Billy Logan

Once an undead but now returned; professional gunfighter and best friend of Jake


Fast 3/Gunslinger 3
Player: Dan Metzger
Age at start of campaign: 18+
Str 16
Dex 21
Con 16
Int 17
Wis 17
Cha 13
Occupation: Blue Collar
Talents: Evasion, Uncanny Dodgy, Quick, Uncanny Dodge 2, Opportunist
Feats: Quick Draw; Two Weapon Ft; Point Blank Shot; Double Tap; Gunplay; Improved Initiative; Quick Witted; Notorious; Precise Shot; Rip a Clip; Quick Reload
Gunslinger Features: Greased Lightning, Weapon Focus (Thunderer)
Sanity: 80 (85)
Wealth: 19
Reputation: 2
Languages(and prof. lvl):
Affiliations: Washington Gang
Weapons: Colt Thunderer; Winchester ’73; Pepperbox; Bowie Knife


Born in the Pittsburgh area to a coal miner’s family. Realized at a young age that life was not for him, so went west to seek excitement and fortune.
THE fastest gun in the world.

Billy Logan

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