The Outlaws of Down Cthulhu

City of Lost Angels

The church runs everything in City of Lost Angels. It is very poor. People subsist mainly on the great meat feasts provided by the church.
Strict moral rules apply everywhere but the Golden Circle, where much more vice is to be had by the church and people there. Rev. Grim even has a harem “Vestal Virgins”.
Will sends a letter of intent, stating his business cover, and that he wishes to enter. After wiring his peeps in San Fran to supply his cover story if he is checked on.
The city is big on business, its the lifeblood, and he is quickly accepted.
Luke completes the cover: He is Will’s investing partner; Ann his girlfriend; Dog his doctor; Nick his security; Ron security.
They are to stay at the hotel on the Golden Circle.

April 24

We arrive.
We are warned, first thing, if we leave the Circle we are subject to all the laws of the city. Lots of death penalty stuff like taking prophets name in vane.
The hotel is 7 stories, second to Cathedral.
From our top floor we can see into harbor, including Rock Island Prison “The Rock” where worst prisoners are sent.
One person to a room. Will’s is a suite, and he finds a very attractive blonde girl in the room. She calls herself ‘furniture’ for this room.
Will “Perfect.”
Rooms here are very expensive. But it is free for the first few days if you talk business. All is comped if business and investing us a success.
Mr. Snerd, and elder of church, responsible for business developement, is our contact. His assistant, mousey little man, Fontaine; body guard, mountain of a man, Luther.
He invites us to dinner in the hall that evening. Our contact claims there is no science to invest in here, though we know the Temple of Invention is in the Circle. He says not much trade is going on here. Business if mostly manufacturing: clothing, wagons, shipbuilding, rails et al for Union Pacific.
Mayor is only official of city elected, although all report to Grim of course. He is Marshal Job ‘Hogleg’ Dunston. He seems not in the churches pocket. He has a bunch of dep’s and other officers of the law who try to enforce regular law and detective work. It’s an uphill battle though. His deputies are The Untouchables. There is a court system as well.
Guardian Angels are the rank and file law of the church; often step in and take over cases, take prisoners at will, etc. Their court is the Court of Angels, 2 possible punishments: death usually by torture (preferable) or The Rock.
Inquisitors have power over life and death, on the spot.
Occasionally figures will fly high above the city. Look out them, and they seem sort of out of focus. Supposedly they are Grim’s female angels, super powerful. It is said they will occasionally appear and wreak justice on opponents of the church.

Will wants to be informed and shown over the next couple days or so of what opportunities one has him.

Will is offered debauchery at the club, but he declines to get rest.

April 25

Producer shows up with wire about Stone and the Diamond. He says there is a pawnbroker in the city here named Mr. James Welby. He knows everything and everyone. Producer gives us a small token to show to him, and for a fee he will be able to tell us much we may wish to know. It is a dangerous connection, hence his former apprehension to tell us about this.

More tours.
They can only pass death judgement.

April 26

More tours for Will and business talking.
Snead accompanies Will back, and the girl is prepared to be used and murdered. Will declines, and Snead says “I don’t think you are the type to deal business with us.”
They accept some cash for investments in their manufacturing, but he gets nothing from them about ghost rock et al.

Luke and Anne go to meet Welby, with NIck.
City seems fairly dangerous, lots of sideways looks. Obvious slavers hanging in alleyways.
They can only pass death judgement.
Dingy and dirty.
A lot of the populace have a strange feral look to them.
The shop is in the dock area. Looks like it may be even worse than the rest of the city.
Mesh screen above the counter separated the operator from customer.
Welby greets us from the other side. Luke slips him the token.
“Very interesting. What can I do for you?”
Luke first asks of Stone, Doc Snead, and the Heart of Darkness: $100 gold. ‘Come back tomorrow with it and I will either have your answer or tell you I can’t find out.’ He asks a few questions of specifics, just whatever we know about the subjects; we answer what we can.

April 27

Will takes the day to solidify what deals he is making in manufacturing.

Luke brings Welby his payment: Stone is staying at Hardwicks boarding house, in the 6th circles. There are 9 in the city. Gives directions.
Doc Snead is staying at a flophouse in the trader’s quarter. There are many, he knows not which one.
Found out nothing about the gem, his sources dried up completely at the mention of it, one of his best disappeared.
Leaving shop, behind us as we walk away a patrol of 8 Guaridan Angels and 1 Inquisitor burst into the shop behind us. They exit with captured Welby, draggin him away.
Luke “I think we need to leave.” He’s going to be interrogated.

They go straight back to get Will, who is in a meeting. about 30 minutes later, Will arrives.
Will is ready to get the heck out of here, anyway.
We probably have little time. They will be shutting the city down to us soon as Welby breaks, which we must assume will be immediate.

Though the sheriff is a potential contact and support, we don’t want to endanger his entire operation if he would hide us out. We make fast for the docks to get out of here.

We show our papers at the gate “Just a moment.” Gets on a phone!!
Luke slips him some money. He take it “Sorry sir, wait over here.”
He says Snead would like to have a word with Will. The rest of us can leave if we wish.
Odd, Welby didn’t meet Will.
Will “Let’s wait then.”
He gets here, and only was surprised Will was leaving in the middle of a meeting. He needs to sign the papers. The church will be insulted. Will returns.

Guardians show up at the docks, nabbing up red heads about Anne’s height. They insist Anne comes with them, Dog insists on joining her. They lock them all up in a holding cell. One by one each red head is taken out and questioned, then most leave through a door but 3 are put in another cell instead.
Anne is finally taken in, questioned about her whereabouts the last few days, by and Inquisitor.
Seems like Anne gives them a believable story.
2 guards are talking outside of Dog’s cell. He hears nothing but something about inquisitors.
They let both of Dog and Anne. As they leave, they hear the Grand Inquisitor calls the separated 3 into the room, dragged to their doom. They believe one of them is Anne.

Anne reports back that we seem safe, for now.
We make for Hardwick’s. Lots of dock workers and miners. Top floor has nicer rooms for visitors.
Crotchety old man sits in a chair behind the desk. Seeing us, he puts down his newspaper and greets us.
Luke “We’re here to see a guest of your establishment.”
“Go away, I gotta maintain the privacy of my customers.”
Luke “Fine, I didn’t want to have to report you are housing a wanted man. I guess I’ll have to report this to the Inquisitors.”
He asks us not to be so hasty, but he denies Stone is here.
Nick slips him 5 silver dollars, but it takes 5 more cause there were religious entanglements. Another 2 and he tells us Stone was taken by Angels 3 days ago. Cleared everyone out.
So he was gone by the time we knew about it. Welby was set up.
Rev. Grim himself, as well as 2 of the highest Inquisitors went up for him. Lots of flashes of light.
He keeps asking for another 1 or 2. Luke now gives him 10.
A shifty looking man was here visiting Stone before that, couple days. He left and came back with the Angels. He had a machine with him that looked like part of an auto gyro, and a wooden box he did not leave with.
He will permit us to look at the room. Door is knocked off the hinges.
Room is shambles, burnt patches all over floor to ceiling; cracks. Thoroughly searched.
We search ourselves.
Room is turned upside down, but more from a tornado and winds not a physical fight. Little is really broken but what would have from a fall.
Scorch marks all over are in separate patches, like some weapon firing.
Pieces of gizmos are found lying about the room.
We take the pieces with us. It had a seat for sure, and maybe a propellor.
Puddles of metal, like melted revolvers.
Small wooden box that survived. Lock is broken; empty but for packing. Glued to lid is paper with this address; engraved plate ‘Dr. Garland Snead’.
So, Grim likely has it himself.
Will “I think it’s time to see the marshal.”

Marshal’s office:
Dozens of people going in and out as we get there. It is an overworked operation to be sure.
Desk Sgt. stops us. Says no one just walks in and talks to the Marshal.
“Nobody talks to the Marshal, not no body not no how.”
He stonewalls us. We need to find out where the Marshal lives and where he frequents.
Anne gets to work.
She finds out that sometimes, after working until 7 or 8, has dinner around 5 pending on how busy he is. It may be brought in from the diner or eats at one of 3 different places.
We get Anne some cheap clothes. When an old man comes from the diner with food, Will smoothly takes the tray out of hi hands as he walks by an alley, Dog pulls him in, and Anne gets under way.
After asking for his office, she delivers.
She says we have common interests with him vs the establishment and corruption.
She mentions ‘an item’ brought here from outside; Snead; Stone.
After a few minutes, he allows the rest of us in. Giving us 5 minutes, telling Dep. Morgan to call in 5 minutes. He allows 2 of us. Luke and Will enter.
We tell him in more detail what happened and what we are looking for; what has happened with our contact and since.
He gives us a card, says to go to Guardian Angel and talk to the man on the card: Clem Norbert. He says don’t bring more than 2 men inside.
Luke and Will go inside. The HQ is ominous, across from the Cathedral. Well guarded all around.
We are stopped by an Angel, who tell us we are at the official entrance only. Public entrance is at the side so we go there.
The desk is 10’ up, so the man looms over us, a light glowing all around him from behind; pipe organ music plays in the background.
He starts with asking us “who are we here to condemn today?” He sends us to ‘other business’.
We enter the room of public records, populated by scrawny or fat bureaucrats; we are taken and sat to wait to see him.
After an hour and 15 minutes, nothing yet. Luke really wants to leave now, Will asks him if it will be much longer. He says it could be “today or tomorrow” as he taps his hand for a bribe. Will slips a 5 spot, silver. He takes us right in.
In a corrupt bureaucracy, money talks No money waits.
We are taken to his office, he sits at the desk.
The nicest thing here is his chair, he seems a low level official.
He becomes us to sit down. Will asks where we can find a Dr. Snead, right after he sets a file down on top of a folder that says Snead.
Luke and Will each slips him a silver from each side.
Will brings him down to $50!!!!
‘Snead had helped them with something, picked up on a morals charge but provided them with information the allowed to go. He is staying at Murphy’s Flophouse in the trader quarter.
As we leave, a light goes n above the door and a thin weaselly man enters his office behind.
As we walk through town, the weasel is tailing us. We stop for a few drinks, leaving Ron behind, he checks and no force to be called upon by him is following the man.
Ron meets back up with us at our rooms, where Anne has remained so as not to be seen.

Leaving, Anne, we follow Luke’s plan and all 5 go a separate direction. He follows Luke, the other 4 pick Anne back up and go to Snead’s.

Dog intimidates the pimply faced clerk, who quickly tells us the 2nd floor, room 3.
Will hangs below, making sure the clerk goes no where.
Small, tattered suitcase; case of beer empty; half drank whiskey; smell of alcohol.
Just clothes in the suitcase and a very elaborate gattling pistol.
Ralph, clerk, says he has not seen him in about 2 days. Paid for a week in advance.

Closest bar is Labyrinth Saloon, open 24 hours. We go inside.
A complete Den of Iniquity. Dark, filled with people, ladies for hire; bar is long with almost a dozen bartenders, lots of gambling. It’s also a gambling hall.
From the description, one man drinking at a table in the back has a bunch of friendly people around him.
The man buys drinks like there is no tomorrow, for his buds.
So, he’s been buying drinks for 2 days. He looks and smells like it. They’re drinking rotgut whiskey.
Luke shows up, figuring this guy is no harm who is following us.
Luke approaches with Anne. Snead immediately invites them for a drink, emptying another botton “Barkeep, bring 2 this time!”
Says he’s just having a drink with his new friends, cause my old friends are going to kill him for a transaction that went bad. He’s going to stay drunk until they find him.
Will comes with a bottle and sits with them. HE is supposed to show up with money; in a week or 2 they’ll realize something is up and “Rex” and his men will be here for him. Rex, Elvira, and Zick the Claw.
Will gets him to tell him where his friends are. Still he won’t tell us about what he did.
He is ready to go back to his room, we volunteer to go with him, taking a bottle.
He passes out in his bed.
Dog and Nick stay, the others go to have a bit of fun at the saloon.

Right after they leave, a knock at the door.
Dog “Who is it?”
Nick sees no one covering the window outside.
“Let me in” a voice sounding hurt or sick.
Nick “Open it” winchester out.
Dog opens the door. A man stands there, in a wooden mask, hooded. Dog slams the door shut.
Dog “No”.
“Open, I have to talk to you.”
Dog lets him in.
NIck “Come in.”
He does, Dog closes the door.
He says he does not want to tell his story twice. Nick runs to get and returns with the others fast.
He knows why we are here, an item. His name is Pete, old Pete. He can pay, with information for our help. We can see scar tissue around the eyes and edges of mouth.
NIck “You know of that Yella King fella? Why the mask?”
He claims to know not of Hastur.
Dog “Were you burned by acid or something?”
He takes it off revealing a grid of scar tissue from flaying, a red ruin, teeth completely visible, no nose; pentagram branded on his forehead. He puts it on quickly.
NIck “So explain what you are doing here?”
He’s a burglar captured by the Angels; sent to the Rock (wished 1000 times they had killed him instead); 3 years there; wanted info about Kang, Chinese pirate warlord in the Maze; but he was not an agent for him so knew nothing; saw horrible things at Rock; Grim and the Church is evil an corrupt out to destroy the world; escaped with 2 others; they died on the swim to shore; 2 years ago this happened, been here the entire time; old friend captured by Angels and sent to Rock named ‘Stone’, they go way back to childhood together; has not been in contact with him; knows we look for the Heart which he can help with if we help his friend escape and we can have it; and he can pay us $500 each; he can give us great info to get him out but can’t go; what we see is what they did to him there and he won’t go near it again; he does not know why Stone sought the heart.
Will wants his plan.
The man says every day we wait makes it more difficult. There are guardians on the Rock; monsters. Most are gone but a few remain. Grim is preparing for a ritual to dramatically expand his power, when he does not know. Most of the guardians are with Grim preparing the ritual.
For sure not next few days but soon.
He has a rough drawing of the Rock. The subasement is at sea level with a sewage tunnel. He plans to boat us in that way.
Will really does not want to go in w/o Jake and Billy.
He says he will contact us every day until we are ready; especially if his contacts tell him the ritual is ready to go before we are.
Ritual will take place in the cathedral in the center of the Gold Circle.

April 28

Snead wakes up. He knows his gang was hired by Stone to steal the heart. Never met him before this deal; Stone has a terrifying aura of power around him.
Wire Jake early in morning.

Next Few Days

Snead continues drinking. On May 2, Dog checks on him and finds him dead, and badly. carved open like cattle.

May 4

Jake, Billy, Jesse arrived overnight. No word yet from Pete about ritual happening for sure so tonight is the night.

We file on to Pete’s boat, last on the boat is Wang Wei….wait, Wei!?!?
Nick “Wang, there i hell did you come from?”
He tells us about the bullets. Need blood, maybe some other bodily part, but blood works best.
Pete takes us out on a completely silent steam powered small boat. There is much activity we have to avoid, of patrolling boat guards. We climb from the boat through a circular tube. It runs low with fecal and blood filled water. We haul Luke in via a rope, as he is unskilled in acrobatics and climb. 20’ walk in, and its quite gross. Suddenly Luke and Jesse each get pretty ill on the way through into the sewage chamber, almost waste high. Nick notices a ladder going up to a door in the ceiling, with a wheel lock on this side.
Dog leads the way up. The portal almost sticks, almost (it would have for anyone else) and opens the portal slowly as ordered and peeks through.
He whispers "Fairly large room, several bodies hanging by their feet over butcher blocks. Lots of cutting implements; chart on wall of human body separated into ‘cuts’ like a cows cuts of beef.
Suddenly, just as he is about to go in, a person walks right past “Hey Bert, stop eating the gizzards.”
“I aint eating, Im gona make a kidny pie.”
A third says in th voice of a dumb “I like kidney pie.”
“Shut up Bill.”
“You shut up, Tom.”
They wear thick aprons.
Dog to Jake “You want me to rearange the angle of necktitude?”
Jake “Yes, Dog.”
Dog, Ron, and Wang enter first. Then Billy, Nick, and Anne.

Dog crawls through. One man looks very strong, sawing the leg off of a body. A second looks equally strong, bald, has a medical reflector headband wielding a nasty looking tool to pry open the ribs of a body; the third is 7’ tall with a pin head. He’s huge, gnawing on human intestines.
Dog hurtles the door open and goes for pinhead.
The others turn to see what is going on.
Dog is struck twice by his brawling; Dog hits him with a haymaker.
Wei has snuck up on top hat, sweeping him then heal kicks him 19, he moves to assist one of his buddies. Baldy is Ron’s target, and he crits the scum with his bowie knife.
Wang his missed; Baldy leaps and comes down with a pile drive like downward punch on Ron 13 (or 9 as Ron calls it).
Dog is hit 8/13; Dog hits 11.
Anne moves and flanks with Dog. Billy and Nick were each to cover a door, but instead NIck helps Wei and Billy w/ Ron. Wei kicks and hits twice, his nose is broken and blood is pouring from his mouth. Ron misses.
Ron is hit 9; Pinhead “Pretty woman” and turns on Anne but misses twice.
Dog hits 11; Nick brawls 7, and he feels a rib break; Anne hits with saber and dagger for massive crits.
Jake enters and guards a door, as does Will.
Jesse and Luke are slowed by their fowl bellies.
Wang miss/4 on Top Hat; Ron hits w/ knife 8; Wang is struck 12; Ron is hit 15; Anne is hit 9/14.
Billy stabs 9; Dog hits 27; Anne kills him dead; Wei kills top hat; Ron hits 8.
Ron is missed. Billy crits with bowie 12; Nick moves to him and stabs 3; Ron crits and slits his throat open, cutting spine.
Now that we can see the room, sanity checks all around for the bloody viscera.

No sound coming from the 2 passages. From the right, we start to hear noise of working. Feet coming closer, multiple running in boots, from the left.
Wang cracks open the right. Cold air rushes out of a freezer, bodies hanging on chains attached runners above. A door at the other end of the room.
Wang “We have a buffer room.” Someone opens the other door in a big chefs hat, grabs a body and takes it away.
A woman’s voice says “That’ll do nicely Peter.”

The others line up in semi circle at the other door: our left to right Nick (shotgun), Billy (shotgun), Dog (scatter), Jesse (shotgun), Jake (shogtun), Ron (shotgun).
Enough quiet, time for killin’.
The door bursts open and a man with a truncheon “You’re all under arrest.” They begin to draw guns.
We fire first, at the ready, all w/ both barrels.
Dog, Jake, Nick, Jesse each kill.
The others draw.
Jake draws and hits leader 18; Nick is hit 8; Ron is missed; Billy firing 2 guns DEAD/DEAD; Ldr fires at Dog hits, and another hits him again; Jesse pulls his rifle misses; Nick draws carbine 19; Ron draws revolver 7 DOWN DEAD.
Dog draws his lamatte but only grazes the last non leader left.
Jake hits ldr 23 DEAD; Billy last 9/14 DEAD.
We hear an alarm go off as we finish up reloading.
Billy “Let’s go through the meat locker and into the kitchen.”

Kitchen is awful, intestines strewn onto the floor; large disposal grate on the floor into the sewage.
Peter, Paul and Mary the cannibal chefs are here.
They cower in the corner. We move on past them.
We head out the only door into a hall which splits.
We go right past a door and turns. We continue on and circle back around to the room we just fought in. We back up following a corridor we passed.
Coming to a door to our left; to right stairs up and stairs down. We open the door into a huge storage room of food, armory, and more.
We believe the lab with the gem is downstairs so we go down and begin to explore. Come to a room with a stone shrine, stained with much old blood. Walls are covered in black curtains. No visible exit. Behind the curtains we come to a passage north to a door. No noise but rattling of bones. Dog has to break it open, one try.
A throne in an octagonal throne surrounded by a sea of human bones. We see a door at the other side. We enter atop the bones, and they start moving like something creeps underneath before it bursts forth in the midst of us.
When we are about half way to the other side a large roughly human and toad like appearance, sharp toothed, spines across its upper back. Some real nasty demon.
Teamwork ability time: Concentrated Firepower.
It is slower than all of us.
148 pts of damage on round 1. Only Luke misses.
I hits with only 1 claw. A stench almost unbearable reaches us from the creature. Luke drops back throwing up again.
Anne moves in with Sam Bowie’s Knife.
It falls lifeless, bleeding disgusting ‘blood’.
We now can see 2 doorways ahead just like the one we came through.
We make straight for the doorway fast. We take the left.
We enter into an art gallery of mosaics and sculpture, made out of human bones. All are abstract twisted shapes from 1’ to 6’ tall, but for a single 10’. They are oddly beautiful and well made in their grotesqueness (sanity check).
As we leave back to the bone room, another patrol enters from out original entrance guns out. Guns blaze.
Ron tosses a stick and damages one. Dog steps up 10’ before firing and kills one, the only one we kill the first round.
Billy steps forward to start the next round, ready to get into the first range increment next round, and hits.
Anne moves 10’ forward before missing badly. Firing continues; Ron prepares more TNT. Jake kills. Wang moves up this round too and misses.
Dog charges the leader, who stumbles back 15’ knocking over a mexican behind him.
Billy moves w/in first increment and fires again to begin the next round. He kills 2.
Anne gets across the bones and enters into melee and kills one.
The 1st leader now brawls Dog 8.
Ron throws more TNT hitting multiple targets this time. Jake kills 2.
Wei engages in melee near Anne. Nick kills one. Dog knocks the leader down.
Billy kills 2.
Ann reaches a Mexican with Bowie’s knife DEAD. Jake kills one.
Leader 2 calls a retreat but fires and hits Dog.
Wei then kills. Nick kills a Mexican who shot Dog in the back.
Dog chases down the ldr running away grabbing at him and catching his pants, the belt rips and pants slip down, stumbling the man. Billy staggers one who slumps against the wall.
Anne slices the 1st leader wide open DEAD.
Run steps outside and crits Dog’s man DEAD.
Jesse from across the fight crits the last man up DEAD.
Anne finishes off the staggered guard.
Reloading all around.

Now down the right passage, to a long snaking hallway ending in a door. No sound and unlocked. Dog opens the door to see a horrific thing leap out at him from above as he steps in.
Dog “Ooooooohh!” It is but a dead body, set to fall.
The room is maybe 20′ × 50′. At the far end a set of door, perhaps cells. In the middle is a medical table with a body atop it.
Shelves of bottles all along the wall, with various body parts and organs. The body is split wide open like an autopsy or dissection. The organs are all laid out. Seems abandoned, he thinks hours only. The body is not fully human looking, but appears to be another race of humanoid altogether. Nothing any of us have ever seen. Thin, long fingers with talons. The mouth is slightly snout like.
Dog looks at the Dr’s notes nearby, with sketches of the body. The operator was obviously trying to figure this thing out.
We take all the notes. There is a camera on one shelf as well, We take it, too, as there is film in it.
As we rummage about the room, Dog comes across a jar with a small malformed fetus within, eyes open. It turns in the bottle, floating like. He reels a shiver down his spine. He puts it in his satchel.
BIlly looks in the cells. One just splattered with blood. Next 2 empty. Number 4 has a man manacled to the wall, he looks up with a groan Trying to keep his eyes open and head up.
He “Who are you? Let me out, I can help.”
Billy “Who the hell are you?”
“Stone, my name’s Stone.”
This looks just like the description we have of him.
Luke gets the keys from where they hang and brings them over.
No sign of the Heart of Darkness.
We go in and he says they took the Heart yesterday. Grimm was in the middle of his autopsy after they had finished torturing me. A messenger came, he grabbed the heart and took off in a rush.
Jake “How can you guarantee that?” He says he has a connection to it, ever since he found it from the late Dr. The gang we faced in Texas were hired by Grimm, not Stone. Stone tried to buy it from the drunken Snead we knew of late. Stone is surprised to hear he lived through Stone’s attempting killing of him by strangulation because the Dr. had decided to go back on the deal, over fear of Grimm. Then he was interrupted by Grimm’s men in his hotel room. So, the doctor’s body was left there.
So, we need to take him. He says there is a booby trap as Luke walks in after unlocking. He gets the feel of static electricity. Luke jumps forward as a bolt of lighting leaps across the air across the room. A humming sound follows. It probably reset.
Luke unlocks him.
We look for a lever outside the cell and easily see it now, and turn it off.
Dog and Ron help him out of the cell. He gets his guns on the way out and straps them on.
After he is out, Jake whispers to Dog to go back into the cell, take any skin samples from the shackles, and hair that looks to be from Stone.
Billy and Jake have discussed letting the prisoners of the major cell block free, to delay the guards.
Back up to the basement. We want to find if there are any important prisoners especially our contact that was dragged away in the city. We do find another small block of 5 cells.
Dog kicks it the iron door in that leads to the block. We go inside.
Jake “Welby are you in here?”
One man yells that he is Nick Carter, detective for US Secret Service. He needs to get back to US to inform them of the cannibalism that he has discovered and the dangers here!
He has us poor some alcohol on his wrist, revealing a brief glow of a mystical axe tatoo. We let him out with the keys we find. Welby is in the next cell!!!
Irishman in the next cell, MIchael Francis McGoo. Says was arrested on trumped up espionage. He seems like a serial killer, he’s too smooth.
Next cell, a man sitting silently. Scrawny and mousey “you can just leave me here”. He is afraid of us. Barry Blake. He might consider going if we have a way out. Otherwise he’ll be tortured and beaten. We think about taking this guy.
Next cell is a chinaman. He and Wei speak in Mandarin. The man is Lee Fangh, a financial agent for the Tong leader Kang in San Fran, same guy who ruins the Chinese pirates in the maze. Fangh says he can spiritually kill himself, he can not withstand the torture much longer and can not betray his master.
We get them all out of their cells. As the Barry Blake guy comes out, he fixates on Wei. Wherever Wei walks, this guy is 2’ behind him. McGoo does a bunch of acrobatics. “The Great McGoo!!! Worlds greatest acrobat!!!!” Has been with Barnum and Bailey.
He tumbles out in to the hall “there’s nobody here” and tumbles back in. He is very fast and lithe. With a running start, he leaps entirely over Billy.
Carter says these are the top 5 prisoners. So, why McGoo. Luke thinks he’s acting like an idiot to throw us off.
Billy things Blake could be a plant, Jake thinks he probably saw something he shouldn’t have seen and their trying to keep him quiet.
Billy threatens to cripple McGoo if he does not quiet down.
He leads the way up the steps. Wei keeps an eye on Barry.
At the top is a barricade to keep us out. 6 guards there are already dead, not a mark on their bodies. Wei and Dog check them out. They are still warm; blood runs out of the mouth of one; 2 others have broken necks; another has a major indentation in his chest. We enter into a processing and records room. Large, tables and waiting benches. It’s L shaped. Several exits. Carter was led into and through here from another block so he is of some help concerning directions. Couple of cell blocks, main records room, stairs to floor above.
Will goes to the record room, Luke says burn all the record files they have. They both go there.
The others go to cell block B to start releasing prisoners.
The doors open to a group of guards lined up with shotguns. Jake drops one with a shotgun after Dog opens the door, clearing behind it as he does. Billy fires both pistols.
They return fire, hitting Jake once.
Jake fastdraws his revolver and hits one. Billy fires again dropping one, then rip a clips DEAD. Other gun hits 9.
The 3 left hit Billy once.
Jake kills his wounded one, quick hammers DEAD. Billy fires at the last DEAD.
We reload.
At next door, Dog hears clicks.
Dog cracks the door open open. Ron tosses a triple stick of TNT in. After it goes off, Dog opens the door and charges into the carnage. They are all dead.
Behind next door is a lot of clanging. It’s the cell block, all the prisoners banging on bars.
Dog, Ron, Nick unlock doors. Jake, Billy , Jesse cover the situation with Wang.
Jesse hears a man coming down the hall. Turning, he sees a priest with his hand up “peace my brothers, I am here to show you the way of light”. He beckons us toward the light. “I the Reverend Hardcastle….” he’s a Grimm man.
Jake “Jesse take this guy out.”
Jesse misses badly with his winchester.
“Don’t shoot at me, follow me. I can take you to Grimm.”
Billy “We don’t want to go to Grimm.”
Billy “F&^# Grimm.”
Jesse fires again and crits 33; it seem as if it slowed for a moment at an unseen barrier before breaking through. He points at Billy, a bolt of fire at Billy 9.
Jake hits as well 16 but it hits the barrier and does nothing. Billy misses. He draws his knife "Wang, lets kill this guy the old fashioned way.
Our rescued back up.
Wang and Billy engage. His field of static hits our front line.
Him “Don’t make me hurt you. Just come with me enjoy the pleasure of pain.”
Stone draws and fires 6 shots, hitting 4 times. They have no effect.
Wang misses with a kick.
Jake yells back for Dog. Billy misses. They side step to open up shooting lane.
A shimmering blade of force conjures in the rev’s hand and he strikes Billy 18.
Stone empties his other gun into him, hitting 4 times.
Billy “Mad Dog, we need you!”
Jesse hits 20, and bursts the shield, but hits another line of defense doing little damage.
Jake hits 24. Rev looks down in surprise, seeing blood running from the wound “It is obvious you are all beyond saving”. A cloud of smoke is manifested, and he is gone.
We finish unlocking the last few, then at the entrance pull the master lever which opens all the doors.
We rush out, followed by them. They rush for the front door and the wharf. We let the other cell block free, devoid of guards. We find the girl arrested in Anne’s place. We take her too. The others make for the wharf, too.
Lots of chaos in their wake as we make for the sewer and our boat.
We grab up Will and Luke.
The girl has been raped repeatedly and tortured.
The records show that Fangh may have stretched the truth a bit or lied to them: They have details of numbers of pirate ships in the maze.
Not much on Welby.
On Carter: They had no idea he was Secret Service, only a smuggler and suspected he was a Texas Ranger under cover.
Blake: was in with the general population; have a large check mark next to his name with a notation that he was to be experimented on before vivisected. They don’t say why him, but ‘we have found one’.
McGoo: “after costing the lives of 11 Guardian Angels this man deserves to die. If we can uncover his secret he might be worth converting to our ranks.” That was 2 weeks ago. From a couple days ago “this man is too dangerous and intractable to use and too annoying to let live. He needs to die”.
We pack onto the boat, very crowded. Once ashore McGoo takes off, Welby goes off to get help from the underground, Blake has no where to go so he stays with us. The girl, named Sherry, we tell to stay with us as well. Carter says he needs to get out of the city as quickly as possible. Stone says we need to get into Grimm’s inner sanctums to get the Heart.

We all hide out in the city over night with Welby’s underground.

May 5

The ritual is tonight. The population is summoned tonight to the cathedral. Stone’s hideous friend tells us of a warehouse that is a safe place to escape too if things go bad.
Evening, dusk.
As we walk into the huge cathedral in street clothes and coats to cover our weapons, close to 1000 people there. Many Guardian Angels on guard.
Grimm is already at the pulpit. The Heart too, glowing with evil intensity.
As he is speaking with booming voice, the stained glass window behind him shatters!! Demons flood through into the crowd, attacking. The Angels start to fire at the demon. A large winged demon duels Grimm.
Luke “Go get the heart McGoo.”
Wei starts to make his way to the pulpit asap.
Dog lets out a deafening roar. McGoo yells for Dog to “punch Barry. Punch him!” He does.
Barry fall back, then screams as his body begins to bulge. He races forward throwing people and demons aside, Wei following his path. McGoo rushes up, leaping inhumanly on his way landing behind the demon vs Grimm fight facing us.
Luke, followed by Will, get to the exit to ‘hold the door open for us’.
Ron, with rifle, shoots the gem off the pulpit.
McGoo grabs it “I got the dingus”. A huge horn sprouts from his chest from behind. Wei grabs the Heart from his loosening hand. It lifts him up roaring, McGoo still alive and writhing.
Wei books for the exit. We rush after him. Behind us, Barry the Hulk is wading through demons, Angels, and citizens alike.
Out the door we go. The underground booked it as soon as the demons showed up.
Fangh has disappeared. Carter is running with us and Sherry.
As we made it out, it seemed the demons were loosing the battle.
Dog is the last out, covering our rear behind Jake and Billy. There is a lot of smoke in the room. Billy sees ghostly streams rising from the dead he can see, flowing into the Reverend Grimm. McGoo. The demon is banished out by Grimm as he relishes his victory and feeding on the life essences of the dead.
McGoo’s body, and a few of the killed Angels, are being taken out the back to the infirmary. We rush around the back while Grimm is still feeding.
As we get to the rear, the Hulk bursts through the back of the cathedral and rampages to the door of the infirmary where the closest people to him are. The guards fire, and he destroys them. He charges into the building, and moments later out the side and down the street. Jake and Billy lead Dog in. 4 guards are still there. We see them first. Jake hits 24 DEAD and quick hammers 8 and hits him again DEAD.
Billy fires both guns, misfiring first then crit DEAD rip a clip the last shot (card) 15 DEAD.
Dog grabs the body.

We make for the underground’s hideout. Dog first aids McGoo, who is barely alive. Jake, Billy, Dog go to meet Stone with Wei. Carter volunteers to join us. We leave the Heart with Ron. He and the rest stay with the underground. We may be getting to Stone’s boat and stealing it. We want to meet Old Pete w/o the Heart.
Stone pulls both his guns out and not quite aiming at old Pete wants to know who the hell he is, how he knows so much about him, and why he was so interested in getting Stone out of jail.
Pete asks for the Heart.
Stone says if anyone gets out of here with it “it’s gonna be me”.
We all wanna know who Pete is. He unmasks revealing his hideous face.
He rips the false disguise off. It’s Stone!! Stone says “What the?”
Pete says the 2 of them have a lot to talk about after we get the heart from these dudes.
Fortunately, we thought ahead and did not bring it. They have us covered. Stone comes over and searches us, not believing us.
They are very disappointed.
Pete suggests they kill us, Jake says we should all kill Pete since he’ s the real mystery.
Pete backs up “I don’t believe in letting my enemies live to fight another day, but there is good reason to keep you men alive. Stone, come with me.”
They leave, slamming the door behind them.
As we open the door, something like gravel is thrown into the street before us by Pete “We will keep you busy until we are gone.”
A couple dozen fiendish demon creatures are conjured from them. More are around the building, surrounding the entire place. Humanoids with goat like heads and hooves. They carry double edged axes, some also crossbows. At least a couple dozen surround the place.
We lock the doors and go up to the roof. We start picking off these demon things.
Jake wants to wait them out, figuring being from an item they are likely temporary, just delaying tactic. We sit down, have a smoke and a drink of Dog’s ever present ‘anesthetic’. An hour later they pop out of existence.
Back to the Underground. We tell them what has happened. Sherry says before we leave, we need to go somewhere, she needs to get something before we leave. She leads us to cheap hotel. She gets a key from the clerk and leads us to her 3rd floor room. Pries up a board in the floor to a small metal box. Putting her thumb to a plate it pops open. From inside she takes out an unusual gun. She says she’s from the future, as is this gun. She needs our help. Says the Heat is a key to the possible future she is from, which she wants to stop. In hers, the Heart was used to create a Bastion and area that could not be penetrated and awakened the Great Old Ones from within it. Year 2094. But, she is pretty sure this rising may actually happen much sooner.
Her people had a stonghold in Devil’s Tower. We found an arcane means of sending someone into the past to kill the prime mover of the cult. Stone.
Jake “I thought you’d say that.”
We race for Pete’s boat where it was stashed and it’s still there!!

On the trip, she explains that ‘The evil found out and sent an agent here to stop her: The second Stone. He is still alive in our time. Killing him is beyond your capabilities. We can destroy the Heart in the future at Devil’s Tower’.
Too risky that she is a cultist herself. It needs to be destroyed here and now. She says there is a gate in Devils Tower now, through which she was going to send it. She wants to stay here though, worried if it is taken into the future it destroys it and her existence will cease.
She wants to stay with us until we can destroy it.

Into Hollywoodland. We sneak in, get to the Producer’s house.
We stay the night there.
Carter says his goodbyes and leaves immediately.

We plan to rest here a few days.
Sherry says she intentionally got herself caught to keep Anne out of jail, she knew she needed us to save her future.

The next morning, Wei is gone, along with the Heart of Darkness. He leave a note that he will get the Heart to those who can best deal with it. We expected this so its no surprise.
First thing, Jake wires Jimmy to try to find Buddy, Jim, Brandy, and Johnny.
Wynnwood ships the camera, film, notes, et al from prison disection to Detective Agency in NYC.

The morning after, Sherry has disappeared.

Note: Fangh disappeared during the Cathedral fight. McGoo is left with Welby to take care of him. We tell Welby to also look out for Blake if he survives the night.

After about a week stay, back to Texas. Jimmy is wired to meet us in Riverside. By May 14 we are at Riverside.


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