The Outlaws of Down Cthulhu

Bad Ride from Tucumcari

May 14

Arrive Stetson City just before dinner. Jimmy meets us at train station. He has good news and bad news. Buddy and Jim are in Huntsville, as in the penitentiary. Brandy took up with some floorflusher named Arson Roulette(real name Arson Arakov) in Tucumcari, NM Texas Territory. That is so Brandy. Johnny Walker is with her.

May 15

Jake writes a letter to President Temple Houston of Tx, requesting a meeting with him at Promise City or with a representative to speak on the supernatural and getting some old friends out of prison.
Billy leaves to collect Brandy and JW. He takes Dog, Anne, and the Beverlys.
Jake leaves on train to Fort Grifin, from which he will ride to Two Feathers to speak with the shaman. With him ride Ron and Jesse.
Luke goes with Jake to Fort Griffin but continues on to Promise City. He will do some solid gambling in the city while we are taking care of these side ventures.

Arr. Tucumcara:
Town is doing quite well, lots of rough looking workers and saloons.
Evening, we go into a random saloon.
Will goes to best gambling hall, Occidental Saloon and Gaming Emporium, as told at station. Goes with NIch.
Billy goes into first saloon he comes across at 5pm. Andy’s mudhole. He asks the barkeep if he knows of Brandy, JW, Roulette.
“Oh, you mean Col. Arson Roulette.” Barkeep says he knows him as an aristocrat from New Orleans. He and his entourage are staying at the Occidental.
At Occidental, its enormous, bar is huge. Balcony around most of the top. STage and piano player; large round tables; free lunch counter going on with beer purchases, etc.
Large archway to one side into another room just as large that houses the gambling tables. About 30 in here now, actually looks kind of slow for the size.
6 bartenders at the long bar.
Women walk around with cigars and drinks in stockings, heels, etc.
No sight of Brandy nor Johnny.
Nick goes to bar for a beer; Will in to join a Faro game.
A man nearby playing stud with 4 others, at a table for 7, offers Will to join. He says he shall after a few faro hands.
Nick asks about JW, barkeep says he should be back in an hour or 2, out recruiting gunhands; his boss Col. Roulette has taken a job for 1 of the town’s leading citizens. Roulette has been here about a month, upstairs room 307. He stays with his mistress. He says they should all be coming in about 7 or 8.
NIck eats some lunch, extened by owner Baily Granger, for the day.
Spurs clank into the bar behind NIck “I don’t I know you, you new in town?”
Just got here; he’s town marshal. Says keep in mind we don’t like trouble and you’ll be fine." Nick introduces self as Nick Waverly.
He is Bailey Granger; the Marshal too.
Nick “Hand in multiple pots, always a fine idea.” Gives NIck his first beer on the house.
He says ’we have the cleanest whores this side of the panhandle, unlike The Crease across the street."
He stresses the 2 rooms are strictly separate. This room for drinking and eating, the other for gambling.
He goes on his way.
Billy et al enter.

Faro dealer says a Brandy is here, to Will, but she’s no whore, but the mistress of Roulette.
He asks if any interesting players are in town. Says roulette is a high roller, and guy at table with 2 big Remingtons and black vest is Bill Cullen, the well known gunfighter. Been all over Oklahoma. He was a lawman there. Since then came here and does a lot of gambling.
Will “What’s this Roulette guy like?”
Will joins the poker game. A townsman, a young punk, a dutified man, and a man in black with big beard and black hat. WIll wins first hand, dutified man is out. He throws more money on the table and the kid smarts off to him. Over next 45, Cullen and townsman loses a fair amount of money. Dutified guy loses a whole lot. The Jew, Rabbi Heimi Morganstein breaks even. Big winners are Will and the kid who is drinking in excess. HE makes a lot of comments at the expense of the dutified Mr. Logan, who owns largest cattle spread in area. Kid’s name is Mel Granger.
Logan ran agains his Pa in county sherif election via political connections. After he lost, he got his brother certified as a Tx Marshal after the former Marshal was bushwacked. “Mr. Logan is a polcat, a stinkin’ polcat”.
Logan backhands the punk kid, knocking him and chair on the ground.
Kid “Ok Logan, reach for you’re gun!”
Cullen “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, kid.” Stands up, talks to the kid for a minute and the 2 sit back down to play. Cullen acting very reasonable. The townfolk bows out, the local Dr. Branson.
Few more hands are played. Will wins again, after Logan betting heavy and giving Will a glare. Heimi draws out and goes back to his “tailor shop” but ends up staying to watch the game.
Soon, Cullen drops out, then it ends up being Will and Logan who is very confident. Big pot at the end, and Will is sure he is going to win. Figuring we’ll be here only tonight, Will calls. The kid has 4 Aces; unfortunately for him Will drops a straight flush.
Kid “That’s just not natural.”
Kid tries to muscle all the money off the table.
7 big brawny tough looking cowpokes come over. Logan calls the cowpokes over to beat up me and the kid. Insists Will and the kid were cheating. Tells them to take out the Jew on general principal.
2 others guard the archway, make sure none of us can get out.

Granger enters soon, following Anne in, asks to have dinner in his private room. She agrees.
Nick Waverly, Bill Waverly is how Nick introduces. Billy introduces himself in truth. Recognizes that name from all those years ago.
Marshal is sort of impressed, but insists on now trouble. Tells Billy ’there money is no good tonight, they get anything they want."

We hear Will cry of distress.
We walk in.
Cullen stands up. Asks them not to beat up Mel cause ‘I like the kid’. Mel is up, fists out, ready to go. Says to Cullen “Stay outta my business Cullen.” Who replies “Ok, i tried.”
Mel starts walking up to Logan, 2 big guys blocking his way. Mel hits one right in the mouth, bleeding lip but otherwise unphased. The other grabs Mel from behind, holding his hands, and the other gutpunches 3 times, kid vomits, then he keeps punching.
Billy calls it all to stop.
Logan “You don’t know hwo I am, but I run this place, this town, this county.” Says get out or he’ll sick his dogs on us. Billy insists he can’t stand for a poor kid to get roughed up. He orders his men to break his arms and Billy draws his gun, followed by the rest of us.
Billy “Any damage done to anyone in this room, there will be retribution to be paid or I will be outside waiting for ya.”
He tells them to break Billy’s thumbs.
Dog intercepts them. Nick steps beside him.
They come for us.
The 2 at the door stop Will as he is backing out, picking him up “Unhand me you fiends!”
Dog gives the 7 in front of us a mean look, insisting he is breaking all of their arms once they are unconcious. They are quite scared, all are shaken!!
Will “Break their thumbs too.”
Billy uses pistol whip, NIck and Dog brawl.
One of the 2 holding Will is smashed with a chair. It’s Mel!! He starts fighting him and Will slips free!
Anne is not here, she is upstairs already with the Marshal.
Will goes into total defense mode and the fight begins, Dog grappling one of his “Jack, give him 2 in the gut! 2 in the gut!”
After first round, the Jew rushes one of the guys on Billy.
Mel gets hit with a crit on the 2nd round knocking him out!!
Heimi charges in and waps one of the men on Billy as the fight continues, Dog suplexing the man down stunning him with Dog still atop him now.
These guys hit hard, NIck having taken a solid shot. Mel’s man comes at Will also.
Dog then tries to dislocate the man’s shoulders but they hold; Will pops his guy one haha and derides him.
Fight continues.
Billy KO’s his man then moves to help Heimi.
Mel’s man then moves to Mel again.
Another round and Dog dislocates both shoulders, which brings the guy out of it. He starts hitting a m&$^#&#&&$& with another m*&$##($&#.
Mel’s man goes to break his arms, so Billy moves to help the kid and shoulderblocks him to the ground.
That guy stands and attacks Billy.
Wil hits again for a wopping 1 and goads him again.
The guy swings wildly missing twice at Will; Dog swings the man’s body, hitting one of his other attackers.
Will “I’m going to beat this guy on points!”
Finally Dog throws the poor tough as he hits a friends, KO’ing the friend. The thown has already passed out.
Will is finally hit 10 as the fight goes on.
Dog then KO’s his last guy.
Dog then takes Nick’s other guy the next round.
Billy ko’s Mel’s attacker now.
Dog grapples Nick’s 2nd guy next.
Billy charges back to help Heimi again as the fight continues.
Dog slams the guy through the nearest table.
Another round or 2 and Heimi is KO’d.
Dog’s man get up and slugs him
Nick KO’s his guy as Will attacks again 1.
Dog KO’s his with a crit.
Only 2 left, on Billy and Will. Nick and Dog move in an grab an arm each. Will proceeds with repeated body shots.
Billy starts breaking thumbs.
Logan “I don’t thing the marshal is going to like that.”
Billy “I don’t think I give a $$$$.” Agrees to break only one thumb on each.
Dog starts breaking the other thumb.
Logan had run out a round ago, sending a bullet at Mel while he ran past that missed.
The Marshal rushes downstairs, pistol drawn.
He calls for Doc Branson to check on his son.
Will explains what happened, in great detail.
Mel wakes up, and tells a story in which we come across as his posse.
Does say he never could have handled all 8 by himself, and we pretty much saved him.
We keep his pride in tact.
Marshal thanks Heimi for stepping in and assisting as well “You’re a pretty good guy for a Jew.”
Marshal owns the store, tripled prices on Logan. Logan got together with some ranchers; farmers on Marshal’s side. Logan set up his own store on his property. Town council passed an ordinance against it so “I blew it up.” The president sent Rangers who put a stop to the whole thing. 3 rangers in the county. “I run the town, he runs the rest of the county and we otherwise we play nice.”
Marshal “I owe you gents for all this.”
Marshal sees Roulette as a merc, but on neither side. Not mixed up in it but hired by the Marshal for another job: town of Privilegio has some problems. Marshal’s brother Wyatt is the marshal there and needs some help, has surprise for him and some may try to prevent him from receiving it. So, hiring some escorts here via train to Sanderson, Tx; then by wagon straight SE for 2 days until you hit destination along the Rio Grande.
Once he finds out we are here for JW and come from Promise City, he offers 2x $20 piece up front, and another 2x $20 gold piece upon delivery. He can pay 4. He could stretch to $200 total, from each side. Package weighs 2000lbs, padlocked.
Just then, knock at the door. Man w/ french accent is at the door when Dog answers. Maybe early 40’s, long pointy nose. It’s Roulette, dressed all in white, large stetson hat.
He comes in.
Dog “I’m lookin for Johnny Walker and Brandy.”
“Brandy is my special lady, and Johnny my right hand man. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any gunman willing to go.”
Billy “What’s his problem if he needs a gattling gun?”
Billy is immediately thinking to skin out with the money and the gun, and just keep the thing for ourselves.
Town has been raided several times by Mexican bandits. Once any extra law shows up they don’t return. After they leave, raid again. Previous sheriff killed by the raiders.
Then Wyatt Granger made town Marshal. Knows from intel they are planning on returning, but a nice gattling gun would help do the job.
Will offers our escort, plus extra men and help vs the Mexicans if we get to keep the gattling gun. He agrees, but with the question of ‘what if the raid doesn’t come after a month and you guys are ready to leave?"
Will “We’ll take that up with Wyatt when the time comes.”
He says train can leave tomorrow.

Jake arr. Fort Griffin:
Jake gets an earlier train and arrives Fort Griffin; rides immediately for Justice, arriving there late but pushes on to the ranch. He has decided to check in on the friends of Frederik while nearby.
Johnny returns and its a warm greeting all around. Same with Brandy.
JW will join us. The Col. is ‘in charge’ so he is going to. Will says BS he’s in charge, he had nothing to do with this. Brandy is a bit taken with her.
We inspect gun and ammo first, all seem on the up and up.

May 16

Jake arrives late Two Feathers.

We find out theat the freight car, just behind the coal car, has a safe full of gold on it too!!
Billy. About 24 passengers not counting us. 2 other guards also.
We will have one person in freight car at all times. Dog.
Including old school marm Petunia plump, 10 yr old brat Zeke, womand with a baby, and sir Arthur Charles (brit business man doing business here).
Being official guards, we have the run of the train.
Greasy Joe Higgins is engineer, Dirty Pete is coal guy, Smiley William Twain the conductor; Smitty the break/switchman.
Away we go.

Train goes to Promise City, stopping only briefly before we turn south through Brewster.
We see Luke, informing him of what is going on so that he can tell Jake when he returns. We say if anything changes on where we will be, we will keep him updated via wire.
About 2 hrs in, Brandy talks to Dog. Last night after it was decided we were leaving, Roulette went down and had a drink at the bar, made a sneaky hand call sign, and a guy got up and rode fast out of town.
He tells her to bring Billy here, and Dog informs him.
Will and Anne are working the crowd. Across from them sits a preacher and the old marm.

Nick knows the terrain all around this area of Tx. He calls a time he figures, about 5 hours in, that is the most likely area to attack. Will agrees.

Nick and JW get on roofs of the 2 box cars
Billy goes back to caboose to watch. for now. He plans on returning to freight with Dog for the attack, and Nick will take his place in caboose.
Billy “Everybody stay alert, keep your wits about you.”
Will and Billy take to calling Roulette Guy LaDouche.

From the copse of trees, we see 8 riders appear. Just the copse of trees Nick figured on! JW sees 8 guys on each side, the other from around a gully.

LaDouche made for the freight car “It’s sort of a shame you guys came along. Trip like this can be mighty dangerous to your health.”
The guard at the freight sees the 8. He opens the doors. LaDouche pushes him out of the train.
Guy to Billy and Dog “Gentlemen, you are about to become $100,000 richer. This plan has been in the works for over a month.”
Nick is in the rear with the breakman and the other guard, hitting and the man fall off his horse.
2 of the riders approach to get onto the back of the train.
Dog closes the freight door and Billy pulls his gun on Guy “put ’em up.”
A scream, and the fire man has fallen off, shot.
NIck misses him, and the robber misses Nick.
Johnny has fired 3 times from the roof.

Dog locks the freight car door.
Billy “Dog, you stay here, make sure nobody comes through that door. ANy reason that door opens, you kill whoever is on the other side.”
Billy takes LaDouch back to the passender car, gun on him. Tells Anne to sit down with him “Keep your knife on him, if he tries to do anything you don’t like..make him a woman.” Her knife is up agains his balls.
Will tells everyone to get on the floor. Billy “Anybody in this passenger car that doesn’t want to be shot at, stay out of sight. We’re about to get robbed.”
All but 3 cowboys drop, who draw on us. The marm took a gun from her purse and aims at Will. The priest pulls a derringer out of his bible on us!!
Marm “We got ’em under control Col.”
Will fires at the marm, Billy the cowboys.

Nick crits other in rear 27 DEAD. Both the guard and breakman fire out side windows at the enemy as well.
Johnny continues to fire from atop.
Billy kills a cowboy and wounds another, Will hits 9 marm.
Minister hurls a throwing knife at Will 6. Otherwise they have missed him since first hit.

Brandy has been firing, hitting a cowboy once.
One turns to fire on her.
Couple rounds later, Will kils the marm with 2 fan fires. Brandy is critted 24 by her target!! Makes the save.
Billy drops another cowboy.
Brandy hits the last cowboy 17 DEAD.
The minister goes to surrender, Wills puts one in his head. Billy puts his last 2 bullets into 2 of the downed cowboys.
In the back, Nick tells the other 2 to keep at the windows as he fires out the back.

Dog has strapped on his gattling pistol.

By now, Nick has dropped 3 in the rear. They are swarming. Another is killed by the guard.
More riders have joined them by now. They get the door to the freight car open.
Dog lets loose, hitting a few of them.
6 fire in at Dog.

In the passenger car, Will fires out the window. Billy goes into the freight car and starts shooting.

Nick drops another. Dog kills one. JW drops one.

The bloody guy who first came into the torn open door finally draws and fires at Billy.
Will then drops one.
They are firing round after round into the cars we are shooting from, but our cover is helping win the day. Billy drops 2.
Dog fires his gun again, dropping one and wounding 2 others.

Brandy after taking that big shot, has taken cover.

Firing back, they hit Dog 3 times!
Nick kills in the back, as does Will at the front.
Billly drops another at the front; JW hits DEAD; Dog fires the gattling.

The train begins to stop!!

Billy yells for Dog to push the door closed after Billy’s last volley.
Will kills one.
Billy doubletaps twice, hiting once 18 DEAD, rip a clips another 6.
Billy is out of bullets and Dog pushes door closed.
The guard at the rear kills; JW hits DEAD.

Now 4 left at rear, and 4 at front. Plus whoever is at the engine in control.

The men in front ride to the front as the train is stopping.

The kid in the rear drops one; JW crits 23 DEAD.
Train now at a stop!!

The kids gun is empty and he’s almost dead and he sits down; Nick kills one; Guard kills one.
No more in the rear.

They yell for us to give up. They figure they’ve killed at least 5 of us. Ha!!
Billy “Come on in and find out.”
They threaten to shoot the engineer if we don’t give them the gold “You got to the count of 10.”
Anne asks to let him say something, and someone yells help.
Billy lets the count get to 10 and a gunshot goes off.
We let loose on some horses in view, taking out 2 before they get them out of the way.

We have reloaded.

Billy says for them to ride away and we won’t kill you.
“In case you haven’t noticed, we have the upper hand.”
Will “We have Roulette!”
They ask for their boss, and they’ll ride away.
Will “They’re going to be right pissed at him for leading them into this.”

More waiting and talking back and forth. Billy challenges their best man to a shootout. WInner gets the gold.
They decline.
Billy wants to send Nick, Will and Anne sneaking up to the train. Brandy will watch LaDouche.
The other guard will watch the back with the wounded kid.
Once they’re at the front, Billy and Dog will go out and draw their attention. When they react, we’ll surprise them as well as JW on the roof.

10 men come from the front to blast Billy and Dog!
We ambush them. Nick is atop the coal car; Will from tween coal car and freight. JW fires from above and behind us.
Anne comes up from under the coalcar, and sees 2 cowboys in the engine. She jumps them. Both are Mexican, and she wields Bowie’s knife! One dies instantly, the other she wounds. He goes to shoot her, her AoO hits.
1 drops.
They fire back, hitting Dog.
Our next volley and Dog reloads kills no one. The guard steps out the back and fires from distance and behind us. He crits 22 DEAD.
Anne hits and kills.
4 others, the last 4, step out from the front and fire.
Then the guard kills another!! Anne starts firing.
Volleys continue.
Having no where to run, they fight to the last man. And die to the last man.
The Coal man is dead as well.
We get the train to the next town and are delayed until the next day.

May 17

Jake’s first day at Two Feathers.
Shaman says Yig is indeed a friend of the natives of Americas. Very positive influence.
He has felt the badness, malaise, across the west.
After a great talk about the evils, he can provide about a dozen blessed rounds a month, starting in about a week.

The others arrive last stop, Sanderson, TX. Ride immediately for Privilegio.
We get a 10% reward for the money in the safe, they say it should be processed and waiting in about a week.


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