The Outlaws of Down Cthulhu

Planning vs Haelstrom/New World

June 2

Entire Gang in Riverside. Awaiting us is Wei, with 7 Juju shotgun shells from Dr. John in New Orleans.
Will is going to Frisco to see the Tong, taking Wei, Nick, JW and Luke.
Anne to Chicago. Lo and Long have ID’d NY Will’s contact there who poofed away that last night, he still works at NW!! With her go Dog and Ron.

June 6

Anne in Chicago. Meet the man Gregory Benfield at his house. Will and Anne go inside. The Wangs see a man in a long cloak, hat down over his head, watching the apartment.
Says he can not help us directly, but can place an agent inside for us easily by getting them a job. Anne volunteers.

June 7

Anne gets the job in bookkeeping. Perfect!!
Wil goes back to NY. One of Lo and Long at least will watch over her. Dog and Ron go back to Riverside.
Week later, she is doing well. Finds out that important records on the probable deeper cult activities are kept on the next to the top floor, which she has no access to. But, she has access to all the info we need on shipping! It will only take a short time for her to feed us info.

June 9

Will in San Francisco:

Will meets with some old business partner friends who deal with Chinatown people Will has dealt with before. The Black Dragon Benevolence Society. By tonight we are being led through an underground complex to meet the 3rd in command of the Tong, Lin Su, who has met Will before. After some good back and forth about their last business deal which left Will with a full billfold, Will letting him know he is one of the 3 wisest men in California, and after a great haggle, it concludes with:
They will place a man with our squad to make sure their deal is met.
First 6 months of any profit is all ours. Next 6 months they get 20% of gold, silver, cash. After that, they get 40% of that. First month, which they say it will take to begin funnelling info, does not count.
He asks why we hate NW, Will says it is beyond any evil the Tong performs. Beyond understanding unless you have seen such horrors.
He says “Maybe if you hit NW hard enough, it’ll have an impact on Temco. A word of advice, speak to the New Moon Temple. Things may grow beyond what we now have.”
“The next time you return Will Beverly, we should again match our skills at Go (oriental chess).”
“I look forward to that, as always Lin.”
He leaves it at that.
We leave.
We ask around about the temple. It’s downtown, been there a good 10 years. Leonard Baird, head of temple, used to be a homeless alcoholic. Used to say he had terrible dreams and visions of The Black Man!!

June 10

Chicago crew, sans Anne, return to Riverside.

San Francisco:
We visit the temple. A woman greet us, says we should give ourselves to the Black Man. We just wanna talk to Baird. In the main hall, grotesque statues stand all about the room. 1 an pharaoh, the bloody tongue aspect, bloated woman, etc…
SHe takes us to an audience chamber. The curtains part dramatically to a man in a normal dark suit, well kept scruffy face. In his eyes, Will sees the calmness of a sociopath. He has gained ‘true enlightenment’. He says he and dark one has been awaiting our coming. The Dark Man needs us vs the great fight coming to the Earth because we know the truth. ONly through the Dark Man can we be saves. It’s true, Harbinger is coming!!
Will “What’s this harbinger?”
“It is in the mysteries. Just know it is coming.”
He wants us to prove we are worthy “We need you to join with us in the orgy of destruction to save the earth”.
Nick “Why are we so important?”
“I am just the vessel, the darkman says you are important.”
Will “What do we have to do to stop them? And who is them?”
“Temco. Monarch. Red Dragon. The Tribunal. New World. An onion to be peeled. ALways there is someone else even the Dark One doesn’t know their true purpose or identity.” He says Cthulhu fears Harbinger, who is behind it ‘all’. We must work to stop it. He dismisses and dramically exits.
So, is it all lies? Only NW have we heard before.
We forward info to investigators in NY.

June 11 to 13

Will recalls hearing of Look to the Future and checks around about any former attendees not dead. He finds several! Tween them we get the same basic story. Got involved on a lark, deeper they got into it the more their self started slipping away. Enrire order exists for 2 reasons:
Provide some sort ofpower to this dark lord
Provide this lord with info to stop this coming apocalypse

All dropped out before went to the RItual of Longevity we were invited to. Once you do that there is no backing out.
We decide not to check it out further right now. Investigators seem like the experts to deal with this.


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