from the beginning on the family homestead. His father was a small time trader, and the family was always close to the native americans via trade, and they and Jake always took a liking to one another. Jake’s father, biological or not is unknown, was abusive toward his mother. The family moved to New Mexico around 1870 for business opportunities. Soon after, Jake killed his father during an episode of domestic violence and fled east into Texas. With nowhere else to go and no friends, he took to the saloons and dance halls, surviving by thievery, and later worked on ranches as well. Eventually becoming a full fledge outlaw, his gang became famous both east and west for their success at robbing banks and their ruthless attacks on stagecoaches, especially gold shipments and pays from mining operations.
During their outlaw days, they encountered the supernatural on more than one occasion. A vampire and werewolf, two different beings from another world, and wolf-riding goblins. These goblins even killed Jake with an arrow shot to the heart, but he was brought back to life by a powerful shaman of Two Feathers.
Pearl and keith st park beaumont1890
With the gang quite wealthy, he eventually retired to Beaumont in southeast Texas, having turned down an offer from the Iluminati, where his face was relatively unknown. He opened a saloon and gambling hall, and met the woman he would soon plan to marry. He lived mostly in the smaller town of Olive to the south however, in order to avoid being recognized as much as possible. In a smaller town, you know when strangers come around easily.
Unfortunately, the murder of his love re-opened the world of supernatural evils to Jake, and Jake grieved the only way he knows how: in vengeance. Many strange occurances had been taking place in the American west for some time, causing a seed of malaise and despair which was spreading. After dealing with the cause of his wife’s death he still felt the need to avenge her further on the atrocities he knew to exist. He had already wired the Kelly’s to come to Olive immediately when came an unexpected wire from Luke Hardemen, like fate reaching out her hand, and an unending vengeance ride began.
Perhaps the deeds Jake and his gang perform may even redeem them for their past.
Town of olive texas ca1890

Jake stands around 6’ tall with a just above average build, but a little tougher than he looks. He has gray eyes so noticeable that they can be striking an pierce the courage of a man from a distance. He is a loyal friend, a natural leader and generous to allies, and has long shied away from killing innocent women and children. All this despite being tenaciously vengeful and an otherwise true to life remorseless killer…a complicated man.

Who could play him in a movie: Think Russel Crowe from 3:10 to Yuma.

Jake Washington

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